Noah Mac Wiki: Age, Net Worth, ‘The Voice’ & Facts To Know

Noah Mac, the blond-haired seventeen-year-old, is definitely one of the singers who received most of the attention in this season of “The Voice.”

Noah Mac – private life and net worth

Another teenager in “The Voice,” Noah Mac is definitely an indicator that youth and talent represent a winning combination. The 17-year-old blond guy from Dublin, California, is one of the stars of this season. A sad event from his past pulled the best out of him. When he was only 7 years old, Noah Mac sang for the first time “in front of an audience” at his sister’s funeral. Although she was much older than him, Mac and her sister were very close, and he wanted to say his final goodbye in this way. At the funeral, he sang her favorite song, “Judy And The Dreams Of Horses.”

Mac started his career singing in a coffee shop

Although this sad event was the revelation of his talent, it didn’t prevent Noah Mac from achieving his dreams. At the age of 10, he started piano lessons. Starting in high school, Noah Mac began to sing at local bars and coffee shops. His repertoire mostly comprised old R&B and pop songs, but Mac performed them in his style. He dedicated himself to school, trying to attend it when “The Voice” obligations allow him. According to the media, Noah Mac is in a relationship with one of his high-school classmates. He released his first EP called “Light” this year before he started competing, and the song “Rain Our Love” popped up on the charts. Although he is very young, Noah Mac has already got a large group of fans. He is very active on social media and tries to keep in touch with everyone there. A smart move, because the fans can be the ones who can help the young singer in his future career. His net worth is not estimated yet, but considering how he thrilled the audience and the jury of “The Voice,” we got a new singing star.

The young singer charmed the jury of “The Voice”

During the Blind Auditions, Noah Mac got two chairs to turn around for him. Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton were stunned by his performance of “Way Down We Go.” They gave him the opportunity to choose a mentor and Mac didn’t hesitate much. He chose Blake, but after the first round, Jennifer was the one meant to lead him through “The Voice.” The Blind Audition was a score for this young singer. Noah Mac said that he admires Blake Shelton and that he’s thrilled by being a part of his team, but it wasn’t for long, as Blake Shelton made one wrong move, putting this future star on the edge of elimination.

Mac made Kelly Clarkson cry

After the Battles, Blake gave priority to another competitor, so Jennifer got her revenge by stealing Noah Mac and heading to the final with him. The next stage was the Knockout Rounds. In agreement with his mentor and coach Kelly Clarkson, Mac decided to sing “Hold Back The River.” Kelly admitted that she was crying at the rehearsal of his performance and that Blake made the wrong choice by losing the young singer.

Heading to final

“Hold Back The River” was an excellent choice for the young singer. After the Knockout Rounds, which he dominated, Noah Mac showed that he could sing with his soul in a unique way. His performance brought songs that were popular decades ago “back to life”. The judges of “The Voice” were unanimous in one thing: Noah Mac is just not aware of how good he is.

In the next stage, the Playoffs, his emotional performance of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins made him one of the favorites. Do we need to mention that Blake Shelton regretted his decision? Well, he got his chance and blew it up. In the next rounds, Noah Mac performed: Top 12 “Speed of sound” – Coldplay
Top 11 “Electric Love” – Borns
Top 10 “Ordinary Love” – Duran Duran In the semifinals, Noah Mac sang “Wicked Game” as a duet with another favorite contestant, Chloe Kohanski. After that, there was an individual performance, for which Mac chose “River”. However, this time, Noah did not manage to get enough votes to get directly into the Top 4. Although it seemed that his victory in “The Voice” was guaranteed, Mac lost some of its energy.

Noah Mac’s fan thread on Twitter

Noah Mac’s performance of the “Signs Of The Time” was not convincing enough to get him to the finals, but certainly was the source of numerous debates. Twitter “exploded” during the Semifinal, and the hashtag #savenoahmac was one of the most active that night. Of course, after his elimination, numerous conspiracy theories about stealing voices were launched by his fan thread.

After being eliminated from “The Voice,” Noah Mac continues to promote his debut album “Light.” The song “Rain Our Love” has already been released to the audience and is one of the most popular on iTunes and Deezer in its genre. There is no doubt that this blond young man will have a successful career. The discussion whether being eliminated from the competition was fair or not doesn’t matter anymore.

“Music is a collaboration without all your love and support this couldn’t have happened. Thanks for being a part of this moment. Lots of good stuff happening and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Noah Mac’s announcement to his fans.