Britt Robertson Wiki: Instagram, Net Worth, ‘The Space Between Us’ & Facts About Dylan O’Brien’s Girlfriend

Meet Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend Britt Robertson! Not only is she his girlfriend, she is now a well known actress. We’ll explore her past and career below!

Who is Britt Robertson?

Britt Robertson was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brittany Leanna Robertson was raised in South Carolina as the oldest of seven siblings. Robertson was actually homeschooled as a kid. Her mother feared the atmosphere of public schools given today’s times. Her acting started at a theater called Greenville Little Theater in South Carolina. During her teenage years, she moved to LA with her grandmother to seek out tv and film opportunities.

Acting Career

Britt Robertson’s first debut role was in the TV series Sheena. Sheena was a TV series about an orphaned woman who has the ability to morph into animals. The TV series began in 2000. Roberston’s character was a younger version of the main character Sheena. This TV series ran from 2000-2002 with a small 35 episodes. Luckily, Roberston’s acting career didn’t stop there. Robertson had smaller roles in shows like CSI, Freddie, and Swingtown. Her acting branched out into movies as well. Robertson also had a role in Avalon High, Scream 4, and Dan In Real Life. Around 2010 Britt Robertson starred in a TV series called Life Unexpected as teenager who had been put through the foster system and has decided she wants to be emancipated but needs a biological parents signature. This leading her into a search for her birth parents. In 2011, a tv series made its premiere with Roberston starring as the main character. The Secret Circle was a series about a 16-year-old girl whose mother died mysteriously forcing her to go live with her grandmother. Soon, 16 year old Cassie Blake figures out she’s actually a witch. In this new town she lives in she meets 5 other teens who have recently found out their witches and their all connected. Sadly, The Secret Circle was canceled after one season with a small 22 episodes. After a few more movie roles, Britt Robertson landed a role in the famous author Nickolas Sparks movie The Longest Ride alongside Scott Eastwood. Eastwood played a professional bull rider, named Luke, who’s recently been hurt and out of the bulling riding game for a little while and is now trying to step back in. Robertson’s character, Sophia Danko, is an art student whose dreams dream job is to be in New York City’s art world. Luke and Sophia’s paths cross leading to them crossing path’s with an older man named Ira after they pull Ira from a car wreck. It’s a really touching story. On its opening weekend, The Longest Ride pulled in over $13 million at the box office. The very next year Britt landed herself a role in the movie Tomorrowland. This Disney movie gave her the amazing opportunity to work alongside acting legend George Clooney. This scientific adventure brought in a bit more than The Longest Ride through box office opening weekend. Tomorrowland sets at $32 million opening weekend. A couple years later in 2017, a movie called The Space Between Us premiere with Britt Robertson as one of the leading roles. In this movie, the story focuses on a boy being the first child born on Mars. He travels to Earth for the first time and is amazed by learning from a street-smart girl he’s only ever seen through a webcam. Along the adventure he’s found himself in on Earth, doctors learn his organs aren’t able to function in Earth’s atmosphere. Crazy right?! In the film The Space Between Us, Britt’s net worth climbed even more by having the opportunity to work alongside Gary Oldman. During this same year, Britt took on the role that originated on Netflix, Girl Boss, as Sophia Marlowe. This is a true story about Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal clothing company. Girl Boss was cancelled after the first season, unfortunately. From a personal point of view, it is very comical and definitely worth a watch! Britt has an upcoming roll in a movie called The Postcard Killing that, according to IMDB, is suppose to premiere at some point this year but does not have a definite date. There’s no doubt with all of this under Robertson’s belt, we can expect awesome things from this beautiful blonde to come!

Being Dylan O’Brien’s Girlfriend

Dylan O’Brien is best known for his starring role in the film series based on the Maze Runner book series. O’Brien is also known or his role in the MTV based series Teen Wolf. He’s made his appearance in several movies as well. Where does Britt Robertson come into his life? Well, in 2012 the O’Brien and Robertson starred in a film titled The First Time. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend ever since! Every news headline says they are going strong. There are many photographs out there of the two together, some being on Robertson’s Instagram. Oh! Heres a piece of interesting news! If you want to keep up with Britt Robertson and what she’s up to, follow her on Instagram. She stated that she prefers the social media platform over Twitter because of its visual presence.