Anna Veith’s Husband Wiki: Everything to Know About Manuel Veith

Manuel Veith, Anna Veith’s husband, was a snowboarder himself who gave up his sports career to run his family business successfully.

Manuel Veith – sportsman turned businessman

Manuel Veith has chosen family business over his career as a snowboarder a few years back. According to Veith, he was trying to balance both the aspects of his life but soon realized that he wasn’t able to focus on either of them.

Then, he decided to give up his snowboarding career and join the family business that is being in practice since 2011. Veith wanted to make the business grow really big by implementing all his new ideas. Veith was filled with bright and new ideas that can take the modern tourism business to places, but all this is only possible when he concentrates on the business. Any kind of sports is demanding and if you want to excel in the field, then you will have to give your 100 percent. But, Veith knew he wasn’t giving his 100 percent, so he backed out.

Husband of Anna Veith

Manuel Veith always believed that at any major events, when you are representing your country, it is only about medals. If you know you are not good enough to win one, then it is better to hand over the baton to someone else who could win the glory for the country. There is no point in participating in the International events just for the sake of it. Anna Veith, his wife, is the silver medal winner in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Manuel Veith and Anna Fenninger were dating for a long time.

In 2016, they got married and Anna changed her surname from Fenninger to Veith. Manuel Veith is associated with sports through his wife. When Anna Veith won the silver as any proud husband, Manuel was there cheering for her.

The social media presence

The photos of the husband and wife have been doing the rounds of social media since the time she won the silver in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Instagram is filled with their wonderful wedding photos. Amongst the two, Anna Veith is more active on Instagram.

The net worth of Manuel Veith for the current year is still under review. Veith’s net worth mainly comprises of his business earnings. Veith walked the podium four times in different International events. In 2007, Veith was able to win the World Cup Championship as a snowboarder in Limone Piemonte, Italy. Then, in 2011, he clinched the sixth rank at the parallel giant slalom in Spain.

Before bidding a final goodbye to the sport, Veith had created a name for himself and won several accolades. It proves that Veith is good at whatever he does.