Jessica Alba Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, ‘Fantastic Four’ & Facts To Know

Jessica Alba is a Hollywood actress who has had roles in many movies and TV series. Find out more facts about this woman, including her net worth.

Jessica Alba Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, ‘Fantastic Four’& Facts To Know

Jessica Alba is a famous gifted actor who made her first big screens appearance in 1994 in a comedy called Camp Nowhere. She also had a reoccurring role in Nickelodeon as Jessica in a series called The Secret World of Alex Mack. Jessica Alba made her breakthrough while she played a role as Max Guevera in a TV series Dark Angel. Over the years, Jessica Alba has made her acting skills to shine. She has taken part in different film roles such as thriller, horror, supernatural, romance, drama, and comedy. Jessica Alba has made her presence known in films with her remarkable performance in acting.

Jessica Alba’s Early Childhood

Jessica Alba is a famous American film actor who was born on April 28, 1981, in Pomona, California. Her parents were Catherine Jensen and Mark David Alba. Jessica’s mother was from the French, Danish, Welsh, English and German descent, while the father was from the Mexican descent. Jessica Alba’s mother was a professional lifeguard. Her father served in the United State Airforce, therefore, making the family to live in different cities including Mississippi, Texas, Del Rio, and Biloxi. They finally settled in Claremont, California when Jessica Alba was nine years old. Jessica Alba attended Claremont High School in California after her parents settled in southern California. She expressed her acting interest while she was in her early teens. She participated and won an acting competition in Beverly Hills. Jessica Alba was offered free acting classes as the grand prize for winning the competition. This was a free ticket to starting her acting passion. After nine months of training, an agent signed Jessica Alba by the age of 12 years. Alba graduated from Claremont high school in 1997 and joined the Atlantic Theater Company. Jessica Alba appeared on her first film in 1994 in a comedy Camp Nowhere. She was a part-time model and took part in some commercials. While she was juggling between her careers, she landed a reoccurring role on The Secret World of Alex Mack. Jessica Alba also took part in an adventure series Flipper that filmed in Australia.

Jessica Alba’s Breakthrough in Her Movie Career

Jessica Alba made a breakthrough when she landed a leading role in a science fiction series Dark Angel. Director James Cameron created the series, and it premiered in 2000. Jessica Alba took part as Max Guevera who was a young genetically modified young woman. She worked as a bike messenger, and she managed to escape from a genetic research project that used young ones as test subjects. The series features how she was searching other people in the project and how the government was trying to recapture her. Max Guevera worked with a journalist called Logan Cale, which was a part played by Michael Weatherly. During the casting of the Dark Angel, Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly developed a romantic relationship, and after that, they were engaged for three years and then they broke up. The series Dark Angel earned praise from Jessica Alba’s fans. It was a major hit, and it gained Jessica Alba a lot of attention for her remarkable and brilliant performance. Unfortunately, Dark Angel lasted only for two seasons. In 2003, Jessica Alba made her appearance on the big screen again with Honey. She played a role as a choreographer and a hip-hop dancer. The movie Honey was popular among the teens. However, it was not a huge success as the Dark Angel. In 2005, Jessica Alba took a role as a different type of a dancer in Sin City. In the movie Sin City, Jessica Alba acted as a stripper who decided to go crazy to make it in the town of Sin City originally known as Basin City. The movie Sin City gets its nickname from the road sign written ‘Welcome to Basin City.’ However, the letters B and A are covered in spray paint hence reading Sin City.

Jessica Alba’s Career Highlights

In 2004 to 2005, Jessica Alba took part in Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four is a comic movie that Jessica Alba featured Sue Storm. She was one of the four astronauts who acquired her powers after she was exposed to cosmic rays. In Fantastic Four sequel in 2007, Jessica Alba almost gave up her acting career while she was casting in the film. She worked for the director Tim Story in Fantastic Four who was too critical of her emotions on the cast. This made alba to questioning her ability as an actor. It was at this duration that Jessica Alba met her husband, Cash Warren. Nevertheless, Jessica Alba did not quit her acting career. In 2005, Jessica starred in Into The Blue with Paul Walker And Scott Caan. Into The Blue is an action thriller that Jessica Alba played as a diver. She gets into trouble after discovering a sunken plane that contains an illicit cargo of a drug lord. Into the Blue became one of her breakthrough movies. In 2007, Jessica Alba starred in a romantic comedy known as Good Luck Chuck. She takes a role of a clumsy penguin-keeper who captures the heart of Charlie Chuck. Good Luck Chuck was not successful as Jessica Alba had wanted. However, Good Luck Chuck was among the films that made her shine. In 2008, she took a role in a horror film The Eye. It is a remarkable Japanese horror film where Jessica Alba featured as a musician who receives an eye transplant. She later gets supernatural side effects from the eye. During the same year, Alba landed another role in The Love Guru film and Meet Bill film as well. In 2010, Jessica Alba had five back-to-back movies release. She starred in The Killer Inside Me as a prostitute called Joyce. She played a part in Valentine’s Day a romantic comedy and an action film The Machete. The other two releases were An Invisible Sign and Little Fockers. In 2011, she starred in the film Spy Kids and a comedy A.C.O.D. Subsequently; she played a role in an animation film Escape From The Planet Earth. Jessica Alba took part in two movies sequel. They include The Sin City, and The Machete Kills whereby she reprised her roles. In 2015 to 2016, Jessica Alba starred in four different genre films. They include an action comedy called Barely Lethal, a comedy is known as Entourage, a supernatural horror called The Veil, and an action known as The Mechanic: Resurrection.

Jessica Alba’s Personal Life

In 2004, Jessica Alba met Cash Warren. The two dated for years and in 2008, they got married. Jessica Alba and her husband have two daughters and one son, Honor Marie Warren who is nine years; Haven Garner Warren is six years and newborn Hayes Warren. Jessica Alba shared a selfie she took in her Instagram while breastfeeding her newborn son in a fitting room. Jessica Alba is against the mothers who judge others due to their decisions for not breastfeeding. Alba claims every mother should stand firm on her decision concerning breastfeeding. In 2012, Jessica Alba co-founded a successful company known as the Honest Company. The company sells safe home products that are feminine and mothering based products for mothers who choose to breastfeed their newborns and older and those who do not.

Awards and Achievements

• Jessica Alba’s leading role in Dark Angel made her win several awards including Saturn Best Actress Award as well as Teen Choice Actress Awards. She also earned a nomination at the Golden Globe for the Best Actress. In 2001, Jessica Alba won the ALMA breakthrough Actress of the Year Award for her role in Dark Angel. • In 2005, Jessica Alba won the Young Hollywood Superstar of Tomorrow Award due to her remarkable and artistic talent. • In 2006, Jessica Alba received an MTV Movie Award for The Sexiest Performance in Sin City. • In 2008, Jessica Alba won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Female Movie Star for Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. In the same year, Alba received another award of Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress for the Horror Film the Eye.

Facts to Know

1. Jessica Alba suffers from asthma since her early childhood. Her asthma and allergic reactions were so severe, and it would make her throat to close. Jessica Alba would often get pneumonia, and there were times she would have a collapsed lung. 2. Jessica Alba was an ugly duckling in her early life. She was always sick and had no friends. Her schoolmates always picked on her until they saw her photos in seventeen magazines. 3. Jessica Alba was born again when she was 13 years old. She attended the Tenets of Calvary church where she spent most of her time praying for salvation with other teens. Jessica stopped attending the church when she was 16 years old after she played a role in the tv show Chicago Hope as a girl who had gonorrhea in her throat. The other teens reprimanded her for the role. 4. Alba’s net worth has an estimate of $ 340 million. The Forbes magazine estimated her fortune to be $200 million. 5. Jessica Alba struggled with anorexia at the beginning of her acting career. 6. Jessica Alba met her husband, Cash Warren while on the set of Fantastic Four in 2004. Her husband was the assistant director of the film while Jessica Alba was the film’s star.

Jessica Alba’s Net Worth

The remarkable American film actor is believed to have an estimated net worth of $ 340 million. Jessica Alba’s net worth multiplied due to her exceptional and artistic performance on Dark Angel, Sin City, Fantastic Four and The Eye. While it takes most people a lifetime to have such a net worth, Jessica Alba has managed to do it in just 37 years. People are motivated by Jessica Alba’s acting career and her life as a successful businessperson. Her Honest Company has made her $200 million richer than most people have, therefore, increasing her overall net worth. The famous actor has worked effortlessly over the years to make her acting career a huge success. The famous remarkable actor has achieved a lot in her 37 years despite having health issues in her early childhood. Jessica continues to amaze her fans with her artistic abilities as an actor as well as a successful businessperson.