Katherine Langford: 5 Hot Instagram Pics You Need To See

Katherine Langford is one of Hollywood’s newest and most beautiful talents. Here are five Instagram pics of the “13 Reasons Why” actress you need to see.

Who is Katherine Langford?

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Katherine Langford is a young Australian actress known for her breakout role of Hannah Baker on Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why.” After having moderate success in independent films in 2015, Langford went on to audition for the highly anticipated television series via Skype. Langford’s only starring role prior to landing the lead in the new show was in “Daughter”, which appeared at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

13 Reasons Why

“13 Reasons Why” has seen incredible mainstream success, especially for Langford. She earned herself a Golden Globe nomination for her work in the series and she impressed critics and viewers alike with her stellar performance. The show, based on a novel of the same name, tackled hard issues during its first season; sexual assault, abuse, bullying and most notably suicide and struggles with mental health. In her weakest moment Langford’s character Hannah Baker takes her own life and leaves tapes behind for the people who pushed her to her limit. The young girl’s parents have no idea what happened to their daughter or that the tapes even exist, as those who were given them were told to keep them a secret. The critically acclaimed teen drama received mostly positive reviews. Langford was praised for her ability to bring such a layered character to life and her portrayal of a tortured young soul who felt she had nowhere else to turn. Langford received a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination for her work and the show’s second season is set to premiere in 2018.

Top Five Hottest Instagram Pics

Like most 21-year-olds, Langford is incredibly active on social media. Often posting pics that get hundreds of thousands of likes, here is a collection of some of the actress’ hottest Instagram pictures this year.

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Here is Langford posing for the iconic Flaunt Magazine in one of her recent photo shoots. She’s still getting used to seeing her face in magazines.

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Langford showed her support for the LGBT community by attending San Francisco’s PRIDE parade this summer. Langford walked and celebrated with fans and friends while encouraging others to support and fight for equal rights.

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After having a private Instagram for years and keeping her pics for her personal viewing only, Langford made the decision to open herself up to the world. The success of “13 Reasons Why” led to Langford wanting to connect with her fans.

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Langford walked the red carpet with co-star Dylan Minnette and superstar Selena Gomez – who was an executive producer and a big reason “13 Reasons Why” was created in the first place!

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Langford is dressed to the nines at the “Australians in Film” awards, where she was given the award for breakout star. Langford was incredibly thankful for the honor, calling it a huge privilege and happily posing for pics afterwards.

What’s Next for Katherine Langford?

The young actress is keeping busy in between her Instagram posts and work on “13 Reasons Why”. She’s starring in “Love, Simon” a coming of age love story being released in March of 2018. Keeping in with her trend of doing groundbreaking work, “Love, Simon” tells the story of a closeted teenage boy who falls in love with a boy for the first time. Katherine Langford is just breaking onto the scene and at the rate she’s going she’ll be a superstar in no time.