Sunetra Sastry Wiki: 11 Facts of Rowan Atkinson’s Ex Wife

Ex-wife to the iconic Mr Bean, what happened between them?

About Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955, in Consett, County Durham, England.
He was the youngest of the four children of Ella Bainbridge and Eric Atkinson, a farmer. His three brothers are Paul, who died as a baby; Rodney, an economist, and Rupert. He was raised in the Anglican religion.

For most of his life, he suffered from stuttering.
Rowan Atkinson attended Chadwell’s Private School, Durham Cathedral College. Later he studied at Newcastle University for three years and then at Oxford University, where he graduated as an Engineer.
There Rowan Atkinson met an apprentice screenwriter named Richard Curtis thanks to an advertisement that appeared in the university newspaper that said: We are thinking of making a theatrical magazine. It was the summer of 1976 and they began in the representation with words like the benign king, The benign king with a defect, The benign king with two physical defects, The crazy king, shows that John Lloyd, producer of the BBC, witnessed.

Rowan Atkinson begins his acting career at the 1977 Edinburgh Festival. After an acclaimed magazine at the Hampstead Theater in 1978, he works on the BBC television series “Not the Nine O’Clock News”. the nine o’clock news), thanks to John Lloyd. At that time they received an International Emi Award, and an English Academy Award, for the best entertaining program of 1980.
His show at London’s Globe Theater won the Society of West End Theaters awards for Comedy Performance of the Year.

9 Facts about Sunetra Sastry

Rowan Atkinson first met Sunetra Sastry in the late 1980s, when she was working as a make-up artist with the BBC.[5] Sastry is the daughter of an Indian father and a British mother.[6] The couple married at the Russian Tea Room in New York City on 5 February 1990. They have two children and lived in Oundle, Northamptonshire as well as in Ipsden, Oxfordshire, and in Highbury, London.[7] The couple separated in 2014 and divorced in 2015. Atkinson was formerly in a relationship with actress Leslie Ash.[8]
Want to know more about this woman? Keep reading for 9 facts about Sunetra Sastry:

1. She worked at Black Adder

Se divorcia Mr. Bean en un minuto

After completing her education, she started working in London as a makeup artist. In the early 1980s, she was hired by the BBC and subsequently began working as a member of the team for “Black Adder,” the BBC’s pseudo-historical situational comedy. Initially, she did makeup for Stephen Fry, who later confessed that Sastry was one of the few women who had attracted him. The openly gay actor admitted this in his book “The Fry Chronicles”.

2. Her parents wanted her to be a nurse

After finishing high school, she decided to attend a beauty college in London. Her parents were initially against this and wanted her to become a nurse. However, they soon realized that it was their true passion and began to support her.

3. Her parents suffered racism


Sastry was born in 1957 in England to an Indian father and a British mother. Her mother grew up in a wealthy English family, but after marrying Sunetra’s father, her family disowned her. Sastry later tried to ask her mother about it; in response, she simply told her it was all worth it.
Despite the civil movements that were taking place around the world during that period, they still had not changed the reality of the terrain: marriages like this weren’t still not accepted and that is why they suffered from several acts of discrimination and racism in their community.

4. It was love at first sight


An autobiography written by Atkinson said that he wanted to invite her out since the moment he first saw her, writing that Sastry was “brilliant, funny, and as captivatingly seductive as any girl I had known for years.”
However, one day Atkinson approached Fry, his co-worker, and asked to change makeup artists for him to have Sunetra as his. At first, Fry thought Atkinson might not be satisfied with the one he had, but soon realized that Atkinson wanted to invite her out on his own, so he let that happen and Sunetra became Atkinsons makeup artist from then on. What came after that is now history.

5. Marriage and kids


Sastry and Atkinson met in 1986 and dated for three years before getting engaged in late 1989. They married in February 1990 in the famous Russian Tea Room in New York City. Fry was the godfather of Atkinson, who welcomed his first son, whom they named Benjamin, in 1993. His daughter, Lily, was born two years later, in 1995.

6. Her daughter uses her last name


In February 2014, Sastry and Atkinson broke up, and immediately afterward, he began dating Ford openly. This angered not only his fans but also his daughter, who called her father’s actions “a dick move.” During the divorce process on November 10, 2015, the presiding judge granted the divorce to Sastry within 65 seconds of its start, since Atkinson had not appeared in court.
In October 2017, Atkinson’s daughter Lily was reported to have decided not to use her father’s last name anymore and to have adopted her mother’s maiden name.

7. Her daughter is a famous model and actress


Atkinson & Sastry’s beautiful daughter Lily Atkinson is an aspiring actress. In 2012 Lily became a viral sensation at a movie premiere with her parents. She’s appeared in two movies with her father – Johnny English Reborn (2011) and Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007). Previously, she starred in family film Tooth (2004).

Reasons or Theories on Their Divorce


The “unreasonable behavior” has ended up costing the British humorist Rowan Atkinson. Of course, it is a technicality according to English law, because the man better known as Mr. Bean had been separated from his current wife, Sunetra Sastry, for almost 4 years, so now he seems to have become official.
The procedure, in which the 60-year-old comedian was not present, lasted exactly 65 seconds thanks to an extremely fast judicial system by which many couples file for divorce every day in the British capital. Atkinson’s case was number 26 in the morning and was resolved without further incident.


The make-up artist who married Atkinson in 1990 alleged as the cause for the divorce the fact that her husband has been dating a 32-year-old woman for 18 months, Louise Ford, a fact that fits with what in England falls into the category unreasonable behavior. According to a lawyer quoted by The Telegraph, even the happiest marriages can find reasons considered unreasonable, such as talking too much, not listening to the couple, or hanging out with their friends too much.
Atkinson and Sastry met in the 1980s, when she worked at the BBC. They married in New York and have two children, Lily, who is also in the world of acting, and Benjamin. At the time of their split, the couple were building a £ 11m home in Oxfordshire.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Bean moved into a London house valued at £ 4 million while she settled in a £ 21 million mansion, a matter of money distribution, which is yet to be resolved in the coming years. months, with a humorist’s fortune estimated at £ 70m. Many assets to distribute.

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