Thomas Vonn Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Lindsey Vonn’s Ex Husband

Get to know more about Thomas Vonn who is the former husband of Lindsey Vonn. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his overall net worth.

Thomas Vonn: Lindsey Vonn’s ex husband

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games is behind us, but the excitement that came with the games is not going to end soon. The athletes attended, some won and some never stepped on the podium, but their presence was enough and they emerged stronger than when they came in. One of the athletes who graced the 2018 Winter Olympic Games was the American ski racer, Lindsey Vonn who is on the U.S. Ski Team. She was lucky to step on the podium after she came in third place among other top alpine ski racers. Lindsey Vonn’s relationship status is a big topic and people are trying to understand more about her failed marriage to her ex-husband Thomas Vonn who is also, an alpine ski racer. As is the case with his ex-wife, Lindsey Vonn, is on the U.S. Ski Team but not much is known about Thomas since he hasn’t won any major event like she has. He hasn’t been competing since 2005. 42-year-old Thomas Vonn was born in New York City and nothing much is known about how he became an alpine ski racer. He doesn’t have many achievements to show as far as his skiing career is concerned, but at least Lindsey Vonn makes him proud. He graduated from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York in 2001. Before Vonn was a giant slalom dancer, and his best finish in an international competition was in the Super-G at the 2002 Olympics where he came in ninth place. When Lindsey Vonn won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, it was her ex husband, Thomas Vonn who was coaching her but after the games they decided to go their separate ways. He married Lindsey Vonn in 2007 and they divorced in 2011 marking a three-year-old marriage with no kids. He is the author of “Mode Coupling Theory of the Glass Transition in Binary Mixtures.”

And his ex-wife…

33-year-old Lindsey Vonn continued to make history and advance her career as an alpine ski racer under the blanket of U.S. Ski Team even after the divorce. Born Lindsey Caroline Kildow in Minnesota, Vonn is Norwegian and she started skiing when she was just two years old. The alpine ski racer went to Eric Sailer’s development program located in Buck Hill which also produced Kristina Koznick, a slalom racer. It was Vonn’s father who pushed her hard, according to Sailer. Vonn was just ten when she met Picabo Street who she considered her hero and role model. Street is an Olympic gold medalist alpine ski racer. She remembered the meeting and she became Vonn’s mentor in skiing. She commuted to Colorado to train for a few years before her family moved to Colorado while Vonn studied at the University of Missouri through an online program.

Lindsey Vonn and her ex- husband: Thomas Vonn

To those who dream of winning Lindsey Vonn’s heart, yes, she is single! You are allowed to make a move, but you better have some achievements under your belt as well. She was focused on representing the U.S. Ski Team to the fullest at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games but now that the event is behind us, you can catch up with her before or after training and ask her out. Lindsey Vonn spoke about her relationship status at least twice in the entire season but everyone wonders, did she have a boyfriend after breaking up with her husband in 2011? According to ‘TMZ,’ Lindsey Vonn and her ex husband, Thomas Vonn’s divorce was finalized in 2013 and she got to keep the Park City, Utah home that she purchased before they got hitched. When asked why she filed for divorce, Lindsay Vonn said that there were so many things in the marriage that weren’t working for them and it was a marriage filled with unhappiness. It wasn’t always miserable for her and her ex-husband, Thomas Vonn who is also the author of “Mode Coupling Theory of the Glass Transition in Binary Mixtures.” The couple blossomed when Lindsey Vonn was still a teenager and Thomas Vonn was in his late 20s. The 2018 Olympic Winter Games bronze medalist told ‘Fitness Magazine’ that Vonn supported her to the fullest and they were each other’s biggest cheerleaders. That was the time the alpine ski racers and U.S. Ski teammates were head over heels in love but the Vonns probably never saw the day they would go separate ways. In addition to being Lindsey Vonn’s rock for over three years, Thomas Vonn would give her fashion advice even though their competitive natures would work against them sometimes. It’s for that reason that they never competed together. For instance, when working out side by side on the treadmill, she was checking his speed and she couldn’t help herself from doing so. Thomas Vonn would ask her what she was doing and she would tell him that she was going faster than him. Probably it’s one of the reasons Lindsey Vonn and her ex husband, Thomas Vonn went their separate ways. After they split, Thomas Vonn took a break from the sport and returned in 2015 as a coach. He talked to the Associated Press about his comeback and told them that when people saw his face, they started asking him to help them in their sport. He thought it was awesome come again into the snow after being away from it for three years that he thought that he had been forgotten. He took a job as a coach for Dean Travers. His ex-wife, Lindsey Vonn most recent relationship is with Kenan Smith, but the relationship ended last year due to their busy schedules. They are still friends though and after they split, Vonn focused on the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. According to ‘WhosDatedWho,’ Thomas Vonn is still single.

Thomas Vonn joking about Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has had so many women that he probably never remembers that he dated Lindsey Vonn. His fans may not remember either, but when we see Thomas Vonn joke about Tiger Woods, we get where it’s all coming from. Vonn tweeted about Woods saying that there was no problem in The Masters Tournament that Woods was playing in and he even mentioned that Woods had to keep an eye on those cheaters. Many people thought Vonn was just jealous, but others saw it only as a joke. In an interview, when the coach was asked about the divorce, Thomas Vonn said that when the news about his divorce with Lindsey Vonn, was announced, he was devastated and sad because it was already a sad situation for him. He added that he didn’t want to speak about it out of respect for his ex-wife and they had an agreement not to talk about it publicly. His humorless tweet about Wood’s penalty and his decision to still feature in the tournament back then gave us a moment of levity. That, however, didn’t justify the fact that Thomas Vonn wasn’t over his divorce with Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey Vonn on the other side has been in several relationships since divorcing her ex husband, but we haven’t seen Thomas Vonn with anyone yet. He is probably still distributing his work, “Mode Coupling Theory of the Glass Transition in Binary Mixtures.”

Facts to know about Lindsey Vonn’s ex husband and his net worth

He has no kids with Lindsey Vonn

According to ‘TMZ,’ Lindsey and Thomas Vonn didn’t have children together probably because of their busy schedules. If by chance they had, they would be living with Lindsay who kept the couple’s home that she had purchased for $1.1 million dollars. The champion opened up about her marriage to her now ex husband, Thomas Vonn and stated that despite winning gold at the Olympics and him winning none, they were each other’s cheerleaders. By the time their marriage hit the rocks they had no kids and no reason to reconsider trying to work on their marriage. It’s probably one of the reasons there was no any attempt.

He met Lindsey at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games

Lindsey Vonn was just 16 when she met Thomas, who was 25, at Salt Lake City during the Olympics. Thomas is older to Lindsey by nine years and according to ESPN, he was Lindsey Vonn’s ‘rock’ when it came to the alpine ski racer’s career. Thomas Vonn helped coordinate interviews, provide tips and ideas on the course and also tended to logistics to free Lindsey Vonn to concentrate on her skiing career. Life behind the curtain was hard and emotional for Lindsey Vonn and speaking to ‘Daily Mail,’ she said that marriage was tough and everyone knew that, and hers wasn’t working at all despite all the effort she put into it. She said that her marriage lacked happiness.

He returned to coaching in 2015

The greatest achievement that Thomas Vonn had was taking the ninth position in 2002. After he split with Lindsey Vonn, he took a short break and came back in 2015. He was the one coaching Lindsey before they split and even saw her win a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics. 2011 was a difficult time for him and it left him with a bad taste in his mouth. In 2015, he decided to return and did consulting work for some US skiers before he got a coaching job in charge of Dean Travers. He was glad that he hadn’t been forgotten despite being away for a long time.

His net worth

Thomas Vonn’s net worth is not yet revealed but is he surviving? He is a coach and he is earning a net worth from it, and that means he has made a decent net worth in his career. He is also the author of “Mode Coupling Theory of the Glass Transition in Binary Mixtures.”

Any man can relate to what Thomas Vonn felt after he split with his former wife, Lindsey Vonn, but there is always a room to move on if one decides to. Thomas Vonn is, however, concentrating on his career and he might not be in a relationship anytime soon.