Who Is James McAvoy? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘Atonement’ & Facts To Know

Here we present to you the famous movie actor James McAvoy. Read on for more insight into his life, career path and net worth.

James McAvoy: Movie, Net Worth & Facts To Know

The Scottish actor James McAvoy is widely recognized for his well-received roles and captivating character in movies, TV, and stage plays. He began his acting career at a tender age. He made his appearance in Band of Brothers in one episode. This was his doorway to fame. He further took part in Children of Dune, in which he was the main star. James McAvoy jump-started his acting career in the UK on Shameless movie.

The Movie Actor’s Biography

Born a Scottish actor, McAvoy’s debut film was The Near Room where he took a minor role. This was followed by his appearance again in Bollywood Queen, where he was the star of the movie. Bollywood Queen was a remake of the British play Romeo and Juliet. His participation in this play earned him popularity in the acting world. James McAvoy has also taken part in several TV shows. His finest performance in TV shows was in Shameless, which is an adult comedy-drama. The TV show won a British Academy Television Award for Best Drama series. McAvoy has also taken part in hit plays such as Three Days of Rain. He has also appeared in significant movies such as Split, Atonement, Wanted, and X‑Men: Apocalypse. He will further return in Glass, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix later this year. His latest movie was a spy thriller Atomic Blonde whereby he was the main star of the movie as well as in Sherlock Holmes film. Apart from being a renowned actor, McAvoy is recognized for his charitable work. The actor is an established member of the British Red Cross. He has traveled to Africa, specifically to Uganda to raise awareness of their project.

James McAvoy’s Early Life

Born on April 21, 1979, in Glasgow, Scotland, James McAvoy is the proud son of Elizabeth and James McAvoy sr. His mother was a psychiatric nurse and his father was a builder. He has two siblings, a sister called Joy, and a half-brother called Donald. It was Unfortunate for the young McAvoy since his parents divorced while he was seven years old. His mother became sick therefore, he was sent to stay with his grandparents. While there, James McAvoy attended St. Thomas Aquinas for his Secondary education in Drum Chapel. It was at that time that he thought of becoming a navy or joining the priesthood. While McAvoy was still in secondary school, the famous actor and director David Hayman visited the school he attended. He was giving a talk on Shakespeare but he ended up being pranked by some naughty pupils, James McAvoy being one of them. After the incident, James McAvoy approached the director to inquire about a play position. Four months later David Hayman contacted McAvoy for an audition in Near the Room. This was McAvoy’s first appearance debut film despite it being a minor role. He started gaining popularity in the film industry at the age of 16 years. However, the prolific movie actor had no interest in the acting career. He decided to give it a shot after he developed a crash for a co-star Alana Brady. His decision of taking the acting career was his best decision he has ever made. It was at this point that the young McAvoy started amassing his net worth.

McAvoy’s Movie Career

After his first performance, McAvoy joined the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama the first chance he got. He graduated in 2000 from the Drama School and immediately afterward, he began taking part in TV shows, mostly as a guest appearance. He was fortunate to land a small part in the miniseries Band of Brothers. This was followed by his guest appearance in Privates on Parade. Director Sam Mendes spotted his outstanding performance in this particular TV show. James McAvoy continued to make appearances in Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Foyles War, and Children of Dunes. The year, 2003 was a busy year for the young McAvoy. He landed another consecutive role in movies Bright Young Things, Early Doors, and State of Play. His captivating character in the State of Play made James McAvoy grab the limelight. Paul Abbot created the series and David Yates directed it. During the same year, McAvoy landed another role as the main character in Bollywood Queen. This movie was the remake of British play by William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. The following year, McAvoy made his big screen debut appearance in Wimbledon. This landed him another opportunity in a comedy Shameless. This made him receive recognition for his stunning performance for his character as a charming boy Steve. James McAvoy continued to captivate his audience with his well-received roles in movies such as Inside I’m Dancing in 2004, The Last King of Scotland in 2006, Becoming Jane in 2007, Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, and The Witch and The Wardrobe. This made McAvoy receive recognition worldwide. His role in all the movies was a major contribution to his net worth fortune. James McAvoy was given a role in Atonement movie in 2007 whereby he was the leading man. The Atonement was a romantic drama war film that was directed by Joe Wright. This movie was based on the 2001 novel of Ian McEwen. The Atonement stars were James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. His participation in the Atonement made McAvoy earn a Golden Globe Award nomination, not forgetting the BAFTA Award. The film was one of the most acclaimed films and it was nominated fourteen times for BAFTA Awards and seven other Academy Awards. The charismatic actor made his appearance again in 2008 Wanted movie. The Wanted film was a German action thriller whereby McAvoy portrayed the character of a newly trained assassin. In the Wanted movie James McAvoy had the opportunity to act alongside the famous actors Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. The action thriller Wanted was based on a comic book miniseries with the same name. The prolific actor also took part in the X men as Professor Charles Xavier. X men series is a superhero action film of 2011. James McAvoy also reprised his role in X men sequel series called X Men: Days of Future Past, which took place in 2014. He also appeared in X‑Men: Apocalypse in 2016. The X‑Men: Apocalypse movie had the highest returns in the X men franchise. The X Men: Apocalypse was directed by Bryan Singer and had several producers. During the same year, James McAvoy landed another role in the film Split whereby he portrayed the character of Kevin Wendell Crumb. The Split is an American Psychological horror thriller movie directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. His character as a person with a dangerous dissociative identity disorder in the Split film made him receive a lot of praise from the film critics. McAvoy’s latest appearance was in the hit film Atomic Blonde, which occurred in 2017. The Atomic Blonde is an American spy thriller film that was directed by David Leitch. The Atomic Blonde is based on a 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City. James McAvoy will once again make his stunning appearance in the X men Sequel called X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The X-Men: Dark Phoenix is written and directed by Simon Kinberg. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is yet to be released later this year. Therefore, keep watch and wait to see James McAvoy’s performance as a professor. He will also appear in the upcoming film called Glass. The Glass is an upcoming American superhero thriller genre. The Glass movie is a trilogy of the Split and Unbreakable films.

McAvoy’s Awards And Achievements

• James McAvoy won the BAFTA Award as the rising star and BAFTA Scotland Award in 2006 for his impeccable performance in the film The Last King of Scotland. • His character in the Atonement film made him win an Empire Award and a London Film Critics Circle Award for being the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. • McAvoy further won the IGN Award for Best Ensemble Cast due to his role in X Men: First Class in 2011. • He also won THE London Film Critics Circle Awards three times for the British Actor of the Year in 2013 for portraying his character in Welcome to the Punch, Trance, and Filth. The film Filth also made him win the British Independent Film Awards, The Empire Award, and the BAFTA Scotland Awards, all the awards being for the Best Actor.

James McAvoy’s Personal Life

McAvoy met his wife Anne-Marie Duff while they acted alongside each other in the Shameless film. The duo hitched in 2006 and four years later, they were blessed with a son called Brendan. Ten years after they got married the couple divorced due to unknown circumstances. Apart from being a family man, McAvoy is known for his charitable works. He is a member of the British Red Cross. His hobby is watching a 90 min football game.

His Net Worth

This Scottish actor has an estimated net worth of $17 million. He is among the well-paid actors in the film industry. His participation in the different genre of movies has led to the accumulation of his net worth fortune. His net worth will continue to amass tremendously with his upcoming role in the X Men: Dark Phoenix and Glass film.

His Net Worth

This Scottish actor has an estimated net worth of $17 million. He is among the well-paid actors in the film industry. His participation in the different genre of movies has led to the accumulation of his net worth fortune. His net worth will continue to amass tremendously with his upcoming role in the X Men: Dark Phoenix and Glass film.

Facts to Know About the Atonement Actor

1. James McAvoy made his first film debut while he was still a teen in the film Near the Rooms. 2. He became recognized in the film industry after he took part in the film Bollywood Queen. 3. He provided his vocals for animated movies Gnomeo and Juliet and Arthur Christmas. 4. James McAvoy’s role in the film Atonement was his major breakthrough in his career. 5. He gained a lot of recognition and was in the limelight for his performance in the Wanted movie. 6. He is widely known for his character as Professor Charles in all the X Men sequels. 7. James McAvoy resumed his role in the X‑Men: Apocalypse and will do so in the upcoming X Men: Dark Phoenix. The 39-year-old Scottish actor has worked hard to gain a handsome net worth. He has managed to create his reputation as a charismatic actor. He is Hollywood’s most sought-after actor due to his compelling performance. He has acted in some of the blockbuster movies such as Split, Atonement, Atomic Blonde, Wanted, and X‑Men: Apocalypse. In his prime year, he has managed to accumulate a net worth fortune. Standby for James McAvoy’s next films called Glass and X Men: Dark Phoenix.