Alec John Such Wiki: Musician, Net Worth, ‘Slippery When Wet’ & Facts To Know

You are about to know more about Alec John Such who is a former bassist for Bon Jovi.
Below are facts about the musician and his net worth.

Alec John Such: Bon Jovi’s former bassist

We have so many rock musicians, and we describe them as legends. These are the ones, the people who make hit songs which will never be forgotten, in both music history, and, the music industry. Alec John Such is one of those musicians who will never be forgotten as he`s well known for his incredible talent for playing bass. Most rock artists desire to wake up one day and find themselves in the same band with this star, and Such is one of the people in the music industry that many upcoming bassists would love to emulate. 66-year-old Alec John Such was born in Yonkers, New York. The bassist came from a poor background and when he was a child, he worked as a bootblack. Such’s father played a Gypsy Hungarian instrument called the cimbalem though he didn`t like it. His mother played the violin and also wanted Such to play it too. He met a group that played around his house when he was a teenager and that band needed a bassist, so he decided to do grab and take hold of the opportunity. Without much information on how to do it he started with a borrowed bass, and with time he learned how to play the instrument perfectly. Such played in bands such as Cold Sweat and Phantom Opera. John Such worked on many albums including: “Keep the Faith”, “7800° Fahrenheit”, “Bon Jovi”, “New Jersey” and “Slippery When Wet,” which positively affected his net worth. He was inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Such Reunites with His colleagues at the Rock Hall Inductions

“Bon Jovi`s” David Bryan and Tico Torres are expecting an emotional night on April 14 in Cleveland where the group including founding members Richie Sambora and Alec John Such will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Drummer Torres told “Billboard” on a conference call with reporters they he needed help in order promote the second North American leg of Bon Jovi`s ‘This House Is Not For Sale Tour,’ kicking off on March 14 in Denver. Bryan confirmed that the reunited Bon Jovi musicians would play some songs with the former members in the ceremony. We`re looking forward to that since John Such left the group in 1994 and now it will be the first time Such will play with Bon Jovi since an on-off appearance back in 2001 and Sambora`s first time as well after departing in 2013. Bon Jovi will receive the Icon Award on March 11th at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and he is releasing the new songs so that Such can refresh his tour, ‘This House Is Not for Sale.’ John Such also intends to include them in the show, but Bryan doesn`t view them as a harbinger of the group moving over albums from individual songs though he is sure they usually make records. Bryan says that they love to mix up old and new songs which is what keeps it fresh. They got so many to choose from which makes them change sets each night, swap out a couple of songs. “The new songs are what that makes it fun and fresh” Torres added. They pinch themselves to the fact that they are amazing since then up to date.

Facts to know about the musician

Such collects antique guns for a hobby

Such is so proud of his collection of guns to the extent that he even took one of them to a concert back in 1983 when the band was opening for ZZ Top in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Such also likes motorcycles and horses though he had an accident with a bike in September 1996. Due to his passion for riding, Such now owns a bike shop in New York.

John Such`s affair

Alec John Such is single, but apparently, most of the stars have had issues behind cameras, out of sight of the public eye. Most of the people think that Such is single, but he recently had to come clean about several relationships that he’s been in. Such has been linked with two women decades ago which leads us to doubt that he might be alone or even married secretly. Rita Rae Roxx is one of the women that Such dated in 1984, but their relationship was never made public. Jane Broke also had an affair with Such later in 1989 though we don’t know if they later made something serious out of it. Whatever the situation, information concerning Such is not much known or released to the public who were fans of his contributions to Bon Jovi and his music.

Such`s progress after leaving Bon Jovi

After Such left Bon Jovi, he put his life into high gear and managed other small bands in town. He opened a bike shop as mentioned earlier– Such is one of the musicians who doesn’t rely on music only but he also ensures that he has other projects as well. He wants to stay busy even in times when he is not in the studio.

John Such`s net worth

John such has a net worth of $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Such has made a net worth from being a bassist in Bon Jovi and has released albums like, “Keep the Faith”, “7800° Fahrenheit”, “Bon Jovi,” “New Jersey” and “Slippery When Wet.” He is not a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Even though the band went separate ways, Such has been trying to do his thing and make ends meet. Despite being kicked out of the band, we can all say that the musician’s time in the band was awesome.