55 Flirty Ways To Text Your Crush They Won’t Be Able To Resist

It’s complicated to text your crush for the first time since you are nervous about their response. Try these ways to attract your crush towards you.

These are few ways that will make your crush irresistible to yourself

There are numerous ways you can kick-start a conversation and turn on your crush of which I have selected few of the specials that you will love to use and know.

How To Commence A Good Conversation With Your Crush?

Thinking whether to send a text to your crush is burdensome. Although social media has allowed us to connect to the whole world, it is still one of the toughest jobs to talk with your crush. What should you do? What and how should you text? What if he/she doesn’t respond? These are few of the many questions that popover in your mind while thinking about him/her.

Things To Remember Before Giving A Text To Your Crush

The very first thing you should have is his/her number, and well, it is the most important. You can ask for the number directly from your crush, or you could get it through your friends, but it would be rude or creepy.

Next thing to remember is to get it right in the first text itself. It goes with the saying, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” Opt for something you did with your crush recently. It could be a movie, a visit to the park, a nature visit or anything which you can use as an icebreaker towards the first conversation to kickstart the chat.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Text Messages To Your Crush

These are few do’s and don’ts that apply to pretty much any and every medium. If you are using WhatsApp, Facebook or text messages on your phone, you can make use of these outstanding tips to bring a smile onto their face and not make them feel annoyed.

The Do’s To Text Your Crush

1) The Joke Spree

Well, jokes will undoubtedly bring a smile on their faces. Why not use it to your leverage? You can text few jokes in between your chat messages to keep the atmosphere light and to break the ice.

2) Gender Bender

Its 2017 and people are approving equal rights for both genders. Bend the gender rules by asking something about a TV show dominated by male/female viewers or something out of the box.

3) Do fun with emojis

Emojis and emoticons are the new way to chat with your crush. This is why they made it to the category of ‘Do’s,’ however, do not overdo it since it is annoying if overdone.

The Don’ts To Text Your Crush

1) Constant text messages

What do you do when someone is not replying? Some people would restrain themselves from constantly texting since the recipient could be busy or something, but some people resort to sending tons of texts to get the reply.

2) Don’t Get Serious Upfront

You just made him/her or just exchanged your number just to impress your crush. By sending them emotional or serious text messages, you would turn them down since you can’t do it in the very first conversations.

3) Don’t Pretend

As the saying goes by, ‘If you say the truth, you won’t have to remember anything.’ It basically means if you lie, you will have to remember the 100 lies you said to protect your identity or act. Pretending you are someone else is the same as lies or even worse.

55 Flirty Ways To Text Your Crush They Won’t Be Able To Resist

1. Hey, sexy
– Now, this is a straightforward compliment to your crush. The word ‘sexy’ is omnipotent and can be said to both a girl or a guy. This is the simplest message you can send to kickstart the conversation with your love interest. Moreover, the simple phrase ‘Hey, Sexy’ isn’t annoying to anyone which means you can stop worrying what if they don’t like it or so. 2. I got Netflix but no one to chill with, would you care?
– The words Netflix and Chill are associated with intimacy. But when it’s about your crush, you can invite him or her over to a Netflix movie that will surely bring a smile on their faces. You can text ‘em on WhatsApp or Facebook to invite your crush for a movie with you.

3. Did you smile when my name pop up on your mobile?
– You can text this message to know what’s on their mind. 4. I made the first move to text; now I expect you to make your first move towards a kiss.
– Now that’s a very raunchy text message you can send your crush on Facebook or WhatsApp or other mediums. It will be hard for your crush to resist the gist of the text. 5. Hey, I can’t recall when we spoke last, we should change that. 6. I would probably wait for a day or two, but I can’t wait long to text you. 7. Last night, I had a weird dream that we were sexting so when I woke up this morning, I decided to make my dream come true. 8. I always wanted to ask you out for a date, but I resorted to texting you beforehand. 9. It’s always fun to text you and flirt, but it makes it difficult to lean and kiss you. 10. Hey stranger, stop being one.
– If you have a crush on someone, you would expect him/her to address you as a known person and not a stranger which feels annoying. This chat message will surely abide by its purpose.

11. Guess which emoji I have placed next to your name? 12. Do you miss me yet? 13. You never text me first. I can’t understand whether you hate me or if you’re trying to play hard too get. 14. I am drunk and little horny and alone. 15. I really suck at starting first-time conversations. Would you try it first? 16. Hey, I just saw the latest picture you uploaded on Facebook. You are looking sizzling hot than ever. 17. I am still single. I thought to let you know in case you were wondering about my relationship status. 18. Where have you been hiding? 19. We will be hanging out tonight, just for your information. 20. Do you have any plans for the coming weekend; because I don’t have any?

21. I don’t have anything to talk about, but still, I want to talk, so. Hey. 22. Wonder what could be better than just getting a text back? An invite to our date. 23. Let’s stop this small talk and start with flirting. 24. I was hovering our various radio stations and came across a song which describes the relationship we have. 25. I am confused whether to use a simple ‘hello’ or a compliment or a pick-up line to commence a conversation with you. Would you care to choose your preference?

27. I have been waiting for this movie to watch such a long time,
– The trick behind this flirty text that you can send to your crush is to figure out which movies he loves and wants to watch. With a little research, you will be able to set up a date for him/her. 28. I was wondering when would you realize that I like you and that you like me too. 29. Choose between you doing your homework or you hanging out with me? 30. Bored? Wanna go out for a crazy adventure?

31. Come over at my place. I got all of your favorites like beer, pizza and me, obviously. 32. Oh my god! You were amazing last night.
– Now, this text would be misleading or say, flirtatious as ever. It could mean anything from a date, movie, or even intimate encounter that you had. 33. There’s a Pikachu at my house. You better come and catch ‘em all. 34. I have an additional ticket to Justice League. Would you be interested in joining me?

35. Let’s play a game. What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite place? What about a date Sunday night?
– The game would indulge your crush to respond to your text messages whenever they receive one. It will surely keep the conversation going. Moreover, in this game of 20 questions, your main question about the date could land up at any spot which means it will surprise them as it pops up. 36. Hey! Would you stop thinking about me! (Text him/her at random).
– This will surely put a smile on their face. So even if they aren’t thinking about you, they will have to. Use it as leverage if you think your crush likes you too.

37. I know you have a busy day, but I want you to include me on your to-do list for today. 38. Listen, you make me feel very . . . 39. My friends become so jealous when I told them about you. 40. I advise you not to waste your energy at work because you will need some later in the night. 41. I found my swimsuit outfit. Want me to try it on? 42. I am trying to sleep but I can’t because I can’t stop thinking about someone. 43. Now that I sent you the text first, I will be staring towards the phone obsessively waiting for a beep sound. Don’t keep me waiting though.

44. I am filling up a scrapbook about my love life, want to be included in it? 45. You remind me of a box of chocolates because I want to take that top off. 46. I was great to see you at the event. We should definitely run into each other much often. 47. At Barista, can’t study anymore. Save me?! 48. Think about what went right between us? Now come over. 49. Good Morning!
– A normal and simple text can make him/her smile throughout the day. Moreover, it will be great if you wish them beforehand so that they would think about you the whole day. Being annoying by sending tons of text at once is a complete no. 50. Of all my friends, no one is eager to watch Riverdale. Would come over?

51. You are too funny!
– Use it instead of texting LMAO, LOL, ROFL because it will give you an edge over others trying to hit on your crush. 52. I just clicked some raunchy pics. I can’t upload it on Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram, do you want to see them, by any chance. 53. I think I should delete Tinder now because I found guy/girl I always wanted and he/she is reading this text now. 54. Are you hungry? Because I am starving, but no one would come to get Chipotle with me. 55. I forgot my pick-up line, would to care if I asked you why you are so beautiful?

To Conclude…

Love is an overwhelming and beautiful feeling that one needs to have in their lifetime. These are few tips that can make your day great may it be the first conversation between you and your crush or a new chapter in your relationship with your partner. Always cherish life and what it has given. Complaints don’t make things work properly, but efforts do.