Warren Christie Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Apollo 18’ Actor

Hans Warren Christie is a well-known Canadian TV and movie actor. Some of the very interesting facts like movies, the net worth are here.

Warren Christie’s Background

Hans Warren Christie is a well-known Canadian TV and movie actor. Warren Christie has entertained us with his phenomenal acting in various TV series and movies. So don’t you want to know more about this very charming actor? Warren Christie was born on 4 November 1975, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He spent most of his childhood time in London, Ontario. Later Christie was recruited to play college football at the University of Windsor, so he left London. It was this time for the period of his years at Windsor University that Christie became interested in acting, and so developed his interest. Then Christie decided to become an actor. After completing his graduation, Christie started to pursue acting, and for that, he moved to the West Coast. Also, Christie moved to Vancouver; there Christie soon found acting prospects. Warren Christie worked as a ‘big cat’ in Catalonia on Oct.

Warren Christie’s Movie Career

In 2007, Christie got a lead role on the TV series named ‘October Road.’ In this series, Christie played a modest construction company owner. Then in the same year, Christie cast as the lead of the musical feature film called ‘Magic Flute Diaries,’ which was centered on one of Mozart’s operas. Warren Christie has acted in a variety of roles in different genres. He portrayed from romantic comedy to psychological thriller. Warren Christie’s ‘Apollo 18’ and ‘This Means War’ are among his most popular movies among others. The Famous ‘Apollo 18’ – Apollo 18 this was Christie’s one of the best films, Christie becomes more famous because of this film. This is an American-Canadian science fiction horror film came in 2011. The movie’s idea was the canceled Apollo 18 mission essentially landed on the Moon in December 1974, but never reverted. The result of this the United States has never introduced other expedition to the Moon. The movie is pictured in motion picture type, apparently ‘lost footage’ of the Apollo 18 mission which was just recently discovered. The film ends with a statement from the time of the ‘Nixon Administration left hundreds of Moon rocks to overseas dignitaries across the world and that several of these Moon rocks have been gone or stolen. This is, in fact, true; both the Nixon and Ford Administrations left 135 Apollo 17 goodwill Moon rocks. This Means War- As Warren Christie acted in different types of movies, This Means War is of the complete different genre. This Means War is an American romantic comedy spy film released in 2012. The film was based on the two CIA agents who are besties uncover that they are seeing the same woman. This was another best of Christie’s movies. As Warren Christie is famous for his different films, but initially he is famous for the various TV shows. Christie also acted in different television series and mainly he got popularity due to these series. Christie’s characters as Ray Cataldo on the ABC drama ‘October Road’ and as Aiden GreggyStivilet on the ABC show ‘Happy Town.’ Christie’s TV series like ‘October Road,’ ‘Happy Town,’ ‘Alphas,’ ‘Eyewitness,’ ‘The Resident’ are among those who got famous because all these series also had various types of different genres. Warren Christie has also performed as a guest actor on TV shows like Supernatural, The L Word, and Battlestar Galactica. Warren Christie was also nominated for the Alpha Leo honor. Warren Christie’s some movies and TV Shows:
Films –
• Magic Flute Diaries (2008)
• The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)
• Apollo 18 (2011)
• This MeansWar (2012)
TV Shows –
• Still Life (2003-04)
• October Road (2007-08)
• Happy Town (2010)
• Alphas (2011-12)
• Eyewitness (2016)
• The Resident (2017-18)

Warren Christie’s Net Worth

The Happy Town star Warren Christie’s net worth is $1.7 Million. Christie’s projected net worth comprises of stocks, properties, and other goods like crafts and private airplanes. Christie is one of the richest among the other celebrities. Christie is also counted in the other celebrities for his big net worth.

Warren Christie’s Family

Warren Christie began dating Sonya Salomaa; the Canadian actress began their love relationship in 2005. Christie and Sonya married in 2007. Sonya is famous for her acts in the film ‘The Collector’ and the television series ‘Durham County’. Warren Christie proposed to Sonya Salomaa at the Eiffel Tower.

Warren Christie a very famous actor today and he is on top due to his great acting talent. Christie has become a good and popular actor because of his passion for acting. Christie had made up his mind when in his college days he decided that he wanted to make a career in acting and continues to prove that goal and passion. As Christie found out the many ways to get opportunities for acting and he got one, and now has a long and prosperous career. Due to his various efforts, Christie got these opportunities, and he proved himself as a great potential actor through these prospects. So he is truly an inspiration to others, with a long lost of movies and tv shows back up his resume in the acting world. Well done, Mr. Chrisite!