Brian Dawkins Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Former American ‘Football Safety’

Get to know more about the former Eagles football safety, Brian Dawkins. Below are some facts about him, including his net worth.

Who is Brian Dawkins?

Every football player would love to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; but Brian Dawkins is actually closer after he was elected by the Hall members. He is proud to be in the HOF class and his height has been helpful in his career. Dawkins played as football safety for Clemson University before the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles drafted him in 1996. He earned his net worth playing for Eagles for 13 seasons and three seasons for the Denver Broncos. Probably you don’t know much about Dawkins! The 44-year-old Dawkins grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, the same place he was born in. He met his wife in high school. When Dawkins was studying at William M. Raines High School, he met Connie Kerrin and they fell in love. Kerrin was a majorette while Dawkins played basketball and football as a football safety. They both graduated in 1992. Afterward, Dawkins moved to Clemson University in South Carolina. He was playing for the Clemson Tigers football team as their football safety as usual. Clemson University established honored the player by awarding him with the Brian Dawkins Lifetime Achievement Award.

Being elected to the Hall of Fame

It was announced on Saturday last week that Brian Dawkins had been voted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s now official that he is in the HOF class of 2018. The football safety was joined by Terrell Owens who played for the same team, the Eagles from 2004 to 2005. Dawkins had been voted Eagle’s Defensive MVP five times. He was also the first player in NFL history with an interception, sack, fumble recovery and touchdown catch in a single game which the Eagles were playing the Houston in 2002. Other members of the HOF class of 2018 are the wide receiver Randy Moss, Jerry Kramer, a lineman, and Ray Lewis who was a linebacker. Others were linebackers Brian Urlacher and Robert Brazile as well as the general manager and personnel administrator Bobby Beathard. Just like Dawkins, Lewis terrorized his opponents from the center of the field while Moss and Owens did the same defenses from their rival teams from the outside. Lewis size and height made him look like a giant on the field and he built a good net worth from his career.

Facts about the football safety

He was snobbed from HOF class of 2017

The legendary Eagles football safety was hoping to be named in the HOF class of 2017. Later on, Dawkins posted on Twitter that nothing changed the fact that he was blessed by the best and appreciated the love from his fans. From the tweet, it was clear that he wouldn’t be named that year. Dawkins was named the semifinalist for the HOF in mid-November of 2016 alongside Terrell Owens. Owens didn’t make it as well in the 2017’s class. Then Dawkins was named one of the 15 finalists in early 2017. The members of the Hall sat down around the table for over nine hours. They were probably deciding why Brian Dawkins should not be on the list.

He posted on Twitter that Eagles will win the Super Bowl

The Eagles fans watched Dawkins play for the team as a football safety for 13 years and now he was with them supporting the team. Dawkins is very hopeful that his team will beat New England Patriots for the Super Bowl LII. He also stated that Philadelphia will have the biggest celebration after the win. Dawkins was just getting warmed up for the August announcement for the HOF award and showing the Eagles fans what they meant to him. He posted on Twitter that he was aware that his heart was huge and was emotional about the win, just like he felt playing for his two teams.

2017 was his year

Even though he was not on the HOF class of 2017, the year was good for Dawkins; in different perspectives – one about his status and the other about his team. Dawkins was listed among the 108 modern-era nominees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and joined former Eagle players like Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, Randall Cunningham, Sean Landeta, Terrence Owens, Donovan McNabb, Dick Vermeil and Ricky Watters. It was in the same year that Eagles moved up nine spots up on the NFL ranking to position 10. Dawkins was very proud that his team was rising once again.

He was interested in scouting

After his playing contract was over and he retired, he started doing some scouting for the Eagles off and on. He had thought about doing it a few years back and as he transitioned out of the game, he never thought that he would be doing TV. He also did some coaching for the team and loved to make some engaging conversations with the players.

There are always some hilarious memes about him

The football safety is celebrated from all over the world. Some fans create hilarious memes that praise him. One of them is that Brian Dawkins is the only person Chuck Norris fears and another one is that he once won a game of tic tac toe in just a single move.

Brain Dawkins’s net worth

Dawkins has a net worth of $18 million. He has made all his net worth from playing and coaching at the NFL.

Dawkins is more than happy after being voted at this year’s HOF class. We are also hoping that his team will win the Super Bowl.