David Otunga Wiki: Everything To Know About Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Fiancé

David Otunga, the ex-fiancé of Jennifer Hudson has been a wrestler, lawyer, actor and WWE commentator. Here is everything you need to know about him.

David Otunga Wiki: Everything To Know About Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Fiancé

Jennifer Hudson is a known name on Television. Since her fame after American Idol, she is now a coach at BBC’s The Voice. Her journey has been wonderful while Hudson also faced a brutal tragedy in her personal life. Now, along with her role in The Voice, her broken relationship is making the news for her. Hudson and David Otunga, the actor, the lawyer and the former wrestler, just broke off their decade-long relationship. The have been engaged since October 2008. They drifted apart on the grounds of Hudson cheating on Otunga. So, before we talk about David Otunga, the ex-fiancé, let’s talk a little about the lady herself.

A Little Insight Into The Life Of Jennifer Hudson

Born on September 12, 1981, in Illinois. Hudson is an immensely talented American actress. In 2004, American Idol gave Hudson the recognition, the exposure, and a loyal fan base. In 2006 she starred in the movie Dreamgirls in which she played the role of a a Motown-era singer. For that Hudson won a Golden Globe and an Oscar. She also added the Grammy into her list of awards in 2008 which was for her debut album. And it in was the same year, that a brutal tragedy struck her. Her mother, brother, and nephew were murdered by her estranged brother-in-law. Jennifer Hudson, then, took some time away from the limelight to grieve for her family. And it was the same year Hudson got engaged to David Otunga her now ex-fiancé. In an interview with Ebony Magazine she stated that she was saved because she was off to meet her now ex- fiancé David Otunga. Hudson considers Otunga the reason that she escaped her murderous brother-in-law. And then she was accused of cheating by the same man later. The year 2008 was pretty eventful for Hudson, apart from her family being murdered and getting engaged to David Otunga, she also starred in the super hit movie Sex And The City. Hudson played the role of the electronically savvy assistant to Carrie Bradshaw named Louise. She also starred in The Secret Life Of Bees. And it was in 2008 that Hudson released her debut album which received a Grammy. She returned to the world of acting in 2009 by singing the national anthem during Super Bowl XLIII. And then Hudson starred in different projects like the Broadway revival of The Color Purple and the televised Hairspray Live. Before her appearance in American Idol, she used to the church choir. Jennifer Hudson graduated from Dunbar Vocational Career Academy in 1999. For a year she also sang on a Disney Cruise Ship. In 2011, she released her sophomore album, I Remember Me. This album of Jennifer Hudson featured production and songwriting from the likes of Keys,R. Kelly and Diane Warren. To honour her nephew, she also established the Hatch Day charity and the Julian D. King Toy Drive and Christmas Dinner. In 2012, Hudson published the book I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down. Hudson also started her own line of clothing. She also contributed to the soundtrack of Think Like A Man. She kept on starring in the films as well. In 2014, she released a more sincilating album, JHUD. It featured the production from the likes of Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. Next year she also starred in the musical drama Empire. The last estimates of net worth says the net worth of Hudson stands at $20 million which is higher than the net worth of Otunga.

Jennifer Hudson Got Engaged To David Otunga

David Otunga met Jennifer Hudson shortly before Otunga signed for WWE. Hudson first noticed Otunga on the sets of I Love New York 2. He had been doing a lot of interview after the wrap up of the show and made a few friends. It was one of his friends that proposed Otunga to see Jennifer Hudson. Even a year before his first date with Hudson, Otunga proposed her on 12, September 2008, her 27th birthday with a Neil Lane diamond and they got engaged. In 2009, August 10, Hudson gave birth to their son but their wedding never happened. And then they separated as Hudson was accused of cheating.

Facts About David Otunga

The WWE famed David Otunga is also an actor. He is best known for his roles in WWE RAW, The Call and The Haves And The Haves Nots. Otunga was born in Illinois in 1980 his Kenyan Luo father, Moses and his European-American mother, Billie. Otunga graduated from high school with a perfect GPA of 4.0 before getting a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2006 and worked as a lawyer in Sidley Austin, one of America’s largest law firms, before entering into the world of entertainment. Otunga has retired as a wrestler and now is a commentator on the RAW brand. He stepped into the wrestling world in 2008 by signing a development contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Otunga was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling. It is one of the developmental territories of WWE. Otunga, from there on, appeared on the dark fights that are not broadcasted for the brand’s RAW and SmackDown franchises. In 2010, Otunga appeared in the first ever episode of NXT. It is the new developmental program of WWE. Then he became the part of The Nexus, the NXT/RAW crossover stable. Otunga, together with John Cena, captured the WWE Tag Team Championship. It was his first championship honors. Later he did that with Michael McGillicutty. Recently, Otunga retired from wrestling and switched to commenting. In addition to that he has also been featured in several fitness magazine. It was his childhood dream to appear in a magazine. As of the last estimate of the net worth, his net worth stands at $10 million.

Otunga Starred In Movies

Otunga has appeared in several movies and reality shows. In 2007, he played the role of Punk in the VH1 reality series I Love New York 2. He has also appeared in the shows like The Haves and The Have Nots, General Hospital and Criminal Minds. He also appeared in the 2016 comedy What Happened Last Night which also featured Amber Rose. Otunga was also a frequent guest on Steve Harvey and The Wendy’s Show. In 2017, he starred in the Television series Old Tricks and New Dogs. Otunga is also rumoured to be a part of the cast of Mistaken Identity. Otunga is all set to appear on the big screen. He has bagged the role of Will in Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral.

The Split Between Hudson And Her Ex-Fiancé Otunga

After almost a decade of their relationship, Hudson and Otunga ended their engagement a few months ago. Regarding the custody of their 8-year old son, both Hudson and Otunga are still trying to figure out the arrangement. They have been considering ending their relationship for quite some time now. The reason for the split is said to be the infidelity, Hudson cheating on Otunga to be precise. The ex-fiancé thinks that Hudson had been dating the producer, Mali Music. Both, Otunga and Hudson had been working together to figure out the best situation possible for their son David Jr. However, both of them wanted the primary physical custody of their son and that was when the things broke down between them.

The Ugly Breakup

The breakup between Hudson and Otunga has turned nasty over past couple of days. Hudson has obtained the order of protection from her ex-fiancé saying that he has shown harassing, threatening and aggressive behavior towards her. She said she is now scared of the actions Otunga might take. She claims that when she was at a recording session with her son, her ex-fiancé made a series of phone calls to reach to her. When he couldn’t, he asked their son to record what’s going on in there. Otunga wanted their son to show that she was dating someone else. Hudson denied having an affair with anyone else. When Hudson got home, Otunga was angry. He grabbed his son by his hand and pushed Hudson out of the master suit. According to her, her son, an assistant and a makeup artist were the witness to the incident. However, Otunga denies any of the claims made by Hudson. According to the statement released by him, he has never harassed or abused Jennifer Hudson or their son. He is looking forward to the court visit where he is sure he will be granted the custody of his son.

The Tattoos On The Wrestler’s Arm

In an attempt to look less stodgy, Otunga gave up his clean cut appearance and got some tattoos. He has a few extensive looking tribal tattoos on his left arm and has added a tribal looking lion tattoo to the ink as well. The picture of his new tattoo was captioned Sometimes a lion has to roar. The WWE fans are waiting to watch if the new tattoo brings some new changes in Otunga as a commentator.

The world is watching Hudson and Otunga split with curiosity. He is not just a lawyer, an actor and a wrestler. He is also a full time dad to his son. Both on and off screen, he is a proverbial tough guy with a soft heart. He was focused more on his family as compared to getting married. Even Hudson was not in a hurry of tying the knots. She was happy the way things were until their split came up. He also helps WWE with the legal issue since he has the degree in Law. In 2012, April, Otunga brought a young Haitian refugee to the backstage of Wrestlemania XXVIII and arranged a meeting with the wrestlers. He fulfilled his dream of a long time like this. To most people, being successful in one field gets hard to manage while Otunga was successful in three fields of his life. And he was still down to earth.