Who Is Tim Cavagin? Wiki, Re-Recording Mixer, Overall Net Worth, ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ And Facts You Need To Know

Get to know more about Tim Cavagin, the re-recording mixer who worked on ‘Baby Driver’. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his overall net worth.

Who is Tim Cavagin?

Perhaps you’ve watched the movie, ‘Baby Driver’ and you’ve listened to the music and how it sounds in the movie. The film is pretty inspiring and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh as you understand the effect of music. ‘Baby Driver’ has received many nominations and won awards in different categories due to its touching story. It’s a movie that will anyone to tears if you have a soft heart, which most of us do. The movie is full of wonderful music that’s been carefully crafted by re-recording mixer Tim Cavagin. Cavagin is a re-recording mixer who has worked in musical theater, films, and television shows. He himself has been very successful in his career as he has worked on movies such as ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ ‘World war Z’, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age,’ ‘Stratton,’ and ‘The Others,’ making a decent net worth from his talent. He graduated from the University of London and he began working as freshmen at the University where he received a BFA in music theater in late 2006.

He worked for Edgar Wright

Directed by Edgar Wright, ‘Baby Driver’ tells the story of a getaway driver who is always wearing earphones since the music dictates his actions. The film tells a story form its aural perspective and the end result is a movie that mingles well with its soundtrack. That alone made the movie rank well with a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Tim Cavagin stands a chance to win the Oscar once again. He almost won an Oscar last year in February for ‘World War Z,’ and this year he returns to the same category with ‘Baby Driver.’ This movie could make him a winner for the very first time and no one will be surprised if he wins an Oscar 2018 on March 4.

Cavagin: Happy they were nominated for an Oscar

Cavagin is competing against other talented re-recording mixers nominated for the Oscars. The film ‘Baby Driver’ is inspiring, uplifting and emotional and therefore, fans will fall in love with the music. Even though it’s likely the movie might not win many awards Cavagin might just take home an award for his work on the film. Rumor has it their is stiff competition this year at Oscar 2018. ‘The Greatest Showman’ is a contender that might just steal the show this year. However, the director of the film might bring home an award too, so let’s hope Oscar 2018 is on their side this year.The only movie that can challenge ‘Baby Driver’ is ‘The Greatest Showman.’

Facts to know about the re-recording mixer

He said that the director knows him personally

Cavagin said that the movie had been in development before he joined and he got there because the director trusted him. Cavagin also stated that the movie did not get the green light until the song was created because they were in dire need of songs that went with ‘Baby Drivers’ moves and emotions. Cavagin said that he had worked with the director before on two other projects. They previously teamed up to produce ‘The Golden Age and ‘Stratton’ so the director knew that Cavagin could work well without any supervision but he still managed to give her the best of himself.

Cavagin described the director as charismatic

Cavagin said that more than anything, everyone should know that the film is about Baby and his dynamic figure as well as his ability behind the wheel. So for that reason, the director himself had to be that way too, perfectly insane and annoyingly charismatic, according to Cavagin. He could convince them onscreen and off to do anything.

He took a flight to LA

In August 2017, Cavagin learned that they were supposed to start working on the movie urgently so he went to the airport and boarded a plane. He carried his laptop and boarded a plane from London to L.A. In L.A. Cavagin found that the studio was organized well and that he could easily work on the cut scenes that had been handed to him by Edgar Wright. It wasn’t an easy job, according to him, but he did it with grace and style, like no one else in Hollywood.

Ansel Elgort was chosen to play Baby because of his music passion

Cavagin revealed that Edgar Wright felt that Elgort was the perfect actor for Baby’s role because he had a passion for music. Elgort writes music, he’s a DJ, he plays music and he is even a dancer. He was just 22 when he landed the role as Baby. Cavagin that Elgort was the natural fit for any role in any movie that requires a character with a huge interest in music.

His net worth

According to ‘Net Worth Post,’ Cavagin has a net worth of $17 million dollars. He’s made of his net worth from being a re-recording mixer working on films such as ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ ‘World War Z,’ ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age,’ ‘Stratton,’ and ‘The Others.’

When you get nominated for a prestigious award like the Oscar, you have won the award half way because you get the recognition. Tim Cavagin has never won, but probably he will win the Oscar 2018, hopefully!