Steven Seagal Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Under Siege’ Actor

If you have been fascinated by Steven Seagal, here are some facts about the actor that you ought to know, including his net worth.

Steven Seagal: An actor par excellence

Whoever doesn’t know Steve Seagal is probably stuck somewhere in the Amazon Forest. Who doesn’t know the actor for his hit movies like “Under Siege,” “Above The Law,” ”Out of Justice,” “On Deadly Ground,” and many more? Seagal is not only an actor but also a musician, businessman, producer, screenwriter, director, name all. All these jobs have helped the star gather quite a large net worth. 65-year-old Steven Seagal was born in Michigan. His father, Samuel Seagal was a high school teacher while his mother Patricia Seagal was a medical technician. Both of Seagal’s parents have passed on had he has a mixture of Russian, English, Dutch and German roots. Moreover, Seagal has Mongolian and Irish heritage. The actor moved with his parents to Fullerton, California when he was five. Seagal studied at Buena Park High school before he graduated and went to study at Fullerton College. He then went with his father to Japan and he chose to remain there and learn martial arts.

Amazing facts about the actor

Seagal lived and worked in Japan

As mentioned, Seagal followed his father to Japan immediately he was done with college. His father was going to the country for military purposes. When it was time to come back, Seagal decided he should remain and blend with the Japanese culture which he had fallen in love with. Seagal lived in Japan for ten years before he became an actor. During his stay, he learned Japanese and became fluent, taught aikido and reportedly took in a stray dog. The dog became Seagal’s friend and even alerted him when his dojo was on fire. The dojo is where he used to teach aikido.

He has released multiple albums

Seagal released his debut album in 2005 titled “Songs from the Crystal Cave,” The album consists of reggae, rock and country songs. He released his second album, “Mojo Priest” in 2006. Seagal than announced that another album was on the way. Who could think that a rifle is not the only thing Seagal holds? He is a talented guitar player. His songs have been featured in his own movies. One of his songs from his debut album is “Girl It’s Alright” featuring Stevie Wonder.

Seagal has been challenged by Jean Claude Van Dame

Seagal has a record of kicking his staff for no apparent reason, and since he has done martial arts and has the seventh belt, no one is willing to challenge him, except another guy who knows to fight like him, Van Dame. Nobody would imagine that this would be a reality, but it’s surely is right now. The actor boasted that he could smash Seagal and claimed that his last fight was over 20 years ago. He clearly missed to be the shit out of someone, and he thought Seagal was his best bet. Van stated that he was not a fighter but a lover, and if someone would offend him, he would instead walk away. But if that offender were Seagal, he wouldn’t hesitate to smack him. Van Dame was probably angry after hearing that Seagal said he copied his style.

The actor speaks his mind

When asked about what he thinks about Vladimir Putin, he said that he knew him well enough and he was among the greatest leaders in the world. Seagal also added that Putin cared about Russia more than anybody and wasn’t afraid to get up and do the necessary. When Seagal was asked what he thought, about the NFL players who knelt down during the national anthem to protest, he stated that he saw it outrageous, it was a joke, and it turned out to be disgusting. He added that he respected the American flag and had risked his life for it. So, he didn’t agree with that kind of behavior and thought it was an outrage.

Seagal has a tuxedo with firearms pockets

It’s beyond doubt that Seagal possesses excellent martial arts abilities, but he is not limited to that. Steven Seagal has a deep interest and also skillful in using firearms. In fact, he has a collection of many firearms including a Colt M1911 automatic pistol. It’s alleged that he also has a custom-made tuxedo that can hold two firearms. But does he know when to wear the tuxedo and hide firearms in it?

Sexual allegations against the actor

Even though Seagal denies all the sexual allegations, he has been accused several times. The first time was in 1991. Three Warner Bros. employees, Raenne, Nicole, and Christine, accused the actor of sexually harassing them. The actor paid each $50,000 to bury the sexual allegations rumors and maintain his career. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the net worth he had collected. In 2017, some more sexual allegations emerged about Seagal. Rachel Grant, a well-known actress who stars in “Die Another Day,” claimed that Seagal pulled down her top and then exposed his privates to her when she had gone to audition in Bulgaria. The sexual allegations are still under investigations according to Seagal’s lawyers.

His net worth

Steven Seagal has a net worth of $16 million. Considering all the time he has been acting, the net worth is too low. He is probably concealing some of his net worth, or he wastes his earnings. Being a singer, scriptwriter, and producer who has come with big projects like “On Deadly Ground,” “Out Of Justice,” “Under Siege,” “Above The Law” and others, the net worth is quite less.

Steven Seagal is Buddhist, but he doesn’t seem to have the discipline all martial arts masters and high ranked Buddhists have. There have been so many complains about Seagal, and he might be making a negative impact on the society. Probably this is the year Seagal will change.