Anastasiya Kuzmina Husband Wiki: Everything To Know About Daniel Kuzmin

Anastasiya Kuzmina’s husband, Daniel Kuzmin is a former cross-country skier and her coach. Read some interesting facts about him including his overall net worth.

Who is Daniel Kuzmin?

Daniel Kuzmin was born in 1978 in the Soviet Union known as Russia today. He is an Israeli ski runner of Russian origin. On April 6, 2007, he became the husband of the Slovak bi-athlete Anastasiya Kuzminová. At the 2010 Winter Olympics, he was a member of the Slovak expedition as a biathlon serviceman. He is a member of the Biathlon team of the team. Since 1999 he has been living in Banská Bystrica . Although Israel is certainly not a hotbed of cross-country skiing, nothing could stop Daniel Kuzmin from taking part in the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2003 in Val di Fiemme, Italy. Kuzmin, who was raised in snowy eastern Russia is the only cross-country athlete in the Israeli Ski Federation. In the 2003, Nordic World Ski Championships, he finished 61st in the extremely tiring and demanding 30-kilometer classical-style race in the northeastern Italian valley. He was just 14 minutes behind the Norwegian trio that finished first, second and third, yet Kuzmin had said before the race that his aim was not to win. He’s just happy to be here, he said. “I decided to get the Israeli nationality about one year ago,” Kuzmin said. “I got it not only because of my personal belief, but also thanks to my sister who lives in Tel Aviv and is in the Israeli army. I am very proud to compete for my country. “I wanted to compete at the Olympics, but I had just obtained Israeli citizenship and my entry was not possible.” Kuzmin was guarded by four policemen during his stay in the Italian Alps, but he had said that he was not worried about security. “For us, it is quite normal,” he said. “That is life.” The American and Turkish teams are also being guarded by Italian police. 2003 was not the first time that Kuzmin has been in Italy. He had competed in several less prestigious cross-country events here before. “I started skiing when I was five years old,” he said. Kuzmin also took part in the 10K and 50K races during the championships.

A brief about Anastasiya Kuzmina

Anastasiya Vladimirovna Kuzmina is a Russian-born biathlete who was born in 1984. Her brother Anton Shipulin is also a Russian biathlete and her husband, Daniel Kuzmin, is a famour Israeli cross-country skier. Interestingly, he is also Kuzmina’s personal coach. The couple has a son, Yelisey, and a daughter, Olivia. The family resides in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. She speaks Russian, English and Slovak. Anastasiya’s mother’s maiden name is Anastaia Shipulina, and she is known to fans of bi-athlete with her maiden name. Kuzmina has twice won the European Championships and twice won gold medals in the Olympic games. She was named as the Best Athlete of Slovakia unanimously by the sports journalists in 2010. Kuzmina was born in Tyumen and as a child showed keen interest in ski races and bi-athlon. Sports was in her blood as she was born in the family of Vladimir Ivanovich and Alla Abushaeva. Her younger brother and sister, Anton and Anna Shipulina are twins and are three years younger than she is. Kuzmina studied along with the famous children of coach of Nadazhda Dmirtievna ad won many children’s competitions for the youngest of all skiers. Anastasiya left the bi-athlon at the age of fifteen and by that time, she had accumulated a lot of different medals in both domestic competitions and international Championships. In 2007, Anastasiya Kuzmina married Israeli Skier Daniel Kuzmin. She met him during a training camp in Austrian Ramsau and she changed her name from Shipulina to Kuzmina and moved to Slovakia where she lived for 12 years with her husband but refused to play for Russia. She returned to sport after the birth of her son and then chose to compete for Slovakia. Like her brother, Anton Shipulin, Anastasia Kuzmina is actively involved in charity work. With her husband, she very often visits sick children in the Slovak hospital, Roosevelt, giving them gifts and support. With her recent win at the 2018 Olympics, Kuzmina said in an interview, “I expected to have the best chance in the gold medal for sprint here, When this didn’t happen I was really sad and nervous before the next races. But it happened here … A different event from Vancouver and Sochi, so it’s an incredible feeling.” She later added, ““In my career I never shoot clean four times, and today after three times zero, I was reaching for my last shooting, and I was worried about it, I’m so happy that my ski time was good enough, and saved my position.”

Net worth of her husband

The net worth of Daniel Kuzmin is currently under review.

Daniel Kuzmin’s photos can be found on Instagram @danielkuzmin. This is not Kuzmin’s official page and he must be accessing Instagram via a private account. One can see a few photos of him with his wife Anastasiya Kuzmin @nastja.kuzminova on Instagram.