Harvey Weinstein Wiki: Producer, Net Worth, ‘Gangs of New York’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Harvey Weinstein who is a producer. Below are facts about him including the sexual allegations against him and his net worth.

Harvey Weinstein: accused of sex harassment

For the better last half of last year, Harvey Weinstein was trending, not for a good reason but a wrong one. Weinstein’s past had come to haunt him, and it backfired him in a very crude way. No Hollywood star has been through what Harvey Weinstein has gone for over a year. Donald Trump and his “grab ‘em by the pussy” slur didn’t put him in so much mess like what Weinstein is going through. The heat was so high that Weinstein was left by his wife, Georgina Chapman last year. So, before Weinstein made headlines in all the dailies worldwide and the web, who was he? 65-year-old Harvey Weinstein in Queens, New York. His father, Max Weinstein was a diamond cutter and he passed on 1976. Weinstein’s mother was known as Miriam and she breathed her last in 2016. Her death devastated Weinstein who was very close to her. Weinstein’s family has Jewish ancestry and his forefathers were Polish Immigrants. The producer grew up alongside his brother Bob Weinstein in New York City and he studied at John Bowne High School. He also graduated from the Buffalo University. Both Weinstein’s brothers grew up with a passion for films. Weinstein has made a net worth as the producer of some popular films including, “Tulip Fever”, “Gangs of New York”, “My Week with Marilyn”, “Malena”, and “Sex and the City” TV show.

Sex harassment accusations against Weinstein

On October 5, 2017, The New York Times published an article in which the authors, Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor had discovered some legal agreements between Weinstein and at least eight women. Most of the accusers of Weinstein were young female employees working in the companies of the producer. The Times also mentioned actress Ashley Judd who said that Weinstein invited her to his Beverly Hills hotel 20 years ago and then he asked to give her a massage or she watch Weinstein take a shower. Another allegation was, in 2014 Weinstein invited Emily Nestor who was a temporary employee for a day in a hotel. Weinstein told her that if she accepted to sleep with him, he would boost his career. Another allegation, in 2015, a female assistant who concealed her name said that Weinstein forced her to give him a massage while naked and left her crying and distraught. The same year, the police received a call from an Italian model known as Ambra Battilana who reported that Weinstein had groped her after she came to his office in New York to discuss her acting prospects. Unfortunately, no charges were pressed against the producer even though in a video recording Weinstein had seemingly admitted to groping Ambra. Another person who accused Weinstein was journalist Lauren Sivan. She told HuffPost that a decade ago, Weinstein cornered her in a restaurant and asked her to sleep with him. When she refused, Weinstein masturbated in from of her. In total, around 80 women have come out claiming that Weinstein had sexually assaulted them. The sexual allegations caused him his career and family. Oscars banned him too.

He apologized, but the damage was already done

After the sex harassment charges surfaced, Weinstein issued a statement to New York Times trying to explain his behavior. He stated that he grew up in the 70s when the rules about workplaces and behavior were different, and it was a culture then. Weinstein continued by stating that he had learned it wasn’t an excuse anymore and that he had realized that he needed to be a better person a while back and it had affected his relationship with the people he worked with. Weinstein was sacked by his own company, Weinstein Company.

Facts about the producer

He won Oscars for the film, Shakespeare in Love

Harvey Weinstein is the producer of the movie “Shakespeare in Love,” and he bagged an Oscars for Best Picture. The movie portrays a young Shakespeare with ideas and no cash. He meets an ideal woman, and he is inspired to write one of his famous plays. Weinstein also got nominated for Oscars for the movie, “Gangs of New York.” The producer has worked on other films like “Tulip Fever”, “My Week with Marilyn”, “Malena” and TV show, “Sex and the City.”

Weinstein is charitable

Weinstein has been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and even supported Obama and Hillary through donations, TV interviews and events. The producer has also supported charities and causes like amfAR and the Lebron James Family Foundation. Weinstein pledged $5 million for female filmmakers studying at the University of Southern California.

He was married to Georgia Chapman

Weinstein married Chapman in 2007 and they have two kids. Weinstein’s now-former wife is a fashion designer and the co-founder of Marchesa, a fashion label. Chapman used to model and appeared regularly as a judge on “Project Runway” show which Weinstein was producing. After the sex harassment charges surfaced, Chapman left Weinstein to deal with his issues alone.

His net worth

According to Net Worth Post, Harvey Weinstein has a net worth of over $240 million. The producer made all his net worth from producing hit films.

When a scandal hits a celebrity, it definitely sinks him down. That’s what happened to Weinstein. Since Weinstein has a good net worth that he can survive on for the rest of his life, he should just take a break and let the dust settle.