Simone Garcia Johnson Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter Simone Garcia Johnson is the new Golden Globe Ambassador. Here are 5 facts you might not know.

Who is Simone Garcia Johnson?

Simone Garcia Johnson, the 16-year-old daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, was born on August 14, 2001 and has been raised primarily in Florida and California. Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia were married for 10 years and divorced in 2008. However, he has remained involved in his daughter’s life since the divorce. As a matter of fact, he and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, still work together. Dany Garcia is the owner of The Garcia Companies. The Garcia Companies is a talent and media management that she co-founded with Dwayne Johnson. Simone Garcia Johnson’s mother is a powerful woman in the entertainment industry.

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s amicable divorce benefits daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson

An amicable divorce and getting along for the sake of your daughter is a wonderful lesson to teach your children. However, the fact that they still work on projects together after all these years is admirable. Very few divorced couples can say that they had a working relationship strong enough to make it through a divorce.

Dwayne Johnson’s support of daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has made it clear that even though he and his ex-wife are divorced, his daughter Simone Garcia Johnson, will remain a top priority for him. He has taken his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson, to many movie premieres and brags about her frequently when being interviewed. Will Dwayne Johnson take his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson, to the premiere of his upcoming movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which is scheduled to open on December 20, 2017? The original Jumanji with Robin Williams was a great movie. Hopefully, this one lives up to the hype. The previews look action packed. “The Rock” is worth over 220 million dollars and has been in numerous movies with some of his most popular, the Fast and Furious franchise. A couple of Dwayne Johnson’s other movies that are popular are Walking Tall and the cartoon, Moana.

Simone Garcia Johnson as the Golden Globe Ambassador and IMB model

On November 15, 2017, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association named Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson as the Golden Globe Ambassador for the 75th Golden Globe Awards. The newly renamed Ambassador position was previously called the “Miss Golden Globe”. Simone Garcia Johnson is following in the footsteps of previous daughters of famous actors, such as Jamie Foxx’s daughter, Corrine Fox from 2016 and Sylvester Stallone’s daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Johnson. As the Golden Globe Ambassador, Simone Garcia Johnson has the honor of escorting presenters on and off the stage; as well as, present some awards herself. The Golden Globe Awards will air on January 7, 2018. In addition to receiving this honor, Simone Garcia Johnson is a model for IMG Models. As a model for IMG, Simone Garcia Johnson’s portfolio is displayed on their website of several of her modeling shots. Check them out at, .

Dwayne Johnson and his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson on social media

Simone Garcia Johnson has an Instagram account @simonegjohnson. Through Simone Garcia Johnson’s account, she has over 189 thousand followers. Of course, not nearly the number of followers her father, Dwayne Johnson, has at over 96 million followers through is account @therock. Dwayne Johnson’s considered one of the kings of social media. On her Instagram account, Simone Garcia Johnson presents a socially liberal image and reports her views on hot topics. One such topic recently was her concern regarding refugees not being considered “people”, but fertilized eggs are. Simone Garcia Johnson has also taken on Star Magazine for their treatment of celebrity’s weight gain.

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson’s future ambitions

Recently during an interview, Simone Garcia Johnson indicated that she wants to get a college degree and then begin her career in sports entertainment. Surprisingly, Simone Garcia Johnson does not want to be an actor like her father, Dwayne Johnson. With her father, Dwayne Johnson’s success, Simone Garcia Johnson would likely get the opportunity to give acting a try if she decides to take a chance. Even though Simone Garcia Johnson doesn’t want to be an actor, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Her father, Dwayne Johnson got his start in the entertainment industry as a wrestler on WWF, which is now WWE. He was extremely popular back during his wrestling career and used his popularity to try his hand and acting. Over the years, he moved away from wrestling as his acting career took off. However, Dwayne Johnson returned to WWE part-time from 2011-2013 and continues to make sporadic appearances as “The Rock”. Another little-known fact is that her grandfather, Rocky Johnson, Dwayne Johnson’s father was also a wrestler. Simone Garcia Johnson frequently attends WWE events with her grandmother, Ata Johnson. After Simone Garcia Johnson completes her career in wrestling, she has indicated that she would then like to transition to talent management. Again, following in the footsteps of her parents.

In conclusion

Simone Garcia Johnson has had an amazing opportunity to be raised by strong and talented parents. And, it appears that she is rising to the challenge of living up to their expectations. So many children of famous and powerful parents don’t appreciate the opportunities that they have been given. Simone Garcia Johnson seems to be headed in the right direction. It will be fun to watch Simone Garcia Johnson continue to grow and maybe even step into the ring. Who wouldn’t want to see a tag team match between her and “The Rock”? Can you smell what the Rock’s got cooking! Although, there are rumors that Dwayne Johnson is considering running for President. By 2020, Simone Johnson Garcia might be our first daughter. That would require quite the motorcade to the wrestling arena.