Jessica From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About This Host

Get to know more about Jessica, who was eliminated on the first night from the TV show The Bachelor. Her net worth is not clear.

Who is Jessica from TV show, The Bachelor?

For the fans of the TV show “The Bachelor”, you must have been impressed by one of the ladies competing for Arie’s hand, Jessica, who happens to be a host. Jessica has promoted some of her interviews on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She was among the 29 women who appeared on the season’s premiere. “The Bachelor” TV show is just weeks old, but people are still interested to know about the contestant even though she was eliminated. According to her ABC profile, Jessica was born in Calgary, Albert, Canada but she loves Los Angeles due to its entertainment culture. It looks like a coincidence that Jessica reflects the lifestyle. According to Jessica’s website, she has hosted a couple of gigs and worked for Hollyscoop and LA Live. Apart from hosting, she has been credited as a style expert working under HSN. Jessica, who is aged 27, has interviewed several A-list stars like Floyd Mayweather and Meryl Streep. Jessica can say that she has had a successful career. She writes, hosts, and produces videos which get over 10 million views each month on YouTube. Jessica also has her YouTube channel where some of her videos have received over three million views and made her quite a net worth.

Jessica was eliminated on the first night

Jessica might have been eliminated by the beginning of the TV show, but sometimes the beginning is always from the end. Even though Jessica thought she was going to get more roses, Arie ended her hope on January 1, but according to Us Weekly, she might prosper in her career from the opportunity if she plays her cards right. After her elimination from “The Bachelor” TV Show, Jessica spoke about how her father met the Luyendyk, aged 36 in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. Jessica told the magazine that they had been Luyendyk’s fans ever since her father met him and when her father was very ill, he would still watch “The Bachelorette” even while lying on the hospital bed with tubes on his face. So, Jessica’s father died loving Arie and to her, it was a sign which touched her heart. It’s was just a way they were using to forget the fact that they had lost a very special person in their lives. Jessica remembered their cocktail party on Monday before she left the TV show. During the party, he recalled meeting her dad.

Bekah seems to be Arie’s favorite

Since Jessica left, Bekah has been attracting most of the attention. Some contestants claimed that Bekah was young for Arie. In fact, Arie said that he was surprised that’s she is 22 years old and he didn’t know if he could overcome what he was already feeling for her. Bekah is the youngest contestant on the TV show and she hit back at the people questioning her age stating that despite being 22, she could still do anything the 27-year-olds would do. Another contestant who looks like she will be staying on the show for a long while is Becca. She is friends with her fellow contestant, Bekah. Kimmel predicted that both of Becca and Bekah will be on the show to the end and even joked about Arie having a threesome with them. They have posted photos on Twitter in support of each other and Becca also posted Kimmel’s photo of them on Instagram. Everyone wonders how it would be if Jessica would not have left.

Facts about Jessica

She doesn’t like roses much

The bachelorette loves flowers for sure, but not the flowers every girl is given by any guy, the roses. Jessica loves sunflowers and she believes they are colorful, vibrant, long-lasting, strong and drawn to the light. So, if you are a guy and you are planning to approach Jessica, now that Arie turned her down, you better make your first impression with a sunflower. Who knows? You might take the beautiful Jessica home.

Her family loves charity

Jessica comes from a family that loves to give and help people who can’t afford better housing. The family has a tradition of constructing houses for homeless people in Mexico annually. Currently, they have built over 20 homes. At least if you like her, you better be charitable as well.

Jessica loves to read books

If you would like some free suggestions for books you want to read, then you should probably consult Jessica. She might even give you some her books for you to read. Among the books she reads, her favorite one is “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. Jessica also stated that Shonda is her role model because of her positivity, how she’s optimistic and her view of life.

She loves sports and exercise

In case you want to find Jessica, catch up with her snowboarding, wake surfing, weight lifting, or running. You can also find her doing yoga at her apartment.

Her parents’ marriage inspires Jessica

Her parents had a perfect marriage and she saw true love in them all her life until her father passed on. She hopes that her marriage will be similar to her parents’.

Her net worth

Jessica’s net worth is not clear, but of course, with all those YouTube and Facebook video views, you don’t expect her not to have a considerable net worth, even if it’s some few thousand dollars.

She might have left the TV show, “The Bachelor” on the first night, but it exposed her and she might not be in the cold for long. You never know! Jessica might be the next news host on E! News or something! One thing is clear though, she will be successful and have an admirable net worth.