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Beth Smith with husband

Beth Smith: Know about her recent throat cancer diagnosis, her husband’s support, her relationships and children, and her childhood and career!

Beth Smith is an American bail bondsman and a producer and actress. She was initially the youngest licensed bail bondsman. She has done some shows with her current husband Duane Chapman namely the 2003 TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt (2013) and Dog: The Family Speaks (2006). Beth diagnosed with throat cancer Beth […]

Lena Headey

Who is the father of Lena Headey’s second child? Truths related to this English actress’ relationships, children, career, and early life!

Lena Headey’s numerous relationships English actress, Lena Headey has a very successful career. But she does not have the same luck in her personal life! She was first engaged to actor Johnny Cicco. It soon ended. She was dating actor Jason Flemyng from 1994 to 2003. They had met during the shooting of the film […]

Kelly Choi

American TV host Kelly Choi-her plastic surgery, shows, career, childhood, and secretive boyfriend!

Kelly Choi is an Emmy award-winning TV host, producer, food lover and author. She had hosted the former Bravo’s blockbuster series, ‘Top Chef Masters’. She had produced and hosted some quite unique shows and won the hearts of millions. Let us map out her journey from South Korea where she was born to entry into […]

Winston Beigel with wife Melissa Rauch

Odd but adorable couple! Know about Winston Beigel and Melissa Rauch’s relationship, marriage, children, career, and net worth!

Winston Beigel is a screenwriter, producer, and director of Hollywood. He was born on 20-2-1979 and is currently 38 years old. Winston is more famous as the husband of American actress and writer Melissa Ivy Rauch who is known to portray the character of Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz on the CBS sitcom titled ‘The Big Bang […]

Ruth Connell

The darling of ‘Supernatural’ cast! Meet Scottish actress Ruth Connell-the all-in-one personality with a flair for dancing, choreography, acting, and producing!

Ruth Connell is the multi-talented Scottish actress who portrays the role of Rowena in CW TV series ‘Supernatural’. She has been on this show since 2014 and has given the series some of the most memorable moments. Besides her acting talent, Ruth has superb dancing skills and is also a great human being; as can […]

Griffin Dunne

What are the upcoming projects of Griffin Dunne? Read on to know career updates, relationship and daughter details of this American actor and director!

In the pipeline! A biopic is being made on Gore Vidal, the great American author, playwright, and political candidate by Netflix. The lead role is played by Oscar award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. Griffin Dunne is being roped in to portray the character of the late composer Leonard Bernstein who had given melodious scores for ‘West […]

Is Tyler Perry secretly married? Know about this award-winning all-rounder entertainer’s relationship, secret wife, love child, career, and awards!

Tyler Perry’s secret marriage? American actor, writer, director, and producer Tyler Perry is said to have been secretly married! Tyler Perry seems to not have disclosed this fact to his fans and audience. But his close friends are aware of it. Grammy award-winning R&B singer Stephanie Mills possible has unknowingly spilled the beans on this […]

Alex Aiono

The young wonder musician Alex Aiono-his early days, childhood, supportive parents, sisters, and rising career graphed out!

Alex’s childhood and supportive parents Alex Aiono or Martin Alexander Aiono is a Maori/Samoan-American singer and producer. He was born on 16th February 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. There is a total of six members of his family, including his father and mother. His three sisters are Sidney, Taylor, and Hallie. His love for music dates […]