Samuel Girard Wiki: Everything To Know About The 2018 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist Skater

Samuel Girard, the Olympic Champion skater has won a gold medal and bronze medal in different events at the Olympics helping him earn a handsome net worth.

Samuel Girard – Olympic Champion skater

Every sportsman competing in the Olympics dream of winning the gold medal, but very few actually achieve the feat. Samuel Girard of Canada is among the few lucky ones who emerged as an Olympic champion by winning the gold medal in the 1000m speed skating event at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

In 2014, Girard proved his mettle as a skater when he won the silver medal in the 500m at the World Junior Championships. Girard is a bundle of talent who has the full potential to go places. In the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, he also won the bronze medal in Men’s 5000m Relay.

Speed skating at a tender age

Girard started skating at the age of 4. His parents wanted him to learn skating, but they didn’t know that they are enrolling his name in the speed skating club. Girard was a very talented skater right from the beginning. Within a year Girard started skating on long blades.

Girard is slowly turning himself a pro in the short track event. Short Track is always believed to be a chaotic place to be in. If you are ahead of the pack, then you can consider yourself to be lucky, else anything might happen.

Girard seems to have learned the trick quite quickly because, from the very onset of the short track speed skating event, the skater took his place in the front and kept his position firm. A lot was happening behind Girard. Crashes, disqualification, and recovering from the crash were taking place when Girard crossed the finishing line to win the gold medal in 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Yira Seo from Korea was swift to pick himself up from the crash just in time to pick up the bronze medal in the 1000m speed skating event. The silver went to America’s John-Henry Krueger.

Net worth of the skater

Girard, the skater is good at crafting furniture and modifying car. Girard won’t have to think about his net worth because he has just started his stint as a skater and by the time he retires he will have enough net worth to support his retirement.

The net worth of Girard for the current year is still under review. Girard is quite active on Instagram. He keeps posting his photos from the Olympics on his Instagram page. You will also come across his partner Kasandra Bradette’s photo too on his Instagram page.

Being a student of accounting, Girard is quite good in managing at net worth that he gathers through endorsement deals, salaries, etc.