Kristen Bell: Age, Net Worth, ‘Frozen,’ & Facts To Know

Kristen Bell has been in numerous tv shows and movies since the age of 24. The “Frozen” actress is incredibly active with more credits to come.

Hollywood It girl

Kristen Bell is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood right now. While Bell has been in the movie and TV show business for more than a dozen years, Bell has gotten quite a bit of Hollywood attention recently since staring in “Frozen.” Still, the 37-year-old actress has had a number of different credits since she entered show business that are worth knowing.

Kristen Bell’s background

Kristen Bell was born in a Detroit suburb in Michigan on July 18th, 1980. She is not the only family member to be in show business: Bell’s father, Tom Bell, is an actor as well as a news director at CBS. Bell went to college at New York University, where she studied acting at Tisch School of the Arts. However, Bell left school a year early and did not graduate so that she could appear on Broadway as Becky Thatcher in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

The age of 24: the start of Bell’s movie career

In 2004, at the age of 24, Bell landed her first role that helped her reach celebrity status. She played the title role in the TV show “Veronica Mars” for a few years until 2007. After, Bell played Elle Bishop in “Heroes” and soon after began to voice the narrator on “Gossip Girl” for the six seasons of the show’s run. Bell finally appeared in the show during the final episodes. In the same year (2007), Bell was cast in her breakout role as Sarah Marshall in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” alongside Jason Segal. Bell was just at the age of 26 when the movie hit theaters, and it surely helped make the actress of A-list status. In the following three years, Bell starred in “Fanboys,” Couples Retreat,” “When in Rome,” “Burlesque,” and the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” sequel, “Get Him to the Greek” (cameo). In the last five years, Bell has been just as active making movies. She began by starring in “House of Lies” on Showtime, on which Bell plays Jeannie van Der Hooven. Bell also starred in “The Lifeguard” and the film version of “Veronica Mars.” The year 2013 featured the release of “Frozen,” the Disney hit that starred Kristen Bell as Anna. In the years following, Bell has been seen in “Zootopia,” “CHiPs” alongside husband Dax Shepard, “How to Be a Latin Lover,” and “Bad Moms.” Bell will appear in the “Bad Moms” sequel, “A Bad Moms Christmas,” which comes out this December 2017. Of course, who could forget the few commercials Bell has done with her actor husband, Dax Shepard. Bell and Shepard have done commercials for Samsung and Neutrogena, in which they play their normal, cute selves interacting with each other and the products at their home. These commercials have undoubtedly helped show the special relationship Bell and Shepard share.


Kristen bell starred in the Disney movie that premiered in November 2013, which became the highest earning film for a female director until the recent “Wonder Woman” movie. Bell starred alongside other Broadway stars including Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff. The success of the film has allowed a number of Frozen-themed events and sequels. In 2015, “Frozen Fever,” a small film shown at the beginning of movies in the theatre, premiered before Disney’s “Cinderella.” “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” is set to do the same this November 2017. A “Frozen” feature sequel will come out in November 2019, and Bell is set to return. Since Frozen premiered, a number of concerts featuring the stars live singing the music of Frozen have been put on, several of which Bell has taken a part in.


Kristen Bell has earned numerous awards and nominations from smaller awards companies. Bell’s wins include a Satellite Award for Outstanding Actress in a Miniseries/Motion Picture (2005) for “Reefer Madness: The Movie Muscial;” a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television (2006) for “Veronica Mars,” the Best Animated Female actress award (2013) for “Frozen” from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress (2016) in House of Lies, and the PCA for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series (2017) for The Good Place. Kristen Bell has never been nominated for an Oscar or an Emmy award.

Kristen Bell’s net worth

Kristen Bell has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Her net worth comes from a total of her films and her endorsemenrts, such as with Neutrogena. However, Kristen is not public with her salary, so exact numbers — such as the amount she made from “Frozen” (though it is considerably less than total grossing amount) — are not publicly available. However, Bell and her “Bad Moms” co-stars Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hanh, recently interviewed with the LA Times where they discussed the woes of negotiating salaries for women in Hollywood, and Bell brought to light some truths about her “Frozen” salary.

Behind the actress: Kristen Bell’s personality and love life

The two-line “Zootopia” actress is known for having a bubbly, fun personality. Bell has appeared on many talk shows where she lights up the audience and loves to be candid. At times, Bell has appeared on these talk shows with her husband, Dax Shepard. The celebrity couple has been together since 2007 and epitomizes a loving, fun romance. Bell and her now husband are very honest about their relationship. For example, Bell and Shepard were openly public about having gone to therapy for their relationship, even when things between them were not necessarily bad. On social media, Kristen Bell often shares photos and videos of their life at home. In fact, Bell recently posted a photo on Instagram of their messy living room (thanks to their two kids), which showed how relatable the couple’s life really is. While they clearly support each other (and even cast each other in their movies), Bell and Shepard apparently love to prank each other and play jokes to keep their relationship fun. Bell and her husband have two children together, Delta Bell and Lincoln.

We love Kristen Bell for her genuine nature, her down to earth humor, her impressive mom skills, and for giving us an example of how to foster a loving relationship in the harsh environment that is Hollywood dating. Bells most recent film, “A Bad Moms Christmas,” released just over three weeks ago and is so far scoring at the box office. Check it out now!