Blac Chyna’s Boyfriend Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Mechie

You are about to know more about the Mechie, who is Blac Chyna’s boyfriend. Below are facts you ought to know about him and about the sex tape.

Mechie: Blac Chyna’s rumored boyfriend

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Blac Chyna has been one kind of woman who has attracted controversy throughout her career to make a living. She is a socialite, a mother, and a mogul who reaps from attention, and she knows how to get it. Chyna first dated Young Money rapper, Tyga and after some issue drama here and there, they called it quits. Tyga went ahead to date Kylie Jenner. Probably as retaliation, Blac Chyna went to date Rob Kardashian, the half-brother of her ex-boyfriend’s now-former girlfriend, Rob Kardashian. Both relations were never to last forever, as everyone expected, and there was a point when there were a lot of fierce exchanges and court cases between Chyna and Rob that extended to Twitter and Instagram. After the legal battle, the whole weight fell on Rob and Chyna carried the day. The socialite and Reality TV star accused Rob of porn-revenging on her and from the court ruling, she acquired the custody of their daughter. After all the controversy, Chyna drove along to finds and pick any potential celebrity. Her pick was Mechie, a rapper and singer who is aged 24. That got people wondering who Mechie is and how he got onto that high profile status. There is a sex clip of Chyna that made rounds on February 19, and everyone has been wondering who the boy with her was. It came to be discovered that it was Mechie. From that point, Mechie has been an instant hit on the web and blogs are trying to get answers that Blac Cyhna’s fans are asking. The rapper and singer who is aged just 24 is still a mystery and not many know for how long they have been dating and others questioned whether Mechie was Blac Chyna’s boyfriend or he just got a moment to ride her and take a video. But sources have proved beyond doubt that Mechie is Chyna’s boyfriend. However, not much is known about him. The rapper and singer was born in 1993 in Washington D.C., and Mechie is just his stage name. His real names are Demetrius Harris. Mechie joined the R&B group, 4EY The Future around 2010. The group consists of singers and rappers and they make their net worth by performing on events.

Mechie caught Blac Chyna’s attention as a rapper

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The group released a song in 2015 titled “Scoot Ova” and it was a hit song on YouTube and it spanned a dance craze. Some dancers made their own videos of the song and posted the versions to Soul Train’s website and One of the key members of the group was Mechie and much credit went to him. That’s how Mechie rose to fame and attracted Blac Chyna’s attention. The group appeared at the BET Experience, My Fox DC, the Verizon Center and WPCG CBS Local. Hey also showed up at the Washington Wizards game. Mechie started making a name for himself by hosting parties in his area and then started curtain raising for top rappers like Meek Mill and Rick Ross and made a little net worth. Another popular artist that Mechie has been associated with is the singer Chrisette Michelle. Both Mechie and Mitchell had been in one band once in their lives and performed together. Mechie is also an internet sensation and his funny vine clips are viewed all over the world. The rapper and singer loves dancing as well and when he’s free, he enjoys chatting with his friends. To prove that he is an internet sensation, Mechie has over 300k followers on Instagram and over 100k followers on Twitter. Her fanbase is growing every minute and you can hardly find the same number of followers every day. The fans continue to grow as Mechie posts more vine videos or none. If you decide to peep into his Instagram account, you will find that most of his body is covered up with different tattoos and he relates well to the band members. Mechie at his age of 24, has so many ways of making his life fun-filled. Some of them are performing with his band, posting some hilarious memes and vine videos, and also hold all those assets Blac Chyna has. Rob Kardashian is probably now sleeping stresses up knowing that the mother of his daughter has a man making her happy. Rob still loves Chyna and he has been trying to take her back.

Mechie and Blac Chyna’s sex tape

All eyes are on Black Chyna and her rumored boyfriend, Mechie after he sex tape leaked. The fans of both stars are becoming more curious every day and to make it even worse for Mechie, he admitted it is him who is with Blac Chyna on the sex tape. The video made rounds on Twitter as well as other sites, and it is still trending. Most of Chyna’s fans think that Mechie is responsible for the leak and the buzz surrounding the whole story is directed towards Chyna’s boyfriend Mechie. The rapper and singer, Mechie, however, has come out to defend himself saying that he is not responsible for the leak and that the video was in Chyan’s phone. Mechie said that he never received the copy and the last place he saw the video before it leaked was in Black Chyna’s phone and he was just as surprised just like everyone else to see the video online. The video shows a nude Blac Chyna with all her ‘glory’ doing oral sex on her boyfriend, Mechie. Mechie has even admitted that it was him who filmed the video in July 2017, but whoever leaked it is not yet known despite fingers being pointed at Mechie and all people can do is just guess. According to other reports, Chyan has armed herself with a team of lawyers to get to the bottom of the matter and know who is responsible for the leak. Chyna’s boyfriend claimed that he was pissed with the ordeal as well and people are expecting Chyna and her boyfriend Mechie will join forces and try to get the person who did that.

Rob might be the one who shared the video

According to the Daily Mail, Blac Chyna suspects her former beau, Rob since he had posted an intimate video of them on his Instagram last year. Her lawyer Moses Mosley revealed that they had turned the matter to the police to investigate. Another lawyer of hers, Lisa Bloom, posted on Twitter that revenge-porn was a type of domestic abuse and added that it wasn’t a laughing matter despite all the jokes and mockery it attracted from social media users. Lisa stated that revenge porn was posting explicit photos without the permission of everyone involved and it was a crime, a civil wrong and also a form of domestic abuse. She also pointed out that it was a way used to slut-shame women for having sexual feelings and revealed that there were cases of girls taking their lives because of revenge porn and so it wasn’t a joking matter. Mosely, however, cleared the air and said that it was too early to declare the video leak as revenge porn since the source of the video had not been identified.

Facts to know about Mechie, Blac Chyna’s boyfriend

Kardashian revealed about him

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It is Rob who revealed about Mechie on Instagram. He was brutally honest about him in his comments not being there for her daughter Dream and her unfaithfulness and posted a video of them making out on his Instagram. He stated in the caption that Chyna sent him the video of her and her boyfriend Mechie making out. Rob also stated that Chyna had slept with him before he slept with Mechie three days later with their daughter in the house and the bed that Rob bought. Rob continued his rant on his ex, claiming that he slept with her without protection and he would go and get tested because he thought Chyna was cheating on him when they were together. He had seen Chyna with eight different men in less than a month. However, it’s not clear if his claims were valid.

He hinted at relationship with Chyna before it went public

Between the wrangles and feuds of the Kardashian clan and Blac Chyna, Mechie ‘held the mic a little bit to introduce himself.’ He threw himself into the mix and hinted on his Instagram that he was dating Blac Chyna. After posting a photo that had some clue but many didn’t understand, Mechie posted a video of himself singing, but being a singer wasn’t the problem, the issue was the song he was singing. Mechie was singing SZA’s “The Weekend” a song about side pieces.

He didn’t want to be involved in the feud

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The entertainer was clear when he stated that he didn’t want to be involved with all the drama involving the Kardashian family and his girlfriend, Blac Chyna. Already, photos of him with the model were making rounds online, and he was disturbed by the fact that the photos would ruin his name. The video had already surfaced and he is still wondering how it went out. Mechie said that Rob Kardashian was trying to make a negative point about his ex-lover and by doing so he dragged Mechie also through the mad. He was angry that he looked like he was involved yet he wasn’t at all, and he knew that it would be a career suicide to be caught in the middle of that mess.

He was a vine star before the platform shut down

Outside Mechie’s career as a rapper and a singer, he posts funny memes and photos. Before Vines closed last year in January, he would post clips of himself behaving in a silly way. Among one of his popular ones is when he dunks a basketball over the famous Miami rapper and the CEO of Maybach Music, Rick Ross. Other of his popular vines are of Mechie recording himself with his friends dancing, singing along with artists like Drake and Jeremih and performing with his band.

His net worth

Mechie’s net worth is not clear but he has apparently made something good net worth through YouTube views and he has also rubbed shoulders with some celebrities.

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Mechie is a special kind of guy. He didn’t take advantage of the drama to make a millage in fame. Life is never serious, and Mechie was really smart to avoid the drama. Mechie is only making headlines because he is part of a sex tape that hasn’t been solved yet.