Sophia Bush Wiki: Hair, Net Worth, Tattoo & Facts To Know

Everything you need to know about Sophia Bush, one of television’s most influential actresses. Get the details on her career, relationships and more.

Sophia Bush Wiki: Hair, Net Worth & Facts To Know

Sophia Bush is an American actress, known for playing the iconic role of Brooke Davis on the teen drama “One Tree Hill”, her signature raspy voice and her philanthropic involvement. Full time actress and part time activist, Bush uses her celebrity status not just to entertain, but to spread awareness and speak up about world issues as well. Her most recent work has been on the three shows in the “Chicago” franchise and she boasts a net worth of $9 million.

Early Life

Born in Pasadena, California to a pair of photographers, it seemed like Sophia Bush was destined to be in front of the camera. At her prestigious all-girls private school, all Bush wanted to do was play volleyball. She had such a passion for the sport that when she was informed she was required to perform in a school play to graduate, she grew incredibly annoyed. She had no interest in the theater arts program at the time, and if she wasn’t forced into it, she wouldn’t have participated at all. Much to her surprise, Bush felt a rush she’d never felt before at the close of the play. It was there that her love of acting was born and she couldn’t shake it. She had the desire to be an actress in her bones.

Welcome to Hollywood

Bush’s first appearance on the silver screen came in 2002 when she co-starred in the Ryan Reynolds comedy “Van Wilder”. Her work in the film led to several guest starring roles in television shows throughout the following year. She’d go on to have small roles on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and the HBO movie “Point of Origin”, as well as a recurring role on the popular drama “Nip/Tuck”. She landed the role of Kate Brewster in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” only to be replaced after a week of filming due to her young age. Still, she was praised for her talent. What may have seemed horrible at the time, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Losing the role gave Bush the chance to land her part on “One Tree Hill”.

One Tree Hill

Breakout Role

In 2003 Bush landed her most prominent role to date. In “One Tree Hill” Bush played Brooke Davis, a seemingly shallow cheerleader who acted without consequences. Throughout the series, Brooke Davis went through hell and back and ended up being one of the most well-developed characters in the history of the show. Bush’s role as the seductress turned shoulder-to-cry-on helped her gain mainstream success, and she’s a household name with dedicated television watchers everywhere because of it. Bush’s talents turned Brooke Davis into the three-dimensional character that fans couldn’t help but root for, and whether she was starting her own clothing line or breaking up with the show’s lead at a wedding ceremony, she consistently tugged at heartstrings. “One Tree Hill” ran for nine seasons, all of which Bush was present for, starring in 186 episodes of the series, missing only a single episode. She even directed three episodes, one in each of the last three seasons of the show.

Success on the Big Screen

At the height of One Tree Hill’s run, Bush was able to turn her television success into film roles. In 2006 Bush starred in “John Tucker Must Die” alongside Brittany Snow. The movie told the tale of a group of girls who worked together to humiliate a boy who’d been secretly dating them all. The film was a box office success and a hit worldwide. In the same year, Bush starred in the slasher film “Stay Alive” with Frankie Muniz. The film followed a group of gamers, who’s death in-game would be recreated in their real lives, until finally they didn’t even need to be playing anymore to face the consequences of starting the game in the first place. Bush would star in two films released in the following two years, a remake of “The Hitcher” opposite Sean Bean, and an indie drama “The Narrows” with Vincent D’Onofrio and Kevin Zegers. Recently her film career has taken a backseat to her television success and dedication to activism.

Life After Tree Hill

Bush made her return to the television screen in 2012, this time in the form of a CBS sitcom entitled “Partners”. Sadly the comedy was cancelled after six episodes were aired, and the remaining seven of the first and only season were never aired. Thankfully, Bush’s bad luck didn’t last long, and two years later she was cast in NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” a spin-off of the already successful “Chicago Fire”. Bush played Detective Erin Lindsey, a strong female member of the Central Intelligence Unit, who grew up on the streets. Bush’s character frequently appeared in crossover events with shows including “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago Med” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Bush’s character got a meaningful send off this September, as the actress chose not to return to the show for the newest season.


In addition to Bush’s work on-screen, she’s incredibly active on social media to promote awareness and raise funds for numerous charities and organizations. She’s walked in marches, attended rallies and openly stated her political views to the world; something young actresses aren’t always so confident about. She puts making a difference ahead of making a name for herself, and truly believes in using her voice to help those less fortunate. She openly made appearances supporting the Obama campaign in 2008, she went to a rally in protest of Proposition 8 carrying a sign that stated she supported gay marriage while wearing a shirt that read “Legalize Gay”, and regularly hosts fundraising campaigns for different causes. Some of her favorite causes include “I Am That Girl” an organization that supports leadership and personal development in young girls throughout their schooling, “Do Something” an organization that motivates young people to get out there and make a difference and the Human Rights Campaign.


Bush has a habit of falling for her co-stars. Spending so much time on set with someone it’s only natural for on-screen chemistry to transfer off-screen as well. During her early years on One Tree Hill, sparks flew between Bush and Chad Michael Murray, and the two ended up getting engaged in 2004. Sadly their love story is a short one. They were married in 2005, but after only five months together after their wedding, the two filed for divorce. Bush started dating one of her other One Tree Hill co-stars, actor James Lafferty, shortly after her divorce. Lafferty was rumored to be the shoulder Bush leaned on after the heartbreak with Murray, although the two didn’t officially come out as a couple until 2008. Lafferty wasn’t the only one Bush was linked to after her divorce, she was also spotted with Austin Nichols at the time, but it didn’t seem like much came of it. When Nichols joined the cast of One Tree Hill and Bush and Lafferty split, it was revealed that she and Nichols had been dating on and off for the past four years. Unfortunately when One Tree Hill ended in 2012, so did her long relationship with Nichols.


Bush is a beauty inside and out and is often spotted on magazine covers. From her workouts to her wardrobe, when she’s not out trying to make a difference in the world she’s stunning people with her good looks. She encourages others, as well as herself, to be at home in your own skin, believing that confidence is the key to beauty. In Bush’s eyes, there’s more to that than a simple workout or makeup routine. Recently she’s gotten a tattoo, what appears to be a gold-plated phonograph, but means much more. For her 35th birthday, Bush got the tattoo to reflect on who she’s become as a person, and remind herself that life is about coming home to yourself, and building a life to be proud of.


This raspy-voiced actress made a splash in the entertainment world with “One Tree Hill” and hasn’t stopped since. From a soapy teen drama to a serious cop show, Bush has proved that there’s a lot more to her than just her looks. Whether it’s as an actress or an activist, one thing’s for certain, she’s dedicated to making a difference in this world.