Channing Tatum Wiki: Everything To Know About Jenna Dewan’s Husband

get to know more about Channing Tatum who is the husband of Jenna Dewan. He’s the handsome actor who has starred in ‘Magic Mike,’ ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Step Up.’ Below are facts about him including his net worth.

Channing Tatum: Jenna Dewan’s soon to be ex husband

It’s been a rough road for Channing Tatum after it was made known that he and his wife, Jenna Dewan are separating. It’s not a rumor that the couple is ending it all as they have spoken about the separation publicly. The separation broke the hearts of their fans and their families as no one wishes they would divorce and it’s unfortunate to hear that they are going their separate ways even though they have a daughter. Jenna Dewan defended her husband after rumors started flying that the actor split with her because he was drinking too much and flirting with other girls. Tatum is a talented American actor who has been active in Hollywood since 2000. The actor first starred in ‘Coach Carter,’ but his biggest break came after he starred in ‘Step Up.’ Tatum has starred in over 20 movies but what was life like before he stepped into the spotlight? 37-year-old Channing Tatum was born in Cullman, Alabama and he is the son of Kay Tatum who works for an airline, and Glenn Tatum, a construction worker. Tatum has only one sibling, a sister, Paige. When Tatum turned six, his family moved to Pascagoula, Mississippi where he grew up near the Pascagoula River which was a rural setting. Jenna Dewan’s husband has spoken about dealing with attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, and dyslexia while growing up. That affected his ability to do well in school. Tatum was quite the athlete in school where he played soccer, football, track, baseball and performed martial arts. Tatum practiced wuzuquan Kung fu when he was a child. He also said that his biggest distraction in school was girls. Tatum spent most of his teenage life in Tampa and attended Gaither High School. His parents wanted him to perform better in school so they gave him the opportunity to choose between a private high school and a military school. Tatum chose Tampa Catholic High School which is where graduated from in 1998. He left with the title of “Most Athletic Person”. The actor then attended Glenville State College which is based in Glenville, West Virginia and studied on a football scholarship. However, he dropped out and went back home where he started doing odd jobs. According to ‘US Weekly,’ there was a time Tatum got tired of the odd jobs, one of them being a roofer and another as a stripper at a local nightclub. His name on his small stage was “Chan Crawford.” In 2010, Jenna Dewan’s husband told an Australian newspaper that he wanted to create a movie about his experience as a stripper. That idea gave birth to ‘Magic Mike,’ but before he rose to fame, Tatum moved to Miami where he was discovered by a talent search team. The actor has starred in movies like ‘Gambit,’ ‘Dear John,’ ‘Smallfoot,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Step Up,’ and ’21 Jump Street.’ He has made quite the net worth from his excellent performances.

Jenna Dewan’s separation from her husband, Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met in the famous 2006 dance film, “Step Up,” where they fell in love, went out on dates, toured the world together and then, they finally got married. Their fans were happy for them, needless to say, but they decided to end their relationship. In a joint statement, the actors said that they had lovingly chosen to go their separate ways but that they would remain friends for the sake of their daughter. They said that they had had a magical journey together for so many years and nothing had changed in regard to the affection they had for one another, but love was taking them through different paths and they had to separate. The couple got married in 2009 and they have one daughter, Everly, who will turn five next month. The statement also read that there were no secrets or dramatic events that took part in the lives, but it was just a decision between two adults and best-friends realizing it was time they took some space in order to help one another live joyous and fulfilled lives. They added that they were still a family and they were dedicated to being loving and dedicated co-parents to Everly. The couple said that they would say nothing else on the matter and asked their fans and the media to respect their privacy as they take their next steps in their lives.

It’s believed that Tatum’s drinking and flirting cost him his marriage

The real reason behind Tatum and Dewan’s separation is now known, but to be honest, it hasn’t been proved to be true, just yet. Despite the phrasing of their joint statement, the so-called-reality of their marriage is seedier. Sources close to the couple believe that the reason why Dewan and her husband, Tatum split was because he was drinking and partying a lot. That’s what appeared to drive a wedge into their almost ten-year marriage. In 2014, Channing Tatum said that his love for alcohol was causing him problems with his wife Jenna Dewan and he thought that he probably drank too much. He also said in 2015 that his work commitments replaced everything else that ever mattered to him including his wife and daughter. Speaking to ‘PEOPLE,’ Tatum said that he wanted to be with his family, but nothing was easy and confessed that he juggled work and family life but it didn’t go so well. Despite all of their troubles, he and his wife were still planning to support one another and they made sure they didn’t screw things up. The ‘Gambit,’ ‘Smallfoot,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Step Up,’ ‘Dear John,’ and ’21 Jump Street’ actor, said that he and his wife had a good support system for one another and that they usually lifted one another up and he never thought he would be able to do it alone. There were also some reports that Tatum was flirting with other women when he was filming ‘Foxcatcher’ with some sources stating that the actor was acting like a single guy on set. Jenna Dewan came to defend her soon to be former husband saying that all the things people were saying were not true and that the reality of the situation was all detailed in their statement.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan will not get back together

Sorry world! Tatum and Dewan will not be giving it another try after announcing their separation. According to a source close to the couple, the couple worked effortlessly to save their marriage before they gave in. It was not something that was rushed, according to the source and they will not rekindle their marriage, but they will be the best parents to Everly like they were before. Despite their separation, they are getting along well. Dewan and her husband, who are both 37 had been holding on to the rocky marriage due to their daughter. Dewan even posted pictures of the two having their faces painted on by their daughter. The source went on to say that ‘Gambit,’ ‘Smallfoot,’ ‘Dear John,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Step Up,’ and ’21 Jump Street,’ actor, Tatum, and Dewan have all their focus on their daughter and just like other couples, they had arguments and disagreements but at the same time they made sure that didn’t affect their daughter. Even while at odds with another they made sure to give her the love and attention she was worthy of. Before the separation, Tatum was making family time his priority in the months leading up to it and he even refused to take roles to be with his family more. The source didn’t forget to reveal that there were no fights between the two but they just drifted apart slowly.

Facts to know about the Dewan’s husband

He Loves His Fans

Channing Tatum has his own brand of vodka known as ‘Born and Bred’. His vodka idea came sometime around or before 2017 and to promote the brand, the actor delivered bottles to his fan in Los Angeles. Whoever ordered ‘Born and Bred’ vodka would get it right on their doorstep. There was a time he posted on Facebook that he had fun freaking people on a certain weekend and that he was helped by Saucey to deliver ‘Born and Bred’ Vodka to the people of Los Angeles. He also thanked all his fans who welcomed him into their homes and bought his drinks.

Jenna Loves His ‘Magic Mike’ Moves

It’s common knowledge that Tatum’s character in ‘Magic Mike’ is a reflection of his past when he was a stripper as a teenager. The actor told ‘A.V. Club’ that the movie was not a biopic but a kind of experience he got. The only facts that the movie got right were the parts about the fact that he was 18 years, that he had a sister and that he dropped out of college. He admitted that he was with multiple women when he was a stripper, even going on to sat said that he wasn’t with anyone at the time because it was an occupation one could not have when they were monogamous. His wife loves the fact that she married a stripper.

His Rise To Fame Wasn’t Easy

Tatum’s first gig was for Ricky Martin’s video for ‘She Bangs,’ and the actor got paid $400 dollars after shooting for seven days. It didn’t end there for him, although he was cut from his first movie. He played a church boy in Steven Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds’ but that role soon ended up being cut from the film. The actor also said that before his big break on ‘Step Up,’ that he was humiliated by the auditions and hoped that it wouldn’t see the light of day.

He co-starred with his wife in 10 years

The couple played married partners in 10 years. In the movie, Tatum’s character goes to the reunion and comes across his ex, depicted by Rosario Dawson. The couple had an enjoyable time on the set and according to Tatum, they felt playful and they were just playing. It was just about going to set and playing.

His net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Channing Tatum has a net worth of $50 million dollars. He has made his net worth by performing in movies and televsion shows including: ‘Gambit,’ ‘Smallfoot,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Dear John,’ ‘Step Up,’ and ’21 Jump Street.’

No man gets into marriage hoping someday he will divorce his wife and Tatum has tried hard to save his marriage. You can never tell what is happening in a home so you shouldn’t judge anyone, especially Channing Tatum.