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Jade Chynoweth

The young dancing talent! Meet Jade Chynoweth who is a choreographer, dancer, and actress! Know the latest on her career and personal front!

Nineteen-years-old Jade Chynoweth is an American actress and dancer. She gained gradual recognition due to her innumerable appearances on various TV shows and dance programs. She has also modeled for TV commercials which added to her fame. So how did Jade Chynoweth enter this profession and make it to the top? There always exists a […]

Eugenia Cooney

Demand for ban! Why are people asking for a ban on YouTuber Eugenia Cooney’s presence on YouTube! Know about her career, family, and relationship!

American internet personality Eugenia Cooney has been gaining popularity. She has acquired more than a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Most of the fame gained is by positive reviews but there is a significant amount of negative and hate reviews which has hit her. There have also been signature campaigns asking for a ban […]

Tomasina Parrott with her husband

Who is Tomasina Parrott married to? Know the secret of dancer-actor-choreographer Tomasina Parrott’s great-going marriage!

Tomasina Parrott is an American actress, dancer, and choreographer. She is the present wife of American actor Larenz Tate. Tomasina has a short but strong filmography.  She has given the world some of the best acting roles and has been appreciated for it. Her life with her husband and family is going excellent and they […]

Emma Watson

‘Harry Potter’ Star Emma Watson And Her Life Journey; Let’s Know More About Her Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Movies And Much More

Emma Watson is one of the famous British actress, model, and activist. The small girl born in Paris and bought up in Oxfordshire became the recognized fame in the glamor industry with all her talents and hard work. She took the training of acting at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts. Her professional acting role as Hermione Granger in the Harry […]

Cassandra Peterson

The creation of the famous ‘Elvira’ character! Know about Cassandra Peterson’s childhood, struggling years, rise to stardom, and her varied relationships!

Cassandra Peterson is an American actress who gained fame for her portrayal of the horror hostess Elvira. She is a talented actress with an envious filmography and great roles to boast about. Cassandra Peterson’s romantic life might not be all that lucky but nonetheless has been colorful! Let us take a glimpse of her personal […]

Cree Summer

Cree Summer’s cute little family! Learn about her marriage, husband, daughters, and career!

Cree Summer has gained fame and recognition as an American-Canadian actress, singer, and voice actress. She has been active in the entertainment industry for the last 34 years and has acted in innumerable films and TV series. After she started, this talented and versatile actress has not looked back. She has scaled the ladder of […]

Vanessa Villanueva

Meet Vanessa Villanueva, the second and ex-wife of musician Chris Perez! Her career, relationship, children and childhood details here!

Vanessa Villanueva is the ex-wife of musician and guitarist Chris Perez of the Tejano band Selena Y Los Dinos. Vanessa Villanueva was with Chris Perez for 9-10 years and she was the second wife of Chris. Though a lot has been written about Chris, there is little information about his ex-wife and mother of his […]

Jacqueline Ray

Notability to Notoriety! Meet actress Jacqueline Ray and know about her career, marriages, children, and imprisonment for murder!

Jacqueline Ray is a famous American actress who has given her fans innumerable notable roles such as in In Like Flint in 1967 and Beyond the Universe in 1981. She has also been actively acting on TV series such as Unfabulous and Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever. She is the ex-wife of famed actor Tom […]

Lena Headey

Who is the father of Lena Headey’s second child? Truths related to this English actress’ relationships, children, career, and early life!

Lena Headey’s numerous relationships English actress, Lena Headey has a very successful career. But she does not have the same luck in her personal life! She was first engaged to actor Johnny Cicco. It soon ended. She was dating actor Jason Flemyng from 1994 to 2003. They had met during the shooting of the film […]