Mitchell Lee Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

You know Mitchell Lee Wetherington from NBC’s hit music competition “The Voice,” but there is much more behind the country singer than what you see on television.

Mitchell Lee Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

Meet Mitchell Lee

You know Mitchell Lee Wetherington from NBC’s hit music competition “The Voice,” but there is much more behind the country singer than what you see on television. The South Carolina native has a long history of musical aspirations and has journeyed very far to make it to “The Voice” Playoffs. Read below to find out five facts you need to know about “The Voice” contestant.

Age and Early Life of Mitchell Lee

As a Charleston native, 29-year-old Mitchell Lee Wetherington comes from small-town roots. He was born Jan 13, 1988, in South Carolina where lived most of his life. Growing up, he always had a love for music but saw himself becoming a dentist. Although his mother told him she saw him becoming a rock star, he went to military college at Citadel to pursue a career in dentistry. He had no ambition of being on “The Voice” at the time. While in college he was known on campus for his persistent guitar playing and singing. Weeks before graduation, Mitchell Lee got tragic news that his mother had passed away. In her honor, he put dentistry to the side to focus on the singing career she always imaged for him, not knowing that it would eventually lead him to “The Voice.”

First Taste of Stardom for Mitchell Lee

At the age of 22, Mitchell Lee formed his own band. Before “The Voice,” the perfect opportunity presented itself when FOX’s American Idol held auditions in Charleston, South Carolina in 2011. The singer got the green-light from judges and headed to Hollywood for next-level auditions. Unfortunately, he was eliminated shortly after making it to Hollywood. Instead of letting the cut deter him from pursuing his dreams, Mitchell Lee used it as a fire to fuel his passion for stardom. Little did he know, he’d later get a taste of “The Voice.”

Mitchell Lee Net Worth

After leaving Hollywood, Mitchell Lee decided to leave his band to chase his dream of becoming a well-known artist. He left Charleston and moved to Nashville where he performed at small venues and festivals around the city. Mitchell Lee scored attention from many locals but didn’t raise his net worth enough to fund living as a full-time musician. Before success on “The Voice,” Mitchell Lee worked as a woodworker to pay the bills. He lived in Nashville making custom furniture for a variety of clientele, including the design of a tiny bus for himself to write and sing in.

Mitchell Lee has “The Voice”

After finding small-scale success in Nashville, Mitchell Lee set to redeem his American Idol flop by auditioning for NBC’s hit music competition show, “The Voice.” His blind auditions aired Sept. 23 as a part of the season 13 line up. Before stepping onto the red and black stage, he had hopes of securing a spot on Miley Cyrus’s team. Mitchell Lee admired here evolution from country singer, to pop star, back to her country roots. He didn’t consider himself to be a country singer or pop singer because South Carolina is home to a unique blend of sounds. During his blind audition, he channeled his southern charm by singing Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Hold My Hand.” Much to his dismay, all of the judges turned their chairs except Cyrus. “The Voice,” judges Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine turned to fight for Mitchell Lee to choose to be on their team. Mitchell Lee ultimately chose Team Blake because of his understanding that Lee balances rock, pop, and country within his song choices. Mitchell Lee later made it to “The Voice” knockout rounds, where be beat out Anna Catherine DeHart to earn a spot on “The Voice” Playoffs team. During the Playoffs, he sang “Heaven,” by Bryan Adams. Ultimately Mitchell Lee didn’t advance past that round. He ended up being eliminated and backed his bags to head home.

“I’ve had the ride of a lifetime. I never thought this could be my real life. My momma said she always thought I’d be an “actor or a rockstar”, well I think singing on the biggest stage of national television covers it. We made it Momma! I love everyone who’s supported me on this long journey! I’ll cherish every second of my entire life. See you on tour,” says Mitchell Lee after being eliminated from “The Voice.”

“The Voice” singer on Social Media

Mitchell Lee’s heavily active on social media, often posting updates from “The Voice,” and from his personal life. An avid Instagram user, Mitchell Lee has over 14 thousand Instagram followers. After appearing on “The Voice” the account went public and skyrocketed in follows. Find hilarious selfies and adorable Throwback Thursday pictures on his @mitchellleemusic Instagram account. The artist gives “The Voice” fans a behind-the-scenes look at his life by frequently posting on his @its_mitchelllee Snapchat account. If you’re craving details of his time on “The Voice,” then check out Mitchell Lee’s twitter page. His account @itsMitchellLee is jam-packed with “The Voice” inside jokes and updates. Any fan of “The Voice,” won’t be disappointed if you click follow on any of Mitchell Lee’s social media pages!

NBC’s “The Voice” was just the start for Lee. As mentioned on his Instagram page, he plans on taking fans from “The Voice” on tour with him. He has yet to release details of whether it will be a solo tour or a tour with other contestants from “The Voice,” but fans are waiting in anticipation to find out. One thing we do know is this isn’t the last you’ll hear from “The Voice” contestant.