Who Is Alec Utgoff? 5 Fact On Alexei In Stranger Things

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Everyone who is a fan of high-quality series probably knows that a couple of weeks ago (on the American Independence Day), the third season of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things debuted with very high praise. The worldwide famous sci-fi series did not only bring back all of our favorite characters from the town of Hawkins, but it also introduced a bunch of new and very, very interesting ones along the way. One of them was doctor Alexei, played by the young actor Alec Utgoff.He sparked interest among the fans of the series thanks to his mysterious nature, story, and also the Russian background. In season three, the characters had to deal with the tense atmosphere of the Cold War between the USSR and the United States because the story happened in 1985 this time. However, not many people know that the actor himself has roots in Eastern Europe which allowed him to portray Dr. Alexei is so well. So, in order to reveal more about the charismatic actor, in this article, we will be talking about his life, career, and where you can see him next. Here we go!

Who Is Alec Utgoff?

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Alec Utgoff was born on March 1st, 1986 in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is, in fact, Ukranian-British because back in 1997, when he was just 11-years old, he moved to London, UK. Still, it’s very interesting that despite this, his parents, father Vladimir, a renowned heart surgeon in Ukraine, and his mother Roza, a musical conductor, are still living in Kyiv. Moreover, his brother Alan, who is a financier, also lives in Kyiv. So, it appears that it was only Alec who really wanted to change the scenery, probably in the hope of developing his acting career. He is fluent in Russian, English, and Ukrainian. What’s also interesting is that his birth name is Oleg Vladimirovich Utgof but he chose a simpler stage name so that people could remember him more easily. He is now 33-years old and looking to expand his young career even more after the amazing role of dr. Alexei in Stranger Things Season 3.

5 Facts About Alexei In Stranger Things

Source: alec_utgoff/ Instagram

1. He studied acting in London

As we previously mentioned, Alec Utgoff moved away from Kyiv to London to pursue his acting career. However, he first attended the Drama Centre London and graduated back in 2010 after successfully completed both his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. So, we could say that he is a fully-trained actor. He has been in the industry ever since and is reportedly looking to remain an Ace actor for many years to come.

2. He knew about Alexei’s fate from the beginning



On July 17, during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, the actor admitted that he knew that Dr. Alexei was going to tragically die right from the get-go, but this didn’t affect his decision to take on the role. He said:

“I was aware and never regretted anything or wanted more. I was happy with what I had. The feeling is somewhat daunting because now there’s responsibility outside of work, but it doesn’t change anything fundamentally in what I want to do.”

Utgoff also wanted to thank his newly-acquired fans for all their love, positivity, and support throughout the entire season. He admitted feeling extremely grateful and happy about what happened with this entire Stranger Things process.

3. His resume includes some very famous movies

Before getting to this level of fame thanks to the role of Dr. Alexei, Alec Utgoff starred in some big movies like The Tourist (opposite Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp), San Andreas (opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Mordecai (opposite Johnny Depp again), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (where Chris Pine had the title role), and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (opposite the legend that is Tom Cruise). He also had some minor roles in a few other series, but none were as big as Stranger Things. 

4. His fame is now increasing

Another proof of his continuously-increasing fame is that he now has about 900.000 followers on Instagram. However, he is the type of actor that likes talking to his fans and he recently told them that he is really thankful and happy that so many people resonated with dr. Alexei and his unusual but very interesting story arc. He also wished the very best to all of his followers, both in their careers and on a personal level, something that not many celebrities do nowadays. Nothing but respect here!

5. His parents were forced to change their name

One final fact that you definitely did not know about the actor is that when they were young, his parents, Vladimir and Roza, had to change their name because of the political situation with the Bolsheviks at the time.

Alec Utgoff’s Personal Life

When fame catches you from behind, it’s certain that people will want to know a lot more about your personal life too. Especially when a charismatic and special young actor such as Alec appears in such a big show as Stranger Things. Well, we can tell you that so far, Alec has not been seen with anybody nor has he dated anyone publicly, at least. He has admitted numerous times that he wants to focus on his career and develop his acting skills, for now, so probably, he is single and ready to mingle. So girls, what are you waiting for?

Where To See Him Next

If you feel like you haven’t gotten enough of Alec, fear not! Fans will be able to see him relatively soon (late 2019) in the highly-anticipated three-part series Dracula coming from the acclaimed creators of BBC’s Sherlock, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat. His character will be called Abramoff but nothing else has been made public for now. The story will take place in 1897’s Transylvania as the famous vampire count prepares to strike Victorian London.

Danish actor Claes Bang will be playing the title role in this upcoming adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. It’s worth noting that the story won’t be modernized like it was the case with Sherlock, so you will be able to see Alec in a period costume looking as dashing as ever. We cannot wait!

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With that being said, it’s definitely crystal clear that young actor Alec Utgoff is on his way to big stardom. He has everything, from good looks to charisma and huge talent. His part as dr. Alexei in the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things was most probably just the beginning and many big roles will follow after. His somewhat special roots and Eastern European appearance and vibe make him even more attractive and unique.

So, whether you have already noticed him in one of his roles or if you are only now hearing his name, keep your eyes on this guy. Once every few years there comes someone so special that you cannot help but become mesmerized with this person. Alec Utgoff has everything to become one of those huge movie stars and, who knows, maybe to even receive the biggest awards for his roles, like an Oscar or an Emmy. Time will tell but until then, it’s definitely important for young people today to find role models and be encouraged by their actions. Alec can definitely be one of those role models for the young and aspiring generation today.