Katie Pavlich’s Husband: Everything About Brandon Darby

Get the essence her about Katie Pavlich and Brandon Darby

Katie Pavlich in a Nutshell

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Catherine Merri “Katie” Pavlich, born on July 10, 1988, of Croatian and German descent, is a conservative journalist, commentator, and blogger. She was someone you would call a country girl, having lived her childhood in the mountainous areas of northern Arizona. Her love for outdoor activities was developed during this time, where she fell in love with river rafting and hunting etc.
After obtaining a journalism degree from the University of Arizona, Pavlich moved to Washington DC to become a news editor and contributing editor for Townhall.com and Townhall Magazine respectively. She quickly rose to fame and started appearing on different national and local radio shows and channels like Fox News, CNN, CNBS, etc.
Obama administration’s ATF gun-walking scandal, as familiar to most Americans, was a milestone in Pavlich’s career. Her coverage for the scandal earned her the title of 2013 Blogger of the Year at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), recognizing her work and set the path for her career. She later published two books in relation to this scandal, further establishing her dominance in her field.
Pavlich is widely-known for her conservative political ideology. She recently criticized Greta Thunberg’s climate change activism, saying there isn’t enough evidence to prove climate change and the voice of the many scientists that don’t believe in climate change need to be heard.

Katie Pavlich’s Husband Brandon Darby

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Brandon Michael Darby, born on Nov 2, 1976, is a conservative blogger and activist, much like his wife, Katie Pavlich. Darby was born and raised in Pasadena, Texas, to his refinery welder father. Darby initially took classes to work as an EMT, before he shifted into activism.
A turning point for him was the extensive damage brought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Darby was among the many medical personnel to first go there during the first weeks to help out residents. Together with Malik Rahim and Scott Crow, they co-founded an NGO called the Common Ground Relief to help out residents by providing free medical supplies and assistance to residents including relocation to those that lost their homes. Their NGO contributed much to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and helped lots of residents to get back on their feet. Darby served as the Director of Operations until April 2007 for the organization.

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Hurricane Katrina could be described as a milestone for Darby, where he gradually shifted his focus from humanitarian relief to politics and activism. Currently, Darby is the managing director of Breibart Texas and the leading figure for the Cartel Chronicles, a project aims to protect and raise voices for Mexican journalists in cartel-controlled regions along the Mexican borders.
Over the years, he relentlessly advocated humanitarian arguments on issues like human-trafficking, conditions at the US-Mexico border camps, and other controversial subjects. He has received several awards and appeared in winning feature documentaries for his work.

Interesting Facts About Brandon Darby

1. He worked as an FBI informant


Though not as thrilling as any spy movies you have in mind, Darby working for the FBI did stir up quite a huge trouble, for most parties involved.
The FBI had long wanted to dismantle those left-wingers, considered as anarchists by the FBI. They posed threats to national security with their intentions and acts of throwing firebombs, among other things at the government.
Darby was the perfect snitch because no one would see it coming. He started working for the FBI in Nov 2007. His mission was to infiltrate groups planning protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.
His friends even defended him at first saying Darby would snitch on them it’s the biggest lie since Santa Claus. It wasn’t until Darby finally admitted it two months later that the leftists that once saw Darby as a “hero” accepted the truth.
Darby’s information led to the seizure of 34 homemade riot shields brought from Texas, and his testimonies put two activists, David McKay and Bradley Crowder, behind bars for the construction of firebombs, commonly known as Molotov cocktails.

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This incident caused Darby’s reputation to split, dramatically. The once-loyal-to-him leftists now call him a rat, while others welcomed his decision to help “make our home safe”.
His role in all this was featured in the 2011 documentary Better This World, directed by Kelly Duane De La Vega and Katie Galloway. The documentary focuses on McKay and Crowder while shining lights on Darby’s effort in radicalizing them.

2. His company often receives widespread criticism and Darby defends it

Source: Breitbart

Darby is now a blogger at Breitbart News Network, a far-right syndicated American news, opinion, and commentary website. A lot of its posts have been criticized for being misogynistic, xenophobic and racists by liberals.
Naturally, no one would expect Darby to disagree with them, since he is a loyal employee. What’s interesting isn’t about Darby defending Breitbart every time, but the fact that he often does the opposite of what he claims.
For example Breitbard advocates for making America homes for Americans only, while Darby is known for his involvement in solving the humanitarian issues at the US-Mexico border, which doesn’t exactly align with Breitbart’s interests.

3. Darby considers Andrew Breitbart his mentor

Soon after Darby ratted out his old friends, he received an immense amount of death threats. He began to live in a fam far away from people in hopes that people “would think twice before attacking him because innocent animals in the farm might also get hurt”.
Darby was in desperate need of new friends, friends that don’t want to slit his throat on a daily basis. And that’s when Breitbart came along. Breitbart apparently saw the potential in Darby, as he described Darby as a fighter.
It didn’t take long until the two bonded well and Darby started working for Breitbart Texas. Darby often expresses his admiration for Breitbart and his extreme loyalty for him. Breitbart is considered a dear friend and Darby has said that he would never consider leaving Breitbart.

4. Darby was a troubled teen

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Often being a runaway, Darby never really spent too much time home during his teenage years. Instead, he spent much time in group homes in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, given Pasadena was part of Greater Houston at the time.
His time as a runaway opened his world as he took an interest in working in fields that give changes to people’s life. He first decided to work in the medical field, having completed GED (General Educational Development) before further taking up classes to be an EMT.
His childhood played a huge role in defining his career path today. It became clear to Darby what he wanted to belong ago, and he had been seeking ways to do so since.

5. Darby has a daughter

Darby highly values his privacy and little is known about his private life. Texas Tribune was the first to disclose Darby having a daughter when Darby told them he was really depressed after having his friends turned on him and that his daughter was the only thing to help him carry on in 2011.
He mentioned his daughter once in his tweet, talking about how Andrew Breitbart changed his life. However, there is basically no other information about his daughter, regarding her age, name or even with whom he had this child with. Darby remains private.

6. Darby and Pavlich’s wedding date is on Jul 5, 2017!

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Now their wedding anniversary will forever be the day after the national day! A coincidence? Don’t think so! But then again, there’s very little information regarding the couple’s private life so we may never know for sure why they picked that date.
Darby and Pavlich are rarely photographed together. They don’t mention each other in their work either, despite both being a conservative commentator.
Darby almost exclusively leaves his private life out in all his social media, whereas, for Pavlich, if you’re lucky, you can see her posting pictures with Darby (if you’re really, really lucky). She posted pictures of them on their honeymoon in Thailand once.

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What an interesting world we live in! Where a hardcore-leftist can become the most respected conservative commentator, a runaway, deemed to be unsuccessful by many, would rise to fame and live a life, not even the best Hollywood director could write about.
Both Pavlich and Darby are hardcore when it comes to their job. Their many awards and opportunities to be featured in documentaries have shown just how successful they are in their fields. While they don’t like to be put in the spotlight together because they value their privacy, it is undeniable that they are a power couple together and they will likely continue to play a huge role in the political field.