Who Is Haavard Lorentzen? Wiki, Skater, Net Worth, Gold Medal & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Haavard Lorentzen, who is a Norwegian skater. Below are facts about him that you perhaps never knew, including his net worth.

Know Haavard Lorentzen

It is weeks since the 2018 Olympic Winter Games concluded and we can’t still be able to contain the excitement that came with the events. The games took place in South Korea, and North Korea’s Kim Jon Un had to humble down to because a big event was happening near his home. There are also some new athletes who had not featured in any Olympic game before, but they came, scooped medals and surprised the favorites. All countries that were able to take a couple of medals from the Olympic medal box are excited, one of them being Norway. One of their own, Havaard Lorentzen managed to win a gold medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games speed skating event. But the skater has many more achievements that are an indication that we ought not to have been surprised by his win. The 25-year-old Haavard Lorentzen was born in Bergen, Norway and he has won two gold medals and two silver medals in major events, including gold and silver medals in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. For the Norwegian skater, it was a long journey to the Olympics. He fell on the 9th pace in the World Cup event of 2011. In 2012, Lorentzen was awarded a gold medal after winning a World Junior Championships event after the original winner, Pavel Kulizhnikov was stripped of the medal for a doping offense. Lorentzen has a younger brother known as Haakon Lorentzen who plays football. He studied at Bergen University College. Lorentzen started skating when he was eight and he also loves cycling. He loves to share his photos and updates on Instagram and Twitter and has built his net worth from the sport.

Winning the 500m Olympic race

Lorentzen waited for four years to prove to the world that he was indeed a champion in what he did after he finished 32ns in Sochi. The skater moved with speed to the finishing line to win the 500m Olympic speed skating race and set a new 500 Olympic record. He helped Norway rank second all-time with 14 medals in the 500m. The country had not won a medal for the event in about 50 years and the last time a Norwegian brought a medal home was in 1948 and it was Finn Helgesen who won a gold medal. After winning the race, Lorentzen spoke to the press and told them that it was the best race he had ever done and it was 20 years since the last gold medal Norway won in speed skating and so it was a while before he won them another one. The skater proudly said that it was time for Norway to step on the top of the podium once again and he felt good that he was doing that for his country. Lorentzen beat Cha Min-Kyu of Korea and Tingyu Gao of China who settled on silver medal and bronze medal respectively. Lorentzen defeated other ten skaters including some Americans who didn’t get close to any medal. As expected, Mitch Whitmore was the fastest in the 500m. Another American, Jonathan Garcia, was initially penalized for a false start. Kimani Griffin, also from the US was in the Olympics for the first time, but he completed the race.

His win put Norway back on Olympic speedskating map

In the Olympics, everything looked like it was in favor of Norway and speed skating event wasn’t different. Lorentzen had proved beyond doubt that their two-decade grief that Norway had for the speed skating competition was breakable. The Dutch had swept the gold medal four years ago, but this time, they were nowhere in sight. Lorentzen spoke about the win and said that they didn’t like it when the Dutch won most of the races. The skater was referring to their century-old rivalry with the Netherlands for skating supremacy. He was excited about beating them, and it was getting better. The best Dutch skater of the day was Ronald Mulder, the twin brother of Michel Mulder, the one who won the gold medal at 2014 Sochi Olympics. The Norwegian frustrations in the games affected the athletes so deeply, including Haavard Lorentzen that he had barely left the ice that he started speaking about the statistics. He said that the last great speed skater from Norway was Johann Koss who bagged three gold medals at the 1994 Lillehammer Games. Koss lauded Lorentzen’s comeback on Twitter. Fans took to Instagram and Twitter as well to congratulate the Olympic medalist after he posted photos of him holding his medal.

Hakon Lorentzen was excited with his brother’s win

Haavard Lorentzen won a gold medal for Norway, himself and his fans, including his family members. One of them was his brother who is a soccer player. He wasn’t able to contain his excitement after he watched his brother on his phone race all the way to the finish line. A video was posted by NBC Olympics on Twitter showing him celebrating his brother shouting while others in the room with him also cheering and clapping. It was an amazing moment for him.

The skater’s net worth

Haavard Lorentzen’s net worth is not clear, but he probably has a net worth to survive on. He has won some endorsement deals and that will make more net worth for him.

Lorentzen made Norway proud and became the talk of every person in his home country. He is destined for greatness.