Addison Agen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant’

The 16 year old singer in The Voice, Addison Agen, has taken the show with a storm with her beautiful voice. Here’s a few facts about her.

Addison Agen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant’

Addison Agen is a name that has taken the TV show “The Voice’ by a storm. She is blowing away the judges and making an impression that she just might go to the finale. Here are a few things about Addison Agen that will help in knowing her better. In this article, we will talk about her age, net worth and Addison Agen as a singer in ‘The Voice’.

The Story Of Addison Agen

Born in Fort Wayne on March 1, 2001, Addison Agen started singing from the very early age. She has been singing since she was four and in efforts of keeping her mind open parents of Addison Agen exposed her to as much music as possible. Morrison, her father, owned a music store. He bought it when she was just nine years old and it helped in their efforts of exposing Addison Agen to music as much as possible. Her family was very supportive of her talent and her choices. By the time she reached eleven years of age, she started to write her own songs. She has written and recorded the songs like Play It By Ear, Start Over And Sugarcoat. There was a small stage inside the record store of the father of Addison Agen. Thus, she had her own place to hone her craft and perform. New Places is the name of her first album. She released it at the very young age of fifteen. The Spanish teacher of Addison Agen suggested her to audition for ‘The Voice’, a decision that changed her life entirely. To start with, flying for the audition was her first ever flying experience.

Nailing The Blind Audition

The sixteen-year-old singer from Fort Wayne, Addison Agen nailed her blind audition is a story that needs not to be told. This sixteen-year-old singer sang Jolene that is originally sung by Ray LaMontagne. The power of her voice stunned all the judges and hypnotized the audience. She earned her spot in the team of judge Miley Cyrus but her outstanding performance led Adam Levine ending up stealing her away to his team. You can watch the video of her blind audition here:

Her Performances In The Voice

Addison Agen has come a long way in The Voice. Her journey has been melodious and breathtaking. In the Monday Battles on 23rd of October, from team Adam, Jon Mero defeated Brandon Brown on the song I Wish It Would Rain. Had he not been paired with Jon Mero, Brandon would not have sounded so lackluster on the Temptations Classic. While in team Miley Cyrus, the battle between Karli Webster and Addison Agen over the song Girls Just Want To Have Fun was a battle to watch. However, Karli Webster defeated Addison Agen. However, her performance of the song Beneath Your Beautiful was rather beautiful on the next Monday knockout just like Jolene in an audition. She was on the verge of elimination after the battle with Karla Webster until Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson both pushed the buzzer for the steal. Since Adam Levine had wanted her since blind audition, she chose to go with him. Her performance of Beneath Your Beautiful made her a winner in this Monday knockout.

More Trouble For The Stunning Singer In The Voice

And Now this week a whole new level of competition has started on The Voice for Addison Agen. The Voice singer has advanced through the blind auditions and the knockouts. Now Addison Agen and other 19 contestants must try hard to get through the current rounds of a playoff for making it to the top 12. Addison Agen along with the others will perform in front of the celebrity judges and audiences. The judges can bring back an artist who had lost the battle or the knockout rounds. The coaches must select three members each from their team for going to the live shows. They will then be eliminated based on the viewer until the finale.

Where To Find Addison Agen

Addison Agen has been keeping up pretty well with her now ever-growing social media following. She has accounts on Twitter and Facebook. But various Addison Agen accounts on Instagram are run by her fans. If you want to have a look at her behind the scenes of her life, her Facebook and Twitter accounts look good. Apart from the social media accounts, you can also check out Bandcamp page for her original material. Along with listening to her album New Places, you can also get access to the earlier versions of the songs she has performed.

Addison Agen has made her name and her net worth in singing. Her net worth is not measured in Dollars but in the beauty of her songs. The way she has progressed as a singer and a songwriter is commendable. You can see that in her journey from the time she started her singing and songwriting to The Voice. With her talent and immense support of her family, she will be making a great name for her very soon.