Ashlyn Castro Wiki: About Michael B. Jordan’s Rumored Girlfriend

Get to know all about Michael B. Jordan’s rumored girlfriend, Ashlyn Castro

Ashlyn Castro: Michael B. Jordan’s rumored girlfriend

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Right now, the most trending movie is “Black Panther”. The movie made the African-Americans and the Africans to the core, feel represented. They felt that it was about them so they didn’t want the actors to date outside of race. Yes, some people are crucifying Michael B. Jordan for having a Latina girlfriend, Ashlyn Castro. Some are even threatening to boycott the film. The bottom line is that it is not even confirmed that Jordan is dating Ashlyn Castro. Jordan just went with his alleged girlfriend to a party and Twitter went crazy. People began dissing him on Instagram. 

Who is Michael B. Jordan?

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Michael B. Jordan is a 31-year-old actor born in Santa Ana, California and he has been active since 1999. His mother, Donna is an artist and a guidance counselor at a high school in New Jersey. Jordan’s father is known as Michael A. Jordan. He has two siblings. Jordan and his family moved to the town of Newark, New Jersey where he spent much of his life.

Who is Ashlyn Castro?

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His rumored girlfriend Ashlyn Castro came to the spotlight after it was rumored they were dating. Nothing much is known about Ashlyn Castro, but a Tumblr fan noted that Castro was creeping on Brandon Ingram’s photos on Instagram. If you don’t know who Ingram is, you need to know your basketball! He is a Los Angeles Lakers player. It seems Castro has been after the celebrities and successful men probably to build up her profile. It is speculated that Castro is a model active on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you want to Snapchat with her, you can perhaps search her name there. Jordan has not spoken about the rumor making rounds that Castro is his girlfriend. But shouldn’t he clear the air and respond to Black Twitter about the relationship? Maybe he should.

Facts about Ashlyn Castro

1. She is the reason some people are boycotting Black Panther

After the rumors made rounds that Ashlyn Castro was the girlfriend of Michael B. Jordan, yet she is not black, Twitter went crazy. Some users threatened to boycott the film. Castro had posted a video and photos on her Instagram showing her and Jordan partying together. What made people even madder, was when they discovered that they had spent New Year’s Eve together. The idea of the fans not watching the film was a little bit absurd considering it wasn’t even confirmed if Castro was Jordan’s girlfriend.

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2. Her rumored boyfriend is said not to date black women

People have been paying close attention to Jordan’s dating life and rebelling every woman he has had as his girlfriend, the latest one being Ashlyn Castro. Jordan was also rumored to be gay, but he came out guns blazing stating that he is very straight. The topic of Jordan’s dating choices has been haunting him since the day many of his fans realized that he didn’t date black women. It wasn’t a fact, but speculation as always. Jordan addressed the issue in an interview with GQ and said that people would like one another regardless of their history or culture because it was a new world.

3. Some people defended them on Twitter

One fan on Twitter posted that Serena Williams married a white guy, Rihanna is dating an Arab man but when the black women see a black male celeb having a girlfriend from another race. Another one laughed at the black women banishing Jordan for being in a relationship with Castro, saying that Jordan has been dating white girls almost forever. Another Twitter user, who was from Ghana, posted that everyone was cheering for Meghan Markle, Serena Williams, and Rihanna dating people who were not from their race. But when Jordan did the same, they became mad and outraged, saying that Jordan hated his Momma and loved Castro instead.

4. Castro was accused of not paying rent

Some random girls were throwing shades at Ashlyn Castro on her Instagram. There was one who said that Castro’s family wasn’t bothered about her and never cared if she was alive. But that wasn’t the only post that looked disturbing. Another girl posted that the alleged boyfriend, who of course is Jordan, was a win for her and that Castro was very young for him. Instagram went further to state that Castro was dating the guy so that she would be able to settle her rent. Savage!

5. Her rumored boyfriend’s name has a meaning

Many perhaps thought that the real Michael Jordan inspired Michael B. Jordan’s name, but that’s not the case. For Ashlyn Castro’s rumored partner, it was like a burden in his entire life to have the basketballer’s name. He told Jimmy Kimmel that it was more cons for him than pros and stated that when his father passed him that name, he wasn’t aware what it would cause for him. The “B” in the middle means Bakari, a Swahili name translating to “noble promise”. Now that his father has an “A”, will his son with Ashlyn Castro be Michael C. Jordan?

Castro’s net worth

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Castro’s net worth is unknown. Jordan has a net worth of $8 million which he has made while acting.

In life, you can’t please everyone, and Michael B. Jordan doesn’t have to. If he loves Ashlyn Castro, all those critics throwing shade at him should get busy. Castro and Jordan’s comfort matters more.

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