Who Is Adria Arjona? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Adria Arjona who is a movie and TV actress. Below are facts about her that you probably didn’t know and her net worth.

Adria Arjona: Pacific Rim Uprising actress

Every fan of Adria Arjona was anticipating for the premiere of “Pacific Rim Uprising which was released on 23rd of this month. Arjona was not in the other film, “Pacific Rim,” and so it was a pleasure to see her appear on the second installment in the sequel. The beautiful actress is of Puerto Rican and Guatemalan descent, and that means if she had missed the bus to Hollywood, she would have become a soap opera actress, most likely, and she would be grooving with Alejandro on screen. Fortunately for her, Arjona, had an opportunity to experience the American life. Adria Arjona began her acting career when she was in America, and so she is an American actress, automatically. But what about Adria Arjona before the fame? 25-year-old Adria Arjona was born in Puerto Rico, but they moved to Mexico City when she was young, and she lived there until she turned 12. Her mother, Leslie Torres is Puerto Rican and her father, Ricardo Arjona is Guatemalan by birth, and he is a singer and songwriter in Latin America. As a child, Arjona used to travel a lot. Her father used to take her along on his tours allowing the actress to experience art, music and the bohemian lifestyle since she came to this world. When she was 12, Arjona moved to Miami and lived there until she was 19. She then went to New York City on her own, and while living there, she worked as a waitress and a hostess as she attended acting classes at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. The actress has starred in movies and TV shows like “Life of the Party,” “The Belko Experiment,” “Pacific Rim Uprising,” “Emerald City,” “True Detective,” and “Anomalous” and made her net worth from performing.

She wore a black gown for the premiere of Pacific Rim Uprising

Adria Arjona is still penetrating through Hollywood, and she hasn’t planted her feet in the industry yet, but the actress still knows how to dress for a red carpet. The Latin actress made her big debut in the film, “Pacific Rim Uprising” and she attended the premiere that went down in Los Angeles wearing a plunging black gown that showed off the supermodel figure she has. With the black Valentino gown had a plunging neckline and a robe silhouette that looked like Grecian. The dress also had cuttings near her midriff and showed a little cleavage. Arjona was dressed by stylist Jamie Mizrahi for the big red carpet debut. To finish the look, Arjona dazzled in a diamond necklace just like a star ought to. Taking her natural beauty to the next level, she just did a spin on Old Hollywood glamour. The makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez added a dramatic a winged liner on both Arjona’s top and bottom lashes. Her cheeks were also contoured perfectly and beautifully in pink, and her lips were made to appear fuller and plumper by nude shade. Then came the hairstylist, Sunnie Brook, who gave Adria Arjona soft and natural waves to match her look for the night.

Facts to know about the movie actress

She almost refused to audition for the movie, Emerald City

When Arjona got a call to audition for the role of Dorothy, she first said no. She thought that they wouldn’t pick her because she was Hispanic and they wouldn’t cast her as Dorothy. She wasn’t ready to learn ten pages and spend two days preparing for the role. However, her manager convinced her that she needed the role and it was worth the time. Arjona made a risk and went to the auditions hoping that they would look beyond colors and labels. She then realized that they just wanted an actress, not race.

The actress loves to exercise

The movie actress usually exercises frequently. Arjona believes that exercise is beneficial to her brain. Her favorite way of meditation is running because it allows her to get out of her head and into her body. Arjona said that whenever she runs, she’s connected to her breathing and she can come up with ideas. She used to go to Snickers bars rather than gyms, and she got into it to lose weight. She hated it at the beginning, but after she started doing intervals, Arjona started seeing the excitement of watching her body changing for the better. It helped her mind master the scripts well.

Arjona loves to meet her fans

The actress remembered when she was at a restaurant, and someone came up to her, and she was just a beautiful girl with her boyfriend. They said Adria Arjona’s name and she told them that she didn’t know them. They said that she didn’t know them, but they did after they saw her on “True Detective.” The fans then asked Arjona to take a selfie with them, and she accepted. They took several selfies, and they took drinks together.

Arjona’s net worth

According to Famous Net Worth, Adria Arjona has a net worth of $600 thousand. She has made her net worth from appearing on movies and TV shows such as like “Life of the Party,” “The Belko Experiment,” “Pacific Rim Uprising,” “Emerald City,” “True Detective,” and “Anomalous.”

Even though she just landed in Hollywood and she hasn’t been there for many years, Adria Arjona has a bright future in showbiz. We have to give her time.