Christopher Nolan’s Wife Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Emma Thomas

Get to know the woman behind Christopher Nolan’s award-winning movies, his wife Emma Thomas. She is not only a producer but has a lot of great talents too.

Emma Thomas: The Wife of Christoper Nolan

Emma Thomas was born in 1968 in London. She is a famous British film producer. She attended University College London, where she met her husband Christopher Nolan.
Christopher Nolan is a famous filmmaker. Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan got married in 1997 and have four children. Nolan is known for themes exploring human morality and how people perceive time, space, and identity. Christopher Nolan has worked on ten major films which led to 26 Oscar nominations. Emma Thomas has worked on dozens of movies, most of them created by her husband Christopher Nolan. In fact, she is the one who produced all Christopher Nolan films since 1997. Christopher Nolan obviously trusts Emma Thomas’s judgment. He places the logistics and fate of his movies on her shoulders time and time again. Emma Thomas doesn’t typically bother with the creative process, that being the job of Christopher Nolan. But if she does have a note he listens without a second thought.

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas

(Emma Thomas after her weight loss)

The Dream Creator of Christopher Nolan: Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas works in every capacity regarding the films of her husband Christopher Nolan. It is her job to take Christopher Nolan’s amazingly complicated and measured visions and make them a reality. From principle photography to advertising, she projects the tone and aesthetic of the movie exactly how he desires. They are a two-man team. Christopher Nolan takes charge of the creativity and Emma Thomas takes care of the logistics. It’s a great way to keep their minds from slipping to other issues while they are working on one task. Projecting Christopher Nolan’s vision through the big screen is often complicated. He is a very meticulous filmmaker known to create elaborate diagrams and charts to explain how the movie should flow and how information is distributed.

Plot outline for Memento created by Christopher Nolan

It is necessary for Christopher Nolan to create beautifully intricate timelines and plot points. This is what makes Christopher Nolan one of the best filmmakers in the business: his attention to detail and not leaving a single strand untied.

Inception Flow Chart

Christopher Nolan creates very intricate and complicated movie plots. Nolan himself uses his own diagrams and flow charts to keep everything in order.

Nolan is not a typical linear filmographer. He uses editing to show the mental state of a character and likes to push the audience through the story as though they were really there. Every little detail, from set colors to every actor’s movement, is accounted for. It also can sometimes lead to actors having to deal with weight loss or gains, and physical changes in mannerisms or hair color. Christopher Nolan’s attention to detail and Emma Thomas’ dedication to making everything perfect is the reason a lot of their films are so popular and win awards. He has won AFI movies of the year for The Dark Night, Inception, The Dark Night Rises, Interstellar, and Dunkirk. He has not only won the AFI Movies of the Year, but his movie Memento also won the AFI screenwriter of the year. They also have been nominated for eight Golden Globe awards, two of which are for Dunkirk.

Christopher Nolan Looking Over A Scene

Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, and Syncopy INC

Christopher Nolan’s production company

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas founded the production company Syncopy INC together. The first movie that they produced under Syncopy was Batman Begins. The gross income of the movies made through Syncopy is around 4.6 billion dollars. This essentially includes every one of Christopher Nolan movies and several he didn’t make. The highest-grossing film within the collection is The Dark Knight; it alone made one billion.

“When we first thought about making this film, one of the reasons it appealed to us is that it felt like a story that hadn’t been told, We couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been told, given that it had themes that could appeal to anybody.”

Emma Thomas about the newest Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk. She describes Christopher Nolan and his desire to tell an amazing story in a new and amazing way.

Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan’s Net Worth

Not only is Emma Thomas a producer, she has several other achievements under her belt, including actress. As an actress, she was a part of three projects. Her voice was used for the Batman Begins video game where she voiced a character named after her (based off of the Christopher Nolan movie of the same name). In 2001 she earned an acting credit for Falling and in 1998 for Following. Though acting was a small part of her career, producing and movie making make up all but one percent of Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas’s combined net worth. Christopher Nolan has a lone net worth of 180 million dollars. The wealth of Christopher Nolan is obviously attributed to the insanely successful movies he wrote and created. Christopher Nolan, and therefore his wife Emma Thomas, have been on the top of the box office a lot.

Christopher Nolan Discussing One Of His Films

Emma Thomas and Chistopher Nolan Are A Part Of The Motion Picture Television Fund

A very important cause to Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan is The Motion Picture Television Fund. The Motion Picture Television Fund is a bit like getting unemployment benefits for the average worker. The Fund is an organization that helps those who work in front of or behind the camera with medical bills, healthcare, homecare, and wages. It’s really like its own federal government. Emma Thomas started helping MPTF quite a bit ago with her husband Christopher Nolan, though they were only donors at that point. Christopher Nolan didn’t realize how much of a difference the MPTF made until they realized that some of his crew members were in need of help. They were introduced to MPTF by Jeffery Katzenberg. Emma Thomas and her husband Christopher Nolan tend to keep a lot of the same crew members for each movie, though Christopher Nolan only makes a movie every two years. Their eyes were opened to the problem this created for those in the crew and lesser jobs within the movie who need a steady paycheck. They have families to provide for and houses to maintain. Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan wanted to make sure the people that were working for them loyally were covered first, and then they moved on to helping anyone they could. Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas serve on boards for the organization, namely the board of governors. Thomas also works with the social services group too.

Christopher Nolan Directing On The Set Of Interstellar