Gary Oldman’s Net Worth: Just How Rich Is Winston Churchill From Darkest Hour

A very old actor in the movie fraternity, Gary Oldman has a net worth of a few million. Find out just how rich is the Winston Churchill from Darkest Hour.

Gary Oldman and his net worth

Gary Leonard Oldman is a prominent English actor, musician and author. He earned fame through his movies like ‘The Massacre in Paris’, ‘Hamlet’ and many more. Born on the 21st of March, 1958, Gary has been in the acting industry since 1979. His parents are Leonard Bertram Oldman and Kathleen Oldman. Born in New Cross, London, Oldman enrolled himself in the Young People’s Theatre in Greenwich. He started his career as a porter and also sold shows. He soon got himself a scholarship at the Rose Bruford College and graduated with a BA degree in acting. He performed the role of a Puck in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. He started doing small roles here and there in films and television. He first got critical acclaim for his lead role in the film ‘Meantime’. After his performance at the ‘Royal Court’, his career shot up and he became very successful. He also became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has done various roles in movies like ‘Saved’, ‘Women Beware Women’, ‘The Massacre at Paris’, ‘The Country Wife’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Entertaining Mr. Sloane’. He got critical acclaim as the best young British actor after his role as Sid in ‘Sid and Nancy’ and also as Joe in ‘Prick Up Your Ears’.
He was loved for his role as an American Gangster in ‘State of Grace’. Oldman is said to have been married four times and is single currently. There was a buzz that he was dating Cyrinda Foxe in 1981 and then moved on to marry Lesley Manville in 1986. The marriage lasted till 1990 and they have a son together. He moved on to marry American actress Uma Thurman but the marriage ended soon in the year 1992. His next relationship was with actress and model Isabella Rossellini but separated after two years. He later married Donya Fiorentino in the year 1997 and the couple has two sons together. Oldman and Donya divorced with Oldman getting the full custody of his sons. He again got married to Alexandra Edinborough but ended in a divorce in 2015. Oldman has a net worth of a whopping 40 million dollars.

The journey behind his huge net worth

Gary Oldman has a net worth of $40 million and a huge salary that fits in perfectly with his lavish lifestyle. He earned his money and fame from his roles in films, as a voice-over actor and also as a singer and a piano player. He was born in 1958 and became interested in acting since he saw ‘The Raging Moon’ in the year 1971. He made his professional stage debut at York’s Theatre Royal and became very famous for his role of Sid in ‘Sid and Nancy’ in the year 1986. He has a long acting career and a huge number of hits to his credits. He is largely popular in the film fraternity and Oldman having a net worth of $40 million is not surprising looking at his very successful film career.

Gary Oldman early life

Oldman watched Malcolm McDowell in the ‘Raging Moon’ and got his inspiration to act from him in the year 1971. He said “Something about Malcolm just arrested me and I connected, and I said, “I wanna do that.” He was a singer and a piano player since his childhood but he gave up all to pursue his acting career. He started working in a sports shop at the age of 16 after dropping out of school. His father was a former sailor and also an alcoholic. He worked as a welder but he left their family while Oldman was only 7 years old. Oldman was highly interested in the local football Club Millwall. He came to know that his dad also represented the Millwall club during the World War II. All these facts were stated to him by his mom only in 2011.

Gary Oldman acting career and movies

He studied acting at the ‘Young People’s Theatre’ in Greenwich during 1970s. He was also working as a porter at that time. He sold shoes and also worked ina abattoir beheading pigs. He won a scholarship in 1979 at the Rose Bruford College in Sidcup and graduated with a BA in acting. He then applied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art but was discouraged by the committee members there saying that he should find something else for a living rather than acting. He gave his stage debut in 1979 as Puss in the play ‘Dick Whittington and His Cat’ at Theatre Royal. His film debut came with the movie ‘Remembrance’ in the year 1982. His first starring role was in the year 1984 ‘Meantime’ alongside Tim Roth. He got an eye injury during the second day of the shoot when he and Tim had to throw milk bottles in a factory. His breakthrough came when he was cast in the lead role in the movie ‘Saved’. His performance was appreciated by Max Stafford who in turn cast him in ‘The Pope’s Wedding’ in the year 1984 again in the lead role. He did not accept the role of Sid in the movie ‘Sid and Nancy’ but accepted it on the third request of the director Alex Cox. He was required to lose weight for the role but he lost so much that he became sick. He next appeared in the science fiction movie ‘The Fifth Element’ by the director Luc Besson in 1997. He was in need of finances at that time and accepted the role only to pay back the finances which the director provided to him. He did some homework before rendering his voice as Dracula. He played the role of Count Dracula in the American Gothic horror film ‘Dracula’. He hired a singing coach to help him lower his voice as Octave. He was next seen in ‘Immortal Beloved’ in the year 194, playing the role of the composer Beethoven. In the same year, he was seen in ‘Leon: The Professional’ where he plays the role of a character obsessed with Beethoven. In the movie ‘Leon: The Professional’ he plays the role of Leon a neighbor to 12-year-old Mathilda and also a professional assassin. He was much appreciated for his performance in Leon: The Professional. Leon: The Professional won many awards and has a feauture song ‘Shape of my Heart’. He practiced piano daily for 5 years to perfect the role because he wanted his hand movements to look real. Oldman was fondly nicknamed ‘Scary Gary’ during the shooting of ‘Air Force One’ for his superb performance as Ivan Korshunov. He is also the favorite on-screen nemesis of Harrison Ford. Oldman next starred alongside Anthony Hopkins in ‘Hannibal’ in the year 2001 in the role of Mason Verger. Mason Verger wanted to take revenge against Hannibal Lector in the movie. Oldman was also seen on television in two episodes of the popular series ‘Friends’ in the year 2001. Gary Oldman played the role of James Gordon in ‘The Dark Knight’. The Dark Knight was directed by Chistopher Nolan. Gary plays the good cop in the film ‘The Dark Knight’. The Dark Knight won quite a few awards and was a huge success at the box office. Gary Oldman became Winston Churchill in ‘Darkest Hour’. He did a lot of research on Churchill before the shoot to get into the character completely. ‘Darkest Hour’ was directed by Joe Wright. Darkest hour was a thrilling and inspiring true story of what happened when Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Darkest Hour earned 2.2 million USD at the box office.

Gary Oldman awards and recognition for his movies

Oldman’s performance of Sid was ranked at #62 in the list of the ‘100 best performances of all time’ by a famous magazine. He also grabbed the position of No. 8 in the list of ’10 best actors in Rocking Roles’. Although the authenticity of the movie ‘Sid and Nancy’ was questioned by Vocalist John Lydon, he was praised by him as a ‘bloody good actor’. The BAFTA nominated Oldman in the Best Actor category for his performance in ‘Prick Up your EArs’. His best performance is that of Clive Bissel, a football hooligan in the British drama, ‘The Firm’ in the year 1989. The first US blockbuster hit of Oldman was the movie ‘JFK’ wherein he starred as Lee Harvey Oswald in the year 1991. He got the Best Actor Award by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films in the year 1992 for his performance in ‘Dracula’. Dracula also got him the name of ‘Scary Gary’. ‘Air Force One’ was named ‘Air Force Fun’ by the director Wolfgang Peterson Kingly because of the comic behavior of Oldman. Oldman served as the member of the Jury during the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. He was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for his superb performance in the movie ‘The Contender’. He was cast as Harry Potter’s Godfather Sirius Black in the year 2004 because he got very close to Daniel Radcliffe at the time of the shoot. He played a good character in ‘Batman Begins’. After playing the villain for majority roles in his career, seeing him play the good guy James Gordon was surprising for all. He along with his real-life wife Lesley Manville was cast as Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit in a 2009 movie called ‘A Christmas Carol’. They have a son Alfie. Oldman also rendered his voice to the villain Lord Shen in the animation movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and was nominated for Annie Award. He won the Best Actor Award in motion picture category for Darkest Hour at Golden Globe.

Gary Oldman personal life

He met the American actress Uma Thurman on the sets of ‘State of Grace’ and got married to her in the year 1990 but their marriage lasted for only 2 years. There was a rumor that Oldman got engaged to Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini after being romantically involved with her. Their relationship which began in the year 1994 ended two years later. His marriage to Donya Fiorentino lasted for four years from 1997 to 2001 and the couple has two sons together. His sons are John Oldman and Gulliver Flynn Oldman. He has the full legal custody of both his sons after his divorce. He got married to English singer and actress Alexandra Edinborough in 2008, but the couple filed for divorce in the year 2015.