John Stamos engaged to model Caitlin McHugh at Disneyland

John Stamos, the perennial bachelor finally engaged again to Caitlin McHugh. At 54, he’s proving that it’s never too late, to start a Fuller House.

John Stamos Prince Charming – Engaged To Caitlin McHugh

Caitlin McHugh and John Stamos have been amping up the PDA since March 2016. He was fresh out of rehab, 54 and she’s a 31 year old model-actress. With 23 years age difference, a May-December romance is not an unusual circumstance for most. Men have been dating younger women for a millennia. Why should John Stamos be any different? Since the death of his mom; he’s been without an emotional rudder; which lead him to check into rehab in the first place. Of course, when he emerged, clean and sober and re-born; his own mortality was on his mind. He’s ready to settle down, have children and be a grown up. His delayed emotional development certainly aligned with his divorcing Rebecca Romin in 2008. It was rough on the actor and he’s taken his time to find the ONE. Caitlin McHugh is fitting the bill and the adorable couple got engaged at Disneyland, Anaheim, October 22nd, 2017.

“I knew the right person would come along, especially, if I prayed and hoped,” admits Stamos. “And I know my parents are up there watching, so I think they delivered an angel to me.”

John Stamos on new fiance, Caitlin McHugh.

The Perfect Couple – Christopher Robbin-Style

The adorable couple have been media shy, for the most part. But, recently, their social media has burst with the burgeoning love between them. A recent party had them dressed up like Tigger and Pooh. It doesn’t get any cuter. #squadgoals #couplegoals

“We like to keep our lives private because we’ve seen what relationships in the public eye can be like and we just like our privacy,” she shared in an interview published in January. “We don’t want the commentary from the masses about our relations.”

McHugh on her relationship with John Stamos.

Second Chance At Love

It will be the first marriage for Caitlin McHugh and the second for John Stamos. The couple seem to be in lock-step with one another about protecting their privacy. For John, this must come as a relief. Dating someone less famous can be a challenge. Often times the true intent of the lesser status personality, means that they want the publicity more than the actual relationship. Behavior shows that McHugh prefers to be out of the spotlight, which bodes well for Stamos, who surely must wonder about ANYONE’S true intentions, new to his inner circle and, more importantly, his heart. He’s not jaded; he’s a realist. A veteran going back to when he played “Blackie Parrish” on General Hospital in the 80s. He’s had fame and lost fame. For Stamos; it’s a done deal. Caitlin McHugh has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, to withstand the Fuller House family scrutiny, as well as Stamos’ own personal family. He’s tight with both. And their opinion can make or break a relationship. McHugh has passed the test, with flying colors.

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect girl for over a decade and she walked into my life,” Stamos followed up with People on Tuesday. “I mean everybody knows that I’ve always loved family, and I wanted to have a family some day and get married again, and everyone’s like, ‘Why don’t you just do it!? Why don’t you just do it!?'”

Stamos on Caitlin McHugh

Tale As Old As Time – John Stamos Engaged At Disneyland

It’s no secret that John Stamos LOVES Disneyland. And it’s been a while since he truly spent some time there. When he started dating Caitlin McHugh, he soon realized that she was a bigger Disneyland fan than he. And when it came time to propose, he crafted together a video of his favorite Disney moments, culminating in the “KIss The Girl” song from “The Little Mermaid.” Needless to say, Caitlin said “yes” and the couple is on their way to their own personal happily ever after. It’s a dream come true for the couple.

Caitlin McHugh Is A Living Answer To John Stamos Prayers

Stamos has said that he had to work very hard on his interior life in order to be whole. From that standpoint, he believes that it was only then, that the perfect woman would walk into his life. And that’s just what happened. They are a living personification of each others’ dreams come true. There is no sweeter spot than that in life.

EXCLUSIVE: John Stamos’ Girlfriend Caitlin McHugh on His ‘Priceless’ Support, Opens Up About Their Romance | Entertainment TonightThe ’48 Hours to Live’ actress opened up to ET about her ‘Fuller House’ beau and their new project.Source: EXCLUSIVE: John Stamos’ Girlfriend Caitlin McHugh on His ‘Priceless’ Support, Opens Up About Their Romance | Entertainment Tonight

The Fuller House Vetting Process

John Stamos has TWO families for a future love to contend with. When Caitlin McHugh first entered his life, she had to go through two steps: John’s actual family and his Fuller House family, for approval. It goes without saying that Caitlin passed with flying colors.

“Any time somebody new comes in. I remember I told my fiancé, ‘Just so you know, you’ll have to meet my family and then you’ll have to meet my Full House family. And I’m not sure which is going to be tougher!’ ”

Fuller House co-star Jodie Sweetin weighs in on the engagement of John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh

Model Behavior

Caitlin McHugh is a sometime model and actress and is fully supported by her fiance John Stamos.

“She’s so calm and so graceful, which I’m not either of those things. So it’s a great balance and she’s just a pure, authentic beauty. Like she’s not trying to be something she isn’t. She doesn’t care about money or showbiz.”

Stamos says, gushing about McHugh.

Building Their Own Fuller House: John Stamos & Caitlin McHugh

John Stamos is at that age when he is thinking about his own mortality. He’s done with his bachelor ways and ready to settle down and THAT’S the promise of his future bride. 31 year-old Caitlin represents all things pure and gamin to him: the perfect wife to his children. A touch of immortality to go with their fairytale romance.

The Dark Side

Caitlin McHugh knows what she’s in for. Yes, the couple is romantically invested, but they are grounded in the truth: John Stamos is an addict. The reality is, that John Stamos has been battling his demons for a long time. No-one just checks themselves into a rehab WILLINGLY, after a routine DUI. Apparently, the death of his mother in 2016, was a crisis point for Stamos. Grief led him to go deep into a new addiction with a medication he was prescribed: Ambien. In fact, 2016 was a major road bump in his life and one could call it a mid-life, existential crisis. Happy to say, he emerged from rehab and faced his new life sober and from this new GROUND ZERO, he hopes to build a family with his fiance Caitlin McHugh. Someone to be there for the rollercoaster that is LIFE itself.

“I was drinking and I was on some medications, some anti-depressants and that damn Ambien; I’m so happy to be off that, I’m completely off that, I don’t take anything. That was the hardest thing to kick by the way, booze and whatever, that happened, but Ambien was tough. I couldn’t sleep for a couple of weeks.”

John Stamos on his newfound sobriety

Exit Rehab And Enter Relationship

John Stamos emerged from rehab and went on Howard Stern’s show in January 2016, with a new lease on life. He came clean about his demons, his missing his newly-deceased mom, whom he describes as, “the love of my life,” which at first propelled his compulsive, destructive substance abuse and then lifted him up beyond the wreckage of his life, toward the man he was always supposed to be. At this crossroads, he was ready and whole: enter Caitlin McHugh. He was ready to be a grown up. To show up, suit up and be the man he was brought up to be. Only after facing his shadow self, could he be completely present for the engagement and working towards the children their marriage will produce. A dream he has had since a child. In Caitlin’s eyes, where John Stamos is concerned; he sees his future.

And They Lived, Happily Ever After

All mortals hope for the ephemeral and sometimes unattainable, “Happily Ever After.” In Caitlin McHugh, Fuller House star John Stamos has found that dream. Here’s hoping that their “ever after” is a smooth ride, from here on and that Stamos’ dabbling into the somnambulance of addiction is over and he can build a life with Caitlin, to complete the elusive “Happily Ever After.”

“Wee like to keep our lives private because we’ve seen what relationships in the public eye can be like, and we just like our privacy,” McHugh previously told ET. “We don’t want the commentary from the masses about what our relationship is or should be. We’re very happy together and we hope to be so for a long time.”

Ssys McHugh on her private life with Stamos