Who Is Thomas Brodie-Sangster: Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘Game of Thrones’ And Facts You Need To Know

Get to know more about Thomas Brodie-Sangster who stars in movies and television shows. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his overall net worth.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: ‘The Maze Runner’

The rage this year has been all about ‘The Maze Runner,’ the 2018 film that people are going crazy for. One of the actors in the film is English native, Thomas Brodie-Sangster better known as Thomas Sangster in the film world. Sangster is one of the most talented British actors and he has been active in the entertainment industry since he was young. The actor first rose to fame when he starred in films such as ‘Death of a Superhero’, ‘Bright Star’, ‘Nowhere Boy,’ and ‘Nanny Mcphee.’ Ever since, he has been one of the familiar faces on television acting in films such ‘The Maze Runner,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Love Actually’, and ‘Nanny McPhee.’ The 27-year-old actor was born in Southwark, London. His mother’s name is Tasha Bertram and Sangster’s father is Mark Sangster. Sangster’s father hails from Banchory, Scotland. His great-grandfather, Anthony Bertram is a novelist and one of his ancestors was a politician and colonial administrator known as Sir Evan Napean. Sangster have a mixture of Cornish and Welsh ancestry and he has one sibling, Ava. Here’s another interesting tidbit about Sangster: He loves to play bass and guitar and even learned to play it with his left hand in order to depict Paul McCartney in “Nowhere Boy.” Sangster’s landed his first role at BBC TV’s film, ‘Station Jim.’ He landed more roles including ‘Bobbie’s Girl,’ ‘The Miracle of the Cards,’ and ‘Stig of the Dump.’ Sangster won his first award, a Golden Nymph for his role as Liam Neeson’s stepson in the movie ‘Love Actually.’ It was his first major theatrical movie. The role also secured him a Golden Satellite Award nomination for him as well as a Young Artist Award nomination. The actor has appeared in many films and TV shows since then and made quite a decent net worth.

Interesting facts about the movie actor

There was a time he wanted to kiss Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster had a plan to kiss randomly while shooting a scene and surprise the crew in one of ‘The Maze Runner’ films, but O’Brien backed out and surprised Sangster instead. Dylan and Sangster were sitting on a log next to each other and Blake wanted to do one take of them after Sangster and his friend made a bet to kiss each other on camera. No one in the crew knew what O’Brien and Sangster were talking about while the cameras were rolling and there was a point where they almost kissed, but Dylan chickened out the last minute and blushed. From the scene, you could see Sangster going for it even though O’Brien ducked away.

His favorite scene was with O’Brien on the log

After the release of the movie, there was a scene Sangster liked to play again and again and that would be the scene where Sangster was with O’Brien on a log and there was a whole party that just happened to be going on. Sangster started to explain to Dylan more about what was out there in the maze. He said that the scene was good because it explained to the audience what was going on and that he enjoyed it. The actor also said that it was a night shoot and anyone and everyone tends to get a little silly during night shoots.

The actor is also passionate about music

Just like his name sounds, Sangster loves music and he also loves performing it. As mentioned above, Sangster is a talented bass and guitar player who even played the role of the legendary Paul McCartney. He also sings with his band ‘Winnet’ with his sibling, Ava Sangster. Thomas Brodie-Sangster learned to play drums since he had to play a role with drums in ‘Love Actually.’ He played the drums left-handed in the movie ‘Nowhere Boy’ but he had to practice, alot. He usually plays the drums right-handed. His parents are musicians and that’s where he got the motivation to play music. It seems acting and singing is their family. Look for some of the things that Sangster has posted on Instagram.

He has his own film company

Sangster has his own film company which is not unusual for a Hollywood actor but the surprising thing is, is that Sangster started the company when he was 16. It’s called Brodie Film and it’s pretty impressive that someone that young would have so much talent, but really it’s no surprise. Sangster’s mother, Tasha Bertram is the one who helped him establish Brodie Films in 2006 and it was with her help that he was able to create opportunities in the film industry for himself. He is quite talented for someone so young.

He is related to Hugh Grant

Sangster is a distant cousin of Hugh Grant, a second cousin to be exact. Most people don’t know they are related but it’s true. Grant stars on ‘Love Actually’ alongside Sangster and they got along very well. He’s also been seen about town with Isabella Melling, and they look like they might be a pair though rumor has it the two are no longer together.

Sangster’s net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Sangster has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. The actor has made his net worth from singing and acting in movies and television shows like ‘The Maze Runner,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Nanny McPhee,’ and ‘Love Actually.’ He is also active on Instagram.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is one of the admired British actors. And as ‘The Maze Runner’ is premiering, fans won’t be able to get enough of him.