Joseph Jens Price Wiki: Everything To Know About Tonya Harding’s Husband

Tonya Harding is a famous and controversial ice skater in the ’90s. Meet her husband Joseph Jens Price and learn all you need to know about him.

Joseph Jens Price: Husband of Tonya Harding

Joseph Jens Price is 49 years of age and is from Yocalt, WA. He is the third husband of Tonya Harding. Harding met her husband Price in Washington at a restaurant while singing karaoke. She immediately felt an attraction and connection with him. Harding and Price began dating soon after. Tonya Harding proposed to Joseph Jens Price after weeks of knowing him, claiming she’d never met anyone so kind and loving. Later in 2010, Harding and Price got married. Joseph Jens Price and Tonya Harding later had their son in 2011. Price and Harding are raising him in Oregon.

Joseph Jens Price: A Normal American

Prior to his marriage and life with Tonya Harding, the Yocalt, WA native Joseph Jens Price’s occupation was a heating and air conditioning worker, also known professionally as an HVAC worker. This occupation gave Price a cool, relaxed, and grounded demeanor about his personality which made Harding fall in love with him. Joseph Jens Price has lived a normal American life and shares no public information regarding his finances or net worth.

About Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding was born on November 12, 1970 in Portland, Oregon and began skating at the age of three. She was raised by her parents, LaVona Golden and Albert Harding. Tonya Harding claims to have shared a rough relationship with her parents during her childhood. But that did not hinder Harding’s skating abilities. Her career began in 1986 where she placed sixth in the year’s U.S. Figure Skating Championship. Harding gradually improved her art and later was able to compete in the World Championships in 1991.

Short-lived Career

Tonya Harding became an ice figure skater and competed in the U.S. champion and World Championship in 1991. Harding took home the silver medal in the World Championship competition in 1991 after being the first woman to successfully complete two triple axels in a competition. Tonya Harding’s career came to an instant stop when in 1993 she was involved in the attack of fellow competitor Nancy Kerrigan. Harding later went on to plead guilty for her offense and was later banned for life from the U.S Figure Skating Association. Due to the decisions that Tonya Harding made her career came to swift end and as a result Tonya Harding did not have high financial success as the other athletes in her industry. Tonya Harding is reportedly to have a net worth of $30K.

Price and Harding’s Family Life

Since marrying Joseph Jens Price, Tonya Harding has adjusted to the the middle class American lifestyle. The family lives in rural Oregon and enjoys a modest lifestyle filled with family fun. Harding is also involved in Price’s woodwork business in Oregon.