Who is Hailey Rhode Baldwin, Wife OF Justin Bieber?

6 things you have to know about Hailey and her life with Justin!

Who is Hailey Rhode Baldwin?

The Baldwin family has earned its place in the flashing world of Hollywood. The talent of the four Baldwin brothers in the field of art has left an indelible imprint on their viewers’ minds. Their pleasant persona has won the hearts of millions.

Their second generation is not very different. From the family of the youngest Baldwin brother hails the supermodel Hailey Rhode Baldwin. The young Baldwin is nothing less than her uncles. Her ramp walk, style and charisma are captivating. Besides representing famous fashion labels, she has tried her luck on television as well. All her performances have been unforgettable. Hailey’s shot at the big screen came with Ocean’s 8, a movie in which she played herself.

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Later on, she met and fell in love with the heartthrob, Justin Bieber. After a few years of dating and a yo-yo relationship, the two finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2018, away from the eye of the paparazzi. A year later, they went public about their nuptials and held a large wedding hosting all of their friends and family. Since then, Hailey has proven to be the best wife. She always has Justin’s back and their romantic gestures for one another have raised the bar for many. 

Interesting Facts about Hailey Baldwin

Hailey is very active on Instagram. She posts most of her daily routines and displays all the activities she indulges in. Coming from a very notable family, there is nothing that is not known about the model’s life and interests. However, here are some of lesser acknowledged facts about her that are bound to surprise you:

She inherits musician genes from her maternal side

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Turns out that Hailey’s countless talents are all part of her inheritance. While her paternal side might be well-known for their acting, her maternal grandfather was the renowned Brazilian musician: Eumir Deodato. He was an adept singer and was learned in many instruments. Perhaps, in the near future, we might see Hailey do wonders with her vocal cords especially as her beau happens to be a singer as well.

Diverse ancestry

From her mother’s side, Hailey is Brazilian and Italian. From her father’s end, she is French, German, Irish and Scottish. We can now clearly see the reason for her amazing built, attractive accent and a charming personality. She enjoys the best of both worlds!

Modelling was not her goal

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While we all know her for her unparalleled modelling career, this is not something she aspired to do in the first place. Surprisingly, her first passion was ballet dancing. She would practice for hours on end at the American Ballet Academy and enjoyed every bit of it. With all her efforts, Hailey had mastered ballet at a very young age. However, fate had other plans. A terrible foot injury had made her unable to pursue her dream of ballet dancing.

Kendell Jenner is her best friend

After making her modelling debut, she met the then-aspiring model Kendell Jenner and both of them instantly clicked. Since then, they have been with one another through thick and thin. They celebrate every festivity together and even have matching tattoos!

She is a brunette!

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This might be one big shocker. All of us are so accustomed to Hailey’s blonde hair that we can hardly believe that her actual hair is dark brown. She gets her hair coloured every few months to keep the blonde shade that we absolutely love about her.

Shawn Mendes might have been her boyfriend at some point

The two have often appeared together as a hosting couple for many award shows. Their flirtatious Instagram comments over each other’s posts pointed at things becoming steamy, even when both of them claimed to be just friends. Everyone’s doubts were solidified into certainty when they appeared as a couple to walk the Met Gala carpet in 2018. It is true that during that peculiar time, Bieber and Hailey were not seeing one another. She does have an appetite for singers.

Love for tattoos

In total, the supermodel has had 20 different ink patterns, each one of them of significance to her. In addition to her broken heart tattoo that she shares with her bestie, she has one of the family name that she got together with her supermodel cousin, Ireland. She has a Brazilian state’s name inked on to her ankles, perhaps as an ode to her maternal family. Other tattoos on her body are references from the Bible.

Make up artistry is her forte

Besides appearing on SNL, hosting TV shows, acting on big and small screens together with walking the ramp, Hailey is an expert makeup artist. She admits to do her own makeup when she is not on the red carpet. Her perfectly placed highlighter, terrific eyeliner and amazing hairstyles show that she really is good at it.

Her own fashion and make up line maybe in the making

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Hailey has proven to be a woman of many talents by collaborating with renowned brands to come up with fashion accessories that are unique and chic. Her venture with the brand, The Daily Edited yielded hand bags that sold out in a matter of seconds. She also worked on footwear and has talked about being involved with an Australian brand to launch her very own makeup range.

Her dad was her cupid

Imagine being married to the singer you were fan-girling over as a teen. Feels like a dream, right? For Hailey, her dad made it all happen. In 2009, Hailey attended the concert of the then-budding pop star Justin Bieber. After the show, her father took her backstage to meet Bieber in person and all three of them have a picture together. It took only nine years for Hailey and Bieber to meet again in the church to say their “I do’s”.

The Bieber Family and her

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Justin Bieber and Hailey had been dating on and off for about 2 years before they announced their engagement on Instagram. Prior to their marriage, Hailey had been photographed several times with Bieber and her family. Not long before their engagement, Hailey had joined the Bieber family for a yacht holiday and spent quality time with his siblings. The pictures were clear proof of how strong the bond was between the Biebers and Hailey. Justin’s siblings were completely in love with her.

Things became serious when Hailey started going to the same Church as the Bieber family. She would pray with Justin’s family whenever she was with them even before the pair were officially married. Justin’s mother has always been supportive of their relationship and welcomed Hailey to the clan with open arms.

Hailey had requested to get her name changed to Hailey Bieber; a gesture of her being bonded to the family that loved her like one of their own.

Her Networth

Hailey Bieber has been in showbiz since she was a child. Her uncle, Alec Baldwin, introduced her to SNL and her career has been soaring high ever since. She even appeared in Cody Simpson’s music video and is currently the global ambassador of the famous jeans brand, Levi’s. Coming from a famous family did not stop her from coining her own name in the field.

Hailey was also part of the TV rap battle show, Drop the Mic. With all of this talent up her sleeve, she was able to garner $ 2 million for herself.

Source: @haileybieber on Instagram

There were reports last year that the Baldwin family was going through a rough financial time. One of the brothers was already going bankrupt and many claim it to be Hailey’s father. The well-knit family was able to get through this hard period and Hailey made sure that she helped her kin through it.

After marrying Justin Bieber, Hailey’s net worth has increased to a little over $270 million. The beauty range she is about to launch might add to this number.

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Source: @haileybieber on Instagram

Hailey Bieber has seen it all: she has danced through her childhood, walked the ramp during her teens, appeared on magazines like ELLE and Vogue and is already married to the love of her life. Nothing is preventing her from exploring new horizons as proven by her efforts to launch her own makeup line and current fashion collaborations.

However, she deems finding Bieber as her soul-mate as the best part of her life. The two are very much in love and have praised one another publically on several occasions. Together, they are happy, strong and invincible.