Who Is Kyla Kenedy? Wiki, TV Show, Net Worth, ‘Raising Izzie’ & Facts To Know

Kyla Kenedy is an upcoming American actress who has appeared in the TV show The Walking Dead. Learn more about her including her net worth.

Who Is Kyla Kenedy? Wiki, TV Show, Net Worth, Raising Izzie, and Facts to Know

Kyla Kenedy, best recognized for her character as Mike Samuel in the hit series The Walking Dead, is an American rising actress. She has appeared in several TV shows as well as movies including Raising Izzie, Speechless, Love Is All You Need?, and Reality, among others. She is an upcoming young star who is very sought after.

Kyla Kenedy’s Early Life and Education

Kyla Kenedy was born in Charleston, South Carolina on February 4, 2003. Kyla’s family remains a mystery to us. Her parents named her Kyla Kenedy White and she is of white ethnicity. She has done her best to keep her family away from the probing eyes of paparazzi. However, Kyla resides with her parents in Los Angeles, California. Since Kyla Kenedy is 15 years old, she is still in school. Her school whereabouts are still a mystery to everybody. Nevertheless, Kyla is still new to the world of fame and her parents are lucky to have such a talented daughter.

Kyla’s Personal Life

Kyla Kenedy is an upcoming star who is becoming popular in the acting profession. She is an extrovert who loves indulging in all kind of outdoor activities. She is an animal lover. Kyla spends most of her time in charity work or visiting sick children in hospitals while she is not working or studying. It takes a person with a kind heart to do such a remarkable thing. Kyla Kenedy also loves reading and traveling to new places. She is an active member of both Twitter and Instagram. She has maintained a good reputation in both of her social media profiles. Kyla posts pictures and comments about her films on both Twitter and Instagram.

Kenedy’s Career in the TV Shows

Being renowned at a tender age is everyone’s dream. This is the case with Kyla Kenedy. She started her acting career in the year 2011 when she made her first TV shows series debut in one episode of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). This was the beginning of her net worth accumulation. In 2012, Kyla Kenedy landed another opportunity to appear in three TV shows including The Yellow wallpaper where she portrayed the role of Sarah Wieland. In the film The Stooges, Kyla took the role of Balloon Girl, and in Raising Izzie, she appeared as Izzie. She further had the opportunity to play the role of a young sage in Hidden Away, as Amanda in the film A Gift Horse, and as Reality in the film Reality correspondingly. All the three movies followed each other for three consecutive years. In 2016, Kyla landed another chance to play the character of Emily Curtis in Love Is All You Need?. The sequel to this movie is in the process of being filmed. Apart from her remarkable performance in films, Kyla has also appeared in several TV shows, including Doc McStuffins in 2012 as Lara Jill Miller in the first episode. Doc McStuffins is an animated children’s series in which Kyla provided her vocals. She also appears in the reoccurring film The New Normal as Rebecca in the third episode, The Night Shift as Brianna in episode eight, Dylan Dimeo in Speechless, and in the hit TV show series The Walking Dead as Mika Samuels in several reoccurring episodes. In Speechless, Kyla Kenedy took the leading role.

Kyla’s Awards

Due to her compelling performance in the hit film Raising Izzie, Kyla Kenedy won a Young Artist Award in 2013. The Award was for the Category-Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries, Special, or Pilot-Leading Young Actress.

Facts to Know About Kyla Kenedy

1. Kyla Kenedy is an animal lover. She would like to live on a farm one day. 2. She loves drawing and painting whenever she has spare time. This is her way of escaping reality. 3. She watches small independent films often. 4. She loves music and she cannot live without it. She enjoys all type of music genres. 5. Kyla is a fashion fanatic. Her cats are named after her two favorite designers, Chloe Click and Louis Vuitton. 6. Kenedy is terrified of clowns. 7. She applies vinegar to everything she consumes. 8. She is a huge fan of online shopping. 9. Kyla aspires to major in English Lit and minor in Psychology when she goes to college. 10. When Kyla was younger, she had a southern accent. However, the accent has diminished with time.

Her Net Worth

Bein a very sought-after young actress, Kyla Kenedy has an estimated net worth of $16 million. She has managed to gross such a handsome amount at such an early age due to her compelling performance in both films and TV shows. The Walking Dead and Raising Izzie are among the blockbuster films that have made her net worth increase tremendously. As her fame increases, so will her net worth fortune. The 15-year-old actress seems to be doing just fine by herself. She has managed to create her reputation as a remarkable artist at such an early age. Her net worth will continue to grow as she has a long way to go in the film industry. However, her fans wish she would open up about her personal life since she has kept it a secret. Kyla Kenedy is already a Hollywood star. Who would not wish to be in her shoes?