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Sam Caird with his Little Miss Scrooge Team

Who is Sam Caird? Know about this director’s stage work, wife, father, family, and childhood!

Sam Caird is a staff director and husband of British actress Anna Popplewell. She is a popular and familiar face in theater, TV and films. But very little information is available about Sam Caird probably because he is mainly a behind he camera person. We reproduce below the biographical details about the better-half of this […]

James Haggar and wife Naga

Meet James Haggar, husband of BBC TV presenter Naga Munchetty! His relationship with Naga, his career, and childhood days!

James Haggar is a British actor and assistant director. He is better known as the husband of British journalist and TV presenter Naga Munchetty. Readers are quite familiar with Naga Munchetty but the information related to her husband James Haggar is scattered and sparse. James Haggar and Naga Munchetty James Haggar and BBC’s Naga Munchetty […]

Winston Beigel with wife Melissa Rauch

Odd but adorable couple! Know about Winston Beigel and Melissa Rauch’s relationship, marriage, children, career, and net worth!

Winston Beigel is a screenwriter, producer, and director of Hollywood. He was born on 20-2-1979 and is currently 38 years old. Winston is more famous as the husband of American actress and writer Melissa Ivy Rauch who is known to portray the character of Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz on the CBS sitcom titled ‘The Big Bang […]

Abigail Hawk

Some Interesting unknown facts about American actress Abigail Hawk! Her birth, childhood, husband, son, career, and net worth!

Abigail is a gifted actress who has given the world some great performances on television as well as films. She has been in the entertainment industry since the year 1995; more than 2 decades now. A lot of information is available about her career but not much has been said or written about her personal […]

Jasmine Guy

American versatile actress Jasmine Guy’s diverse career, relationships, daughter, and childhood detailed!

Jasmine Guy’s life has been as fascinating as her career! Jasmine Guy has been in the industry since the age of 20 years. Starting as a dancer, Jasmine Guy diversified into several other areas and is an established dancer, writer, singer, director. Jasmine Guy has also won several coveted awards. Her love and personal life […]

Jonathan Daniel Brown

What is Jonathan Daniel Brown doing these days? Check out the latest about this ‘Project X’ actor’s career, upcoming projects, and relationships!

Jonathan Daniel Brown’s rise to fame Jonathan Daniel Brown is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, and director. He is a native of San Fernando Valley. He was born in July 1989 in Tarzana, California, the USA. He started work as a standup comedian. In 2012, Jonathan had worked in a porn film. He was chosen […]

Lena Dunham

American controversial actress Lena Dunham’s allegations of transphobia on two employees of American Airlines, the backlash, and her other scandals!

Lena Dunham’s allegations American actress Lena Dunham had 1 month back levied some allegations on two American Airlines employees. Lena Dunham was at the JFK international airport in New York waiting for her flight to depart which was unduly delayed due to some reasons. She overheard something during her wait at the airport about which […]

Griffin Dunne

What are the upcoming projects of Griffin Dunne? Read on to know career updates, relationship and daughter details of this American actor and director!

In the pipeline! A biopic is being made on Gore Vidal, the great American author, playwright, and political candidate by Netflix. The lead role is played by Oscar award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. Griffin Dunne is being roped in to portray the character of the late composer Leonard Bernstein who had given melodious scores for ‘West […]