Livia Giuggioli Wiki: Age, Net Worth & Facts About Colin Firth’s Wife

How does the wife of Colin Firth make money and how is her marriage? Take a look at Livia Giuggioli’s biography, career, and married life.

1. Who is Livia Giuggioli?

She was born on 4th September 1969 in Rome, Italy. The Italian film producer met her husband, Colin Firth, in Columbia in 1995 when she was an assistant in the production of ‘Nostromo’. She is still married to the actor and the couple has two sons. Her estimated net worth is $1.7 Million and her height is slightly below her husband’s (6’2”). Together with Ivon Coulson and her brother Nicola Giuggioli, they started a shop and consultancy which promotes eco-friendly products- Eco Age. Livia has a blog for Vogue Magazine where she talks about green fashion. On her Twitter account, she promotes a lot of stuff and posts photos which include her husband. Read on to get an overview of her wedding, marriage, and career details.

2. Livia Giuggioli and Colin Firth wedding

The Italian film producer married Italian Colin Firth on June 21, 1997. As soon as they started dating, Colin Firth decided to take Italian lessons and today, he speaks the language fluently. Firth‘s wife is Italian and perhaps that’s the reason why the power couple had their wedding in Italy where they also own a house. Italy is one of the most romantic wedding locations and this couple chose Città di Pieve which is a small, beautiful town in Umbria. The narrowest street in Italy is found in this town- Vicolo Baciadonna (its literal meaning is ‘kiss woman’). It is said that Italian men used to woo their ladies in this narrow street.

3. Livia Giuggioli’s marriage life

She has two sons: Luca Firth and Matteo whom she gave birth at the age of 31 and 33 respectively. Colin Firth once told the Daily Mail Reporter that he is totally committed to his wife and that he would never cheat on her. He said that she is the most beautiful woman alive. If you look at this couple’s photos, you can tell they are totally crazy for one another. Livia married this handsome actor who won an Oscar for the role he played in ‘The King’s Speech’. We all know that fame comes with attention but the British actor affirms that he only has eyes for Livia. As a matter of fact, he says that the beauty of his wife makes him ward off advances from his female fans. He can only think about his gorgeous Livia even when he sees another beauty. While her husband excelled in Oscar awards for his role in The King’s Speech, Livia continued to raise the height of her profile on the red carpets with ethical and eco-friendly styles. The eco-store owner is best known for wearing dazzling and recycled dresses designed by Gary Harvey, a British designer. Indeed, their marriage is an exception in Hollywood and you can tell from their beautiful photos. They have made it 20 years together which is an outstanding achievement in Hollywood. Livia makes sure that she spends enough time with her husband to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

4. The career life of Collin Firth’s wife

Livia first got interested in eco-friendly fashion in 2009 when she traveled to Bangladesh with Lucy Seigle. Her greatest inspiration is how the green fashion impacts the lives of people even in far off places. She focuses on fighting fast fashion and cheap clothes which are depleting Mother Nature’s resources. She highly recommends that people should not shop on impulse without thinking about the environment. She says that buying a dress for just one occasion is unsustainable and it is a way of depleting resources from a greater height. She is the creative director of this company while her brother is the CEO. Eco Age attracts a broad spectrum of clients in the corporate and fashion world. Then, in 2009, Colin Firth’s wife established the world’s renowned GCC (Green Carpet Challenge) together with Lucy Siegle. GCC incorporates both ethics and glamour to raise awareness on eco-friendly fashion. Later in 2011, Livia Firth and Annie Lennox inaugurated The Circle Initiative. This is an Oxfam group comprised of women whom Livia has traveled with to such countries as Bangladesh, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. To raise the profile of this initiative, she has also hosted a number of events in London. A unique exhibition (Green Cut) was formed in 2012 whereby the GCC teamed up with American Express. 8 seminal fashion designers created a selection of stunning attires which followed the GCC standards. In the same year, Livia Giuggioli got the ‘UN Leader of Change Award’ courtesy of her GCC movement. The GCC brand mark was launched in March 2013. Gucci joined the initiative in launching zero deforestation bags which were designed in Amazon leather. In 2014, she was accorded the Rainforest Alliance Award as well as the Honorary Award from National German Sustainability Foundation. Today, Livia Firth is an ambassador of Oxfam Global, living in London with her family. Oxfam is an international organization that supports human rights and aims at ending poverty. The Circle comprises of influential women who empower vulnerable women living in poverty. The Circle gets resources to empower these women through fundraising and campaigns. All the above contribute to her net worth, not to mention the support he gets from her husband.

5. Livia Giugioli, the documentary producer

Her career started when she produced a documentary, directed by Marc Evan which won International Human Rights Awards in 2007 in Geneva. That is how Giuggioli rose to fame. In the same year, Livia and Nicola Giuggioli, her brother, founded Eco Age which is a consultancy company that helps businesses attain higher growth and increase in value through sustainable solutions. The Italian film producer has successfully created four documentaries. Among them is The True Cost which talks about the impacts of fashion on Earth. In 2015, she made an appearance in The True Cost documentary by Andrew Morgan where she was also the executive producer. Her other documentaries include Ama-2016, In Prison My Whole Life-2007, and Un Sogno fatto in Sicilia- 2000. The most successful documentary was The True Cost which is available on Netflix and was screened during the Cannes Film Festival.

6. Facts about Livia’s husband, Colin Firth

He was born Colin Andrew Firth on 10th September 1960 in Hampshire, England. He is a professional actor whose films have garnered over $3billion across the board from 42 releases. His height is 6’2” and his estimated net worth is $25 million. Previously, Colin Firth had dated two women- Meg Tilly and Jenniffer Ehle. He was once married to Meg Tilly but they divorced in 1994. The two have one son- Willam Joseph Firth.

7. Colin Firth career life

Colin demonstrated his talent in acting at the age of 14 and that’s when he dropped his college education in order to pursue his dream. He went to London when he was 18 years old and joined the NYT (National Youth Theatre). The NYT helped him to secure employment at wardrobe department in 1979 and later joined the acting school in London Drama Centre. In 2011, he won an academy award for ‘King’s Speech’ as the best actor. Before that, he took various roles in TV movies and miniseries. For instance, he appeared in Shakespeare in Love in 1996 which was very popular. He also starred in different box office films. Colin appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011 and told people how he met the Italian film producer who was to become his wife. He mentioned that the two were Nostromo, a BBC series which he made in 1995. Livia was the assistant producer of the film. This was in Columbia, Cartagena. Firth’s net worth can be attributed to his acting in TV and theatre films. In his career, he has won quite a number of awards including Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe Award, among others.

8. Defining moments of Colin Firth and his wife

Their first momentous event was, of course, their wedding. June 21st 1997 will forever be engraved in their hearts when they both said ‘I do’. Nobody forgets their wedding day. The other unforgettable moment the couple had was in March 2011 when they dined with William and Kate (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) at ARK charity event. At the 2011 Oscars, Livia Firth wore a gown that constituted eleven pieces from vintage dresses, designed by Gary Harvey. This was different from dressing photos that never appear again on the red carpets. Livia thus did something special for the Oscars. Some pieces of the dress were damaged to a small extent such as torn nets and stains. But Gary Harvey was able to remove the flaws and create a wonderful dress. Considering her height, the dress was neither too short nor too daring. It is during this event that his husband won the Best Actor Award in the King’s Speech. At another remarkable moment, the couple arrived in style in Cannes in their magnificent hatch. They brought out an exquisite display as they disembarked the docked yacht on Riviera. The handsome couple dressed in style and as they stepped out of the luxurious Sunligner, their sunglasses shined in the Friday morning. Their photos were all over the internet…breathtaking

9. Eco Age

Livia and Nicola Giuggioli are the co-founders of Eco Age which started as a shop in London and continued as a brand consultant company which helps businesses to adopt green products. If a brand meets the goals of Eco Age, it is awarded a GCC brand mark. The Eco Age store in London closed in 2011; it was transformed into an office. The GCC was initiated in 2009 during the movie award season. This is the same period of time when Colin Firth got the awards for the roles he played in ‘Tom Ford’s A Single Man’. Livia walked on the red carpet with a sustainable fashion and she said it was inspired by Lucy Siegle. The event was successful and gave her confidence as she walked and took photos on the red carpet with her husband.

10. Conclusion

Sometimes back, sustainability was considered invincible. But Livia Firth is inspiring fashion designers today from the implementation of new techniques, use of recycled fabrics, and the making of embellishments. She has proven that sustainable fashion is easier and improves livelihoods to a greater height. She hopes to assist more businesses reach a greater height through sustainable growth models because sustainability is the way of life. Most consumers don’t understand the full concept of sustainable lifestyle. Some people roll eyes if you mention the idea of sustainable fashion. But Livia clarifies the matter and says that sustainability is an all-encompassing lifestyle from behavior, healthy business model, proper treatment of employees, and other facets of life besides carbon footprints. It is a way of making profits in a decent way. Sustainability looks into the future and this is the best way to move forward. Since the fashion world depends on raw materials and manpower, unless people respect the Mother Nature, nothing will be left for the future generations. Giuggioli gives numerous sustainable ideas and wants to see them come to reality; that’s why wins respect wherever she goes. She is successful in all facets of her life from marrying a famous actor with a net worth of $25 million to making her own name through Eco Age.