Why Did Steve Harvey Divorce His Wives? Here’s the Reason

Steve Harvey and His “Wives” Relationships in A Nutshell

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about our man, Steve Harvey yet!

One of the world’s most notable talk show hosts, Harvey has earned his name in a period when not a lot of people from his community were making it big. He did it! He became a star. This can probably be attributed to the fact that he is a complete package: He is an excellent compere, orator and together with that he is an unparalleled comedian. His fame has augmented his net worth and he now has several businesses to his name.

But, there are certain details of Steve Harvey’s life that are not as comic as his personality and TV shows. With stardom comes its price, we say. The star host has been married at least three times and not all of them went well. Some of his wives have come forward with gruesome details of their marriage, while Harvey has time and again defended himself and refuted all horrific claims.

When you are a celebrity, it seems like you lose all right to privacy. You are under the constant limelight for everything that you do. This is what happened to Steve Harvey as well. Let’s read on to find out why his marriages failed.

Steve’s Current and Ex-Wives

Steve Harvey has married three times! Out of these three times, he was not so lucky with the first two.

1. First wife: Marcia Harvey

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Marcia is said to be Harvey’s first love; the woman who came along when the world did not know about Steve Harvey as well as it does now. The two are said to meet at a mutual friend’s home party and the cupid had them. Marcia and Steve were married in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by their closest friends and family after dating for a couple of years.

She happens to be the only wife of Steve’s who has shared very little with the world and did not spew any hatred after the couple’s separation.

Before marrying Steve, she worked at an uptown store following the completion of her undergrad degree. The couple together witnessed all the little joys of life; the two first gave birth to twin daughters and then a son. Theirs was the longest and perhaps the most enshrouded marriage of all three.

2. Second wife: Mary Lee Harvey

Oh boy! Who does not remember Steve’s second wife? The pair shares a son. The two were married for at least 9 years and parted ways sometime in 2005. The two might have been together for a considerable amount of time; they also have the messiest history. The now-divorced couple’s rows went viral over television. Although Harvey had a lesser part in all the vitriol that was made public about their sad marriage, Marcia made sure that she always struck when the iron was hot.

When Steve was reaching the pinnacle of his career as a successful TV host, his former wife was there to smear her estranged spouse’s image. Things got so bad between Mary and Steve that a judge had to express his disappointment in the former very publically. Despite all the financial gains from the divorce, Mary just could not help herself from spitting venom against her ex-husband. The turmoil between the two just proves why divorce was the best way out for Steve.

3. Third wife: Marjorie Bridges

By this time, we are convinced that Steve is always pulled towards women whose names start with M. His third and current wife is a fashion designer, bag stylist, blogger, and a smart entrepreneur: Marjorie Bridges.

It is said that it was Steve Harvey’s bodyguard who had knocked some sense into him to ask Marjorie out because the only time he saw Steve truly happy was when he was with Bridges. The two were married in June 2007 after a brief period of casually seeing one another.

Steve Harvey leaves no stone unturned to praise his current wife. We can all see how happy and proud he is of the woman he has married. During his show and in several of his interviews he admits that it was Marjorie who had helped him out of the depression he was subjected to after the tragic split with Mary and the public defamation that ensued. He even calls her the reason why he is a better person and more capable than before. It does seem like Harvey hit the wifey jackpot when he tied the knot with Bridges.

Reason of Divorce for Each of His ex-Wives

For someone who hosts the Family Feud, Steve has had his own plate full when it came to his family life. The two divorces that he went through, the reasons for both of them seem to be the same. Does it have anything to do with Steve Harvey’s character off-stage as a husband? Or are the two former wives just finding a way out of Steve’s life? Nothing can be said for sure, as you will find out below:

First divorce:

Marcia has been very private when it comes to making appearances and statements. In fact, she was not very well known during her time with Steve; that makes a lot of sense because he worked for an insurance company and had not hit stardom yet. Even later on, no one has any idea where she went and what she is up to now.

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Except for her book named Marcia: Eyes to the Soul, she has never known to talk about her marriage ever again. It is said that Steve’s lack of career and financial stability had put an undue strain on their married life. He gave up all his on-going jobs to focus on building his career as a renowned comedian. This affected his family adversely. Marcia claims that Steve had cheated on her and that this was the last nail in the coffin.

The couple, after having lived together for 14 whole years, decided to part its ways on friendly terms. Not a lot is known about Marcia after the split.

Second divorce

Unlike Marcia, Mary Lee Harvey made sure that her side of the story regardless of its authenticity was made afloat on the media. She went to such great lengths to make Steve get down on his knees that the celebrity host was depressed for several years before he re-married.

Mary claims that Steve had cheated on her by the time their marriage turned two. This claim is similar to what we have heard Marcia say. However, Steve has never hidden how done he was with having Mary around. While there are indications that there is physical abuse of Steve involved at the hands of his second wife, nothing has been proven to date.

Time and again, Mary Lee Harvey has come forward with a toxic mixture of hatred and greed for Steve and his current family. She claims Harvey had instigated their son against her and left her financially handicapped following their marriage and subsequent divorce.

However, the judge who finalized the divorce got wind of Mary’s claims and was taken aback. He reminded Mary of everything she had gained with the divorce.

Steve refers to Mary as Lucifer and refers to the divorce as the best decision he has ever made.

His Current Family

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Steve Harvey has a large happy family that he shares with the current love of his life, Marjorie Bridges. The two are parents to seven beautiful children; four of which are Steve’s progeny from his former wives and the remaining three are Marjorie’s children from her previous marriages.

The couple recently celebrated its 12th year of being together. The Instagram post had us all wishing for the love that the two of them share. It is said that when Harvey was invited to host Trump’s inauguration as the POTUS, it was Marjorie who saved him from being a part of it.

Well, we all deserve a spouse like that. Don’t we?

Steve Harvey’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, Steve Harvey’s total worth amasses to $160 million! He has gathered all this money with his innumerable ventures. He hosts a plethora of TV shows, is an author and has recently jumpstarted his career as a businessman.

All this is inspiring given that he had to stay homeless for three whole years before he finally got a show that made use of his full potential.

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Steve Harvey has had very rocky marriages. Seems like his comedy and art stem from all the tragedies he has been through. Now, a large number of people attend and listen to his talk shows all over the world and seek his advice on matters of life. How apt?

He is presently well settled and in a very happy place with his current partner. We wish the family more joy in the days to come.