Jaz Sinclair Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Justice Smith’s Girlfriend

Jaz Sinclair is an actress and the girlfriend of the famed actor Justice Smith. She’s been in films such as ‘Paper Towns.’ Be sure to check out her Twitter page and learn more about her, including some intriguing facts about her net worth.

Who is Jaz Sinclair?

Jasmine Sinclair Sabino was born on July 22nd, 1994 but she is more commonly known as Jaz Sinclair. She is an American film and television actress best known for playing Angela in the film ‘Paper Towns’ and for her role as Anna in ‘When the Bough Breaks’. In 2013, Sinclair appeared in the two episodes of HBO’s documentary series ‘Masterclass’ and in 2014, Sinclair played the role of Kim Carson in just one episode of NBC’s ‘Revolution’. Sinclair also appeared as Tasha Williams in the three episodes of TNT’s ‘Rizzoli & Isles’. In 2015, Sinclair portrayed the part of Angela in the comedy-drama film ‘Paper Towns’, along with Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne. The film was an adaptation of the novel of same name that was authored by John Green. In 2016, Sinclair appeared as Anna who is a surrogate mother, in the thriller film ‘When the Bough Breaks. ‘When the Bough Breaks’ was directed by Jon Cassar and it was released on September 9, 2016 by Screen Gems. Sinclair recently appeared in the comedy film, ‘Fun Mom Dinner, an American comedy film directed by Alethea Jones, from a screenplay by Julie Rudd. In 2018, Sinclair will appear as Chloe in the supernatural horror film ‘Slender Man’. ‘Slender Man’ will be released in theaters on August 24, 2018.

She is the girlfriend of Justice Smith

The ‘Into Dust’ actress Jaz Sinclair is studying at Dallas University but she is not a regular college student as her movies and television series occupy most of her time. The dusky skinned actress is officially off the market as she is dating her ‘Paper Towns’ co-star Justice Smith. There was a great on-reel chemistry between them which sparked rumors of them being together in real-life too. But how true are these rumors? Are they really involved with one another? ‘There is no smoke without fire’, which in case means the duo have been in a relationship for some time now. They do spend a lot of time together and Jaz praises Smith often for his work as he is still relatively new to the film industry. All these signs point towards a new love story. The couple haven’t officially announced their relationship publicly, but they’ve been spotted together many times out and about around town.

A pic from her Instagram account

Reel-life couple of ‘Paper Towns’ are Real-life couple too

The duo were interviewed about their experience on working on ‘Paper Towns’ and they were more than happy to reveal some interesting tidbits about the movie and their co-stars. When asked about their opinion on bringing such a beloved book on to the big screen Jaz Sinclair replied that the experience was emotional and sometimes very hectic. She went on to say that she had no idea that it would be such a big deal until it was cast. She added that immediately after the official announcement of the cast, their fan following sky rocketed and this astonished them. Sinclair went on to say that it felt good that people were excited about their new venture. Justice Smith replied that he was very excited to learn he had been cast in the film and that he was very excited to be working with Sinclair once again. The next question was about their feelings on John Green being so accessible during the filming. Sinclair replied that she felt a lot of freedom while filming and that the energies as well as the dynamic of the film were well accepted by both John Green and his wife Angela. She said that Green was always happy and supportive of her choices and that he trusted his co-stars to portray their characters well. John Green went on to say, “You know these characters more than I do because you’ve lived them. You’ve had to get into their day-to-day consciousness.” After hearing this from john, Justice Smith not only felt happy but also enlightened as he could take it further his way. Sinclair said that they were not going to solve a mystery in the film because their characters were quite predictable especially if you’ve already read the book. The best part was that Green did not fuss over every minute detail. They were both allowed to play the characters their way which they both loved and very much appreciated. . Sinclair added that the script was great, the story and the characters were great too and the icing on the cake was that the director wasn’t too fussy about a particular style. He let them act out their character quite naturally and any extra output only looked authentic. Justice Smith was quick to appreciate his co-star saying that although there was very little in the book about how Angela behaved or said things, Sinclair did a fine job of portraying her character.

Net worth of the actress

The net worth of Jaz Sinclair is estimated to be around $3 million dollars.

Jaz Sinclair interacts with her fans on her Instagram page @jaz_sinclair. This is her official Instagram page where she uploads her personal photos and photos from her movies.