Who Is Sean Penn? Wiki, Actor, Net Worth, ‘Mystic River’ And Facts To Know

Get to know more about Sean Penn who is an actor, the father of one son and he’s now a novelist. He’s starred in blockbuster films such as ‘The Gunman’ and ‘Milk.’ Below are facts about him that you need to know including his net worth.

Sean Penn: Talented actor and a new author

We all love Sean Penn and really there’s no reason not too, unless of course, you don’t share the same political views of this multi-talented actor. Penn has been an actor who splits his time between the set and the red carpet and when he’s not part of the cast, he is a member of the crew since his profession, originally, was film making. Penn has been a political activist since in the 1990’s and the actor really makes it more interesting than you can imagine. To prove that the actor has based himself in the industry, he has won two Grammys, and that makes him one of the sought for actors in Hollywood. He’s involved himself in politics by criticizing the George W. Bush administration and also by having direct contact with Cuba and Venezuela’s presidents. Penn also helped in humanitarian work after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and also the Haiti earthquake in 2010. 57-year-old Sean Penn was born in Santa Monica, California in a family of actors and filmmakers. His father, Leon Penn, is an actor and director while his mother is actress Eileen Ryan. His older brother is a recording musician known as Michael Penn and his younger brother was Chris Penn, who died in 2006. His ancestors were Jewish and came from Lithuania and Russia. Penn’s mother is an Italian and Irish descendant and a Roman Catholic. The actor grew up in a secular home and attended Santa Monica High School. He began making short films with the help of his friends from childhood and they included actors like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, two brothers who lived near Penn’s home. He has starred in ‘I Am Sam,’ ‘Mystic River,’ ‘The Gunman,’ ‘Milk,’ ‘Carlito’s Way,’ and ‘Dead Man Walking.’

Hopper Penn: Released from jail

Hopper Penn, who is the son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright was released from prison on April 6. He was arrested and released with Uma Von Wittkamp, an actress, and they are believed to be lovers. A spokesperson from the Sherrif’s Department in Hamilton told ‘People” that Hopper Penn, 24, and Von Wittkamp, 26, were released after both posted $25,000 bond. According to sources, Sean Penn’s son was arrested in Nebraska on Wednesday after he was pulled over for failing to signal. After he pulled his car over, the officer suspected that he was high on something. According to ‘E! News,’ the troopers found 14 grams of marijuana, 3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, and four amphetamine pills. Von Wittkamp, the actress, was charged with two counts of possessing a controlled substance. Penn, on the other hand, was charged with possession of marijuana and a controlled substance. Possessing a controlled substance is a felony, and both stars were booked into the Hamilton County Jail. The felony in Nebraska is punishable up to two years behind bars, a $10,000 fine, or post-release supervision. Hopper Penn is the youngest son of Sean Penn and Robin. The ex-couple also have a daughter, 26-year old, known as Dylan Penn. Hopper Penn starred in 2017’s ‘War Machine’ alongside Brad Pitt. Hopper Penn, Sean Penn’s son, has been struggling with addiction and last year, the actor spoke to ‘The Evening Standard,’ where he spoke about his parents divorce that was finalized in 2010. His spiral apparently began just one month after he relocated to Los Angeles. He got into a skateboarding accident and got injured so severely, that he had to undergo surgery to prevent internal bleeding on his brain. Since then, Penn has admitted to using different types of drugs, one of them being methamphetamine but he sought treatment. He recalled going to rehab because he woke up in the hospital and his dad, Sean Penn asked him to choose between a bus bench or rehab.

Sean Penn has a novel

Some arrived an hour earlier for the big moment and took the closest unreserved seats which were scores of folding chairs lined on the sidewalk and driveway on the outside of D.G. Wills Books in La Jolla. More people were coming in as the set time drew closer, and at 2 p.m. Sean Penn delivered the first public reading of his new introductory novel titled ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ Before Penn could have his way to the stage that giants like Gore Vidal and Allen Ginsberg shared their words with some appreciative audiences in the past years, the seats were already filled and more than a hundred people were peering into the tiny bookshop while standing. Penn began by mentioning that he loved riding in trains and so in his book, there were no chapters, but stations, and read from Station One. The actor explained that his inspiration came from so that he could have that title for his book. He said it was a septic-tank king who dabbled, as a government hitman. The mane and story came to Sean Penn a few years ago before the run-up to 2016 presidential election. ‘I Am Sam,’ ‘Mystic River,’ ‘The Gunman,’ ‘Milk,’ ‘Carlito’s Way,’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ actor said that Bob, the character in his novel, was God’s squared-away individual because he knows how to rise up in the morning and just do stuff. Penn, who like his name without one ’n’ said that he wanted to write a novel for 50 of his 57 tears and read from his book for about 15 minutes and then took pre-submitted questions which were read aloud by his friend from when they were kids. Penn then lit a cigarette and smoked for the rest of the session. There was a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue that had been placed on the counter, but no one touched it. The first question was not about the book though, but his encounter with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to get a Rolling Stone magazine profile. Penn said that it was enormously maligned and he still believes it was an excellent piece. At the time, he said that the US had to pay attention to the demand for the drugs rather than its suppliers.

Penn wasn’t drinking Bob Honey with Jane Smiley in L.A.

Sean Penn was still talking about anything else but his book and it seems that it’s the only that matters to him at the moment. While in L.A., the actor said that writing was similar to acting. That was after his sold-out event where he discussed “Bob Honey Who Just Did Stuff.” The book is selling more because there are no people to judge it and it’s usually not until publication that readers and critics get to share their opinions. The novel has received praises from Twitter and also dressing down from novel critics especially those from The Washington Post and the The New York Times. While at the Live Talks, L.A. event, at Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre in Santa Monica, Penn was with Pulitzer Prize winner and novelist, Jane Smiley and that was a win for him. The actor said that he was grateful that Jane Smiley was talking to him about his book. Smiley said that the reason she loved writing novels was because it’s private and realizes that she said something after the book was published. Penn flirted with her and said that he believed what he said in his book and that that was the exact book he had intentions of writing. Smiley then teased Penn for his 25% sales. Pen then joked that that was better ratio compared to people meeting him. In the book, Bob Honey assumes that everyone is wrong except him and Penn relates to that stating that he is infinitely capable of considering that. The actor’s aspirations had been long-simmering until he reached a point where his creative control of writing went beyond his collaboration and the cost that he incurs when film making. In an interview, Penn said that there was something in him that meant he had to work harder to ignite the others. He also said that a sense of humor was more idiosyncratic than tragedy and offered smiley as the maker of a comic and brave undertaker. The book might make him a better net worth than his last role in a movie.

Facts to know about the actor and his net worth

Entertaining is in his genes

Just like it was mentioned above, the twice-Academy award-winner was born in Santa Monica, California. That’s not the issue but the fact that he was born into a family of actors. His mother is an actress while his father is an actor and director. Penn’s older brother, Michael Penn, is a successful musician and composer. His youngest sibling, Chris Penn, was a prominent actor who starred in movies like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Footloose.’ Sadly, Chris Penn succumbed to heart disease in 2006.

He preferred to raise his children in Marin County

The ‘I Am Sam,” ‘Mystic River,’ ‘The Gunman,’ Milk,’ ‘Carlitos Way,’ and ‘Deadman Walking,’ actor chose to move to Marin County which is on the north side of San Francisco. According to the actor, he chose to do so for the sake of raising his children away from the Hollywood system. Whatever he was trying to do, he must have been very disappointed with himself after his son got into drugs.

Penn is the man

Sean Penn was the husband of Madonna and after they got divorced, the actor married Robin Wright. He and Wright have two children together, a daughter, Dylan Francis and their second born is their son, Hopper Jack Penn. He divorced Wright in 2010 after several filings and withdrawal of divorce processes. His last partner was Charlize Theron, and after dating for a year, they got married in December 2014 and divorced in 2015.

His net worth

Sean Penn has accumulated a net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has built his net worth from movies and TV shows like ‘I Am Sam,’ ‘Mystic River,’ ‘The Gunman,’ ‘Milk,’ ‘Carlito’s Way,’ and ‘Dead Man Walking.’

Even though Sean Penn is getting older, we can’t get enough of him and we still love watching him.