Bailee Madison Boyfriend Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Alex Lange

get to know more about Bailee Madison’s boyfriend, the baseball player Alex Lange. Below are facts about him that you should know.

Alex Lange: Bailee Madison’s boyfriend

If there is a couple that teenagers should emulate right now (after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez), it should be the actress Bailee Madison and her boyfriend, Alex Lange. Lange is a baseball pitcher in Eugene Emeralds. Both couples look almost alike and they are kind of celebs high school kid love to copy regarding style and lifestyle. Madison is still a teenager in her own rights, but at just 18, she is famous for her outstanding performance since she got into acting in 2006. Her boyfriend, Alex Lange, has made a name for himself playing baseball and began his career by playing at Louisiana State University. The like sharing their photos on Instagram. So who is Lange? Lange’s parents are not really revealed, but he was likely born in Riverside, California. Alex Lange is 22 currently and he was adopted when he was a baby. Madison’s boyfriend went to Lee’s Summit West High School in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. As a senior in the school, Lange has announced the Missouri Gatorade Baseball Player of the Year in 2014. Many NCAA Division colleges wanted him to be their student, but Lange chose Louisiana State University. After joining, he became a college freshman in 2015. At his time, he also got a title of the National Freshman Pitcher of the Year which he was crowned by Louisville Slugger and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association. Alex Lange helped LSU to the College World Series and in 2017, it was facing the top-ranked Oregon State. Lange pitched seven innings and allowed just two hits leading to LSU’s victory. The baseball pitcher was selected by Chicago Cubs with the 30th pick, and later on, he signed with the team and was assigned to the Eugene Emeralds. In his first game, he posted a 0-1 win-loss record.

Facts to know about the baseball pitcher

Alex Lange is charitable

Bailee Madison’s boyfriend Alex Lange is in a team they call Team 10 and with the team, Lange made headlines last year for their efforts to help those people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey that caused havoc in Houston, Texas. Lange and his team filled two trucks with supplies from a San Antonio Wal Mart. He was not alone; literally thousands of people showed up to donate. Lange also does charitable work on his own as well. Last year, he spent the Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Bailee Madison, not a romantic vacation but at Valley Presbyterian Hospital with a partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. That shows that Lange and his girlfriend Madison have kind hearts.

He went with his girlfriend to Disneyland for a date

In 2017, Bailee Madison and her boyfriend Alex Lange had a date that most couples dream of. The two lovebirds went to Disneyland and to make the moments memorable, they recorded videos of them and posted on YouTube. They also wanted their fans to know about the fun they had. They got on rollercoasters, grabbed some ice cream, and even posed in Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts. After they got Snow White pins, Lange said that he was literally dating a Disney princess referring to Madison’s role in “Once Upon a Time.” He then asked her if that made him a Disney prince automatically. Madison and Lange were spotted laughing together at a Justin Bieber’s party where he was launching his new T-Shirt lines and raising funds for kids who have cancer. The two seem to have a great time together and they aren’t hiding the great love they have for each other.

Lange is a potential future ace

The Cubs have one of the most awesome front offices in sports and are trustworthy, despite the fact that people have been feeling like the Cubs farm system is entirely depleted. So far, Theo &Co. have done a great job behind the scenes at refilling the Cubs’ pipeline with many talented players. One contributing factor that would go unnoticed is the absence of all the players the team had brought to play in the big league. Lange is part of the most promising prospects in the team and he is among the few stars who can blossom into stars and it’s up to the team management to help him make it through and prepare him for major league baseball.

He celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend

Alex Lange and his girlfriend celebrated his birthday in Florida where Bailee Madison is from and for her it was a special moment for her to be with her boyfriend close to home. Lange shared a cute photo of them together on Instagram and captioned it that it was his birthday week. He also thanked his girlfriend, Bailee Madison for having a good time with him and making him smile. He also posted another photo of the two of them taken by Bailee’s mom, Patti.

His net worth

Alex Lange’s net worth is estimated to be $75,000 while his girl has a net worth of $6 million. Alex Lange has been in the Chicago Cubs and has played major league baseball.

Alex Lange is now into modelling and probably it’s the next hustle for him after playing baseball. The future looks bright for him.