Regina Lasko Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Photo & Facts About David Letterman’s Wife

Regina Lasko is the wife of the famous comedian and TV personality, David Letterman. Find out her net worth, photos, and some interesting facts about her.

Who is Regina Lasko? Get to know David Letterman’s wife

The wife of the retired Late Night TV show host David Letterman is a true wonder woman. Americans got intrigued by her after the 2009 sex scandal involving her husband cheating on her with his co-workers, came up. After the scandal, there were rumors that the two were about to end their relationship but the pair ironed out with Lasko forgetting their differences and forgiving her husband. They have been together since then. Regina Lasko was born in 1960. She is better known as the wife of David Letterman. She is also the product manager who has worked on several shows like ‘Another World’ in 1964, ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1975, and ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ Once during an interview with the Rolling Stones in 2015, Letterman was heard praising his wife’s career saying, “She’s very smart. She worked in broadcasting, so she knows everything I do here. And in addition to being a practical combination, we just have a lot of fun. Harry and I have a lot of fun making fun of her, and she has a lot of fun pretending to be outraged. And I know she’s sick of all my jokes. But she has been excellent company and has readily played along with the nonsense and bizarre stuff that the family has done.” Lasko, along with appearing on her husband’s final Late Night Show, has appeared on TV Shows like ‘Extra’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ They have a son together named Harry Letterman who was born in 2003 in New York. He was named after Letterman’s father. When his son was born, Letterman said on his show, “I could never imagine ever being a part of something that turned out this beautiful.” In 2005, an interesting event occurred in their lives when a plan of kidnapping Lasko’s then 1.5 year-old-son Harry was uncovered. A man named Kelly Frank who worked at Letterman’s ranch was the mastermind behind the plan. His plan was exposed when he tried discussing his plan with an unidentified man for a ransom of $5 million. The man later reported him. Fortunately, Harry was saved from being kidnapped. The net worth of Regina Lasko is unclear but the net worth of her famous husband is $400 million. He gets a salary of $50 million a year. The family lives in a 108-acre hectare ranch in New York.

Regina Lasko’s relationship with her husband

Lasko met Letterman in 1986 while working at his show. They started dating immediately while he was still involved in a relationship with Merrill Markoe. Merrill Markoe was a former Late Night producer and writer. Markoe once spoke about her relationship with Letterman in an interview in 1994, “It’s not like Dave and I have no feeling for each other. That was the nature of our relationship, goofing around.” Lasko and Letterman dated each other for 23 years after which Letterman finally decided to marry her. Their wedding was a low-key affair in a courthouse in Montana. The comedian once joked about his marriage saying, “They say, ‘Well, why did it take you so long to get married?’ and, of course, the answer honestly is we wanted to make sure we had the prenup just right.” After 6 months of getting married, the sex scandal involving Letterman came to light. Halderman threatened to leak his truth to the world if he did not pay him a sum of $2 million. But instead of giving in to the blackmail, Letterman came public with the affair and also apologized to his wife and other co-workers. Lasko was not seen with her husband for some time after the confession and people thought that they would end their marriage. But Lasko forgave him and accompanied him to a red carpet event in 2012.

Interesting facts about Regina Lasko

There are interesting facts about Regina Lasko: * She and Letterman have a son named Harry. They do not have any other children. Letterman was previously married to Michelle Cook from 1968 to 1978. They do not have any children. * Lasko and Letterman’s courtship was for 23 long years after which they tied the knot. * Letterman initially wanted to work well into his 70s. But he decided to retire saying that his priorities have changed after the sex scandal. *Letterman is always found speaking highly of Lasko especially after she forgave him for his cheating. * David Letterman has his official account on Instagram wherein one can see his photos but there are no photos of his wife, Lasko.

The couple has had their ups and downs in the marriage and their relationship did cross a very rocky patch for some time but one cannot ignore how brave Letterman was to apologize in front of the whole world on national TV and it was sweet of his wife to forgive him. May they have a healthy, happy, and a very long married life.