Justin Hartley Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Daughter & Facts To Know

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the age and movies of one of the television’s hottest actors; Justin Hartley.

Justin Hartley Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Daughter & Facts To Know

Justin Hartley is a successful American actor known for his multiple starring roles on the small screen. Throughout his fifteen-year career, Hartley has played numerous roles, everything from a soap opera heartthrob to an arrow-wielding superhero, proving he’s not just one of Hollywood’s pretty faces. With a new hit television series and a hilarious feature film (A Bad Moms Christmas) currently in theaters, at the age of forty, Hartley is taking the world by storm.

Justin Hartley Basics

Age, Height, Birthplace, Education

Justin Hartley was born on January 29th, 1977 in Knoxville, Illinois to Mark and Jackie Hartley. He was born and raised in Illinois alongside his three siblings, his brother Nathan, and two sisters, Megan and Gabriela. Growing up in a Chicago suburb, Hartley caught the acting bug at a young age. He attended both Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he majored in theater and history. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches in height, sporting a chiseled body and winning grin, it’s no surprise Hartley found early success. Mostly recognized for his work on Smallville, his stint on Revenge or the breakout drama This Is Us, there’s no denying Hartley’s a force to be reckoned with. Currently, the actor boasts a 5 million dollar net worth and his career continues to grow. With the release of A Bad Moms Christmas this holiday season, Hartley’s on his way to launching himself into superstardom. Although for many, he’s already there.

Big Break

From Passions to Smallville

Like many young attractive actors, Hartley got his start in the world of soap operas. Landing the role of rich bad boy Fox Crane on the vastly underrated Passions gave Hartley the opportunity to break into show business and start making a name for himself. From 2002 to 2006 Hartley portrayed Fox on the daytime drama, where he perfected his craft, won over audiences and gained some much-needed momentum to push himself onto bigger and better things. This was the phase when people started recognizing Hartley through his works. Then came Smallville. Hartley went from a fan favorite on Passions to giving Clark Kent a run for his money on the massively popular teen drama. Playing Oliver Queen, a young billionaire by day and the Green Arrow by night, Hartley became a household name with fangirls everywhere. What started out as a recurring role turned into something more; Hartley spent five seasons on the series and even directed and co-wrote an episode. Passions might have given Hartley his start, but it was Smallville that really propelled his career to the next level.

Minor Roles and Back to Basics

Revenge to the Young and the Restless

After the massive success of Smallville, Hartley secured himself as a go-to actor for countless recurring roles, especially across network television. There was a time when you couldn’t tune into a show without catching Hartley on screen, showcasing how incredibly versatile he is as an actor. While charm, good looks, and a killer physique may seem like his forte, there’s a lot more talent in this pretty package. It started in 2012 when he starred opposite Mamie Gummer in the short-lived series, Emily Owens M.D. Hartley played Will Collins, a bespectacled surgical intern, blessed with the gifts of brains, good looks, and height, and the titular character’s main love interest. Unfortunately, the medical drama was canceled after one season, but Hartley still had multiple doors open to him. Hartley guest starred on Castle, Chuck, and Hart of Dixie before landing a prominent role on ABC’s highly rated Revenge. He played Patrick Osbourne, the secret child of one of the show’s main antagonists, Victoria Grayson. While only a recurring role, his character still played a big part in the show’s third season. Revenge was the final stepping stone to his next starring role; The Young and the Restless. After leaving the world of daytime soap operas for nearly a decade, Hartley went back to his roots, playing the role of Adam Newman on arguably the most popular soap opera to date. His crowd-pleasing portrayal led to an Emmy nomination in 2016. While starring on the Young and the Restless, Hartley also played a recurring role on ABC’s Mistresses.

Personal Life

His Daughter

Starring on Passions didn’t just jumpstart Hartley’s career; it also led to one of his most important romantic relationships off-screen. In 2003 he began dating his co-star on the show Lindsay Korman, who played Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. A year later they were married and welcomed their daughter Isabella Justice into the world on July 3rd of the same year. While sadly they divorced eight years later, Hartley’s daughter is clearly still a big part of his life.

Hartley’s Instagram is filled with pictures of him with his daughter, and the two are always wearing smiles on their faces. Whether he’s showing off his height, taking her to a ballgame, or simply having fun together, Hartley posts more pictures of his daughter than he does anything else. They seem to be going on adventures any girl would with her dad, making it obvious Hartley brings more than simply a high net worth of being a father.

His Wife

As upsetting as his split from Korman was for Passions fans, Hartley found happiness again in 2014 with another soap opera actress; Chrishell Strause. The two met on the set of The Young and the Restless and had been going strong ever since. Hartley proposed to Strause in 2016 and was recently married in October of this year. Congrats!

This Is Us

Television’s newest phenomenon. This Is Us was highly anticipated leading up to its premiere, and the heartbreaking family drama has met and even exceeded all expectations. Hartley stars as Kevin Pearson, a role that was written specifically with him in mind. Needless to say, Hartley was excited about the opportunity from the second the script landed in his hands. He immediately contacted his agent about the part, eager to get a crack at it knowing how incredibly well suited he was for the role, and his agent was already on it. The rest is history. This Is Us follows the lovable Pearson family through pain, triumph, joy and everything in between. The show’s success is partially contributed to the unique dual story-telling, from the sibling’s present-day struggles to the stories of their parent’s past. The brilliant performances brought out by the near-perfect cast is really what makes the show so relatable and has viewers constantly reaching for a pack of tissues. The parents Jack and Rebecca are played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, and triplets Kate, Randall, and Kevin, are played by Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, and Hartley. Each actor is putting in a performance of a lifetime. In only its second season, with a guaranteed third, This Is Us has already been nominated for countless awards. While Hartley himself hasn’t been nominated, with the way the show is going and the incredible acting he’s bringing to the table, it’s only a matter of time before he’s adding a second Emmy to his shelf.

Television Actor Turned Movie Star

A Bad Moms Christmas; a new kind of holiday movie

Due to his extensive career, it’s almost hard to believe Hartley only has a handful of movies under his belt, and none of them are very well known. At least that was the case before this November. Hartley stars alongside a stellar comedic cast in A Bad Moms Christmas, the sequel to last year’s Bad Moms. Hartley gets the chance to show off his often underused comedic chops in the raunchy comedy, where he plays the stripping Santa Claus Ty Swindle. Easily his most notable movie role to date, hopefully, Hartley will catch the movie star bug, and he’ll be gracing the silver screen in more big box office movies from now on.

Fast Facts


Hartley’s known for a lot of things, one of the biggest being his incredible body. He might make it look easy, but just like his career, Hartley works at keeping himself in shape. He tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, is an extremely active individual, and even goes as far as hiring a personal trainer when necessary for parts, dating as far back as his superhero role on Smallville. It’s no wonder he’s often found shirtless in his starring roles.


Hartley moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but he’ll always consider Chicago to be his home. In his opinion, there’s so much to love about it that he has trouble trying to find its flaws. He loves the skyline and architecture, the friendly and helpful people, and considers it to be all around wonderful.


Take one look at Hartley, and you can tell he’s an athlete. From baseball to horse racing, he’s an avid follower and occasional participant in some of his favorite sports. Hartley is a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan; he was passionately cheering them on during the postseason and recent World Series this year. He’s also a big fan of Chicago’s hockey team, the Blackhawks, showing off his Illinois roots. He’s also interested in less popular sports, he attended the Kentucky Derby and checked out the Nascar Championship Weekend this year. When he’s not watching sports, he’s participating in them. His intense workouts typically include things like boxing, he’s no stranger to the snow slopes, and he competed in the Dodgers Hollywood stars baseball game.


Justin Hartley is a hard working talented actor who’s blessed the entertainment world with his gifts for fifteen years. He’s starred in some of the most popular television programs over the decade, made people swoon, and won the hearts of many. He’s truly found his niche in the acting world, focusing more on juicy television dramas than anything else, but it looks like he’s finally ready to break out into the film industry as well. Don’t count him out by his age, he’s still a heartthrob, and we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him over the years.