Megan O’Malley Wiki: Everything To Know About Chris Long’s Wife

If you are a fan of the Eagles, get to know about Chris Long’s wife, Megan O’Malley and all the facts about her including her sports background.

All about Megan O’Malley Long

For the die fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, an NFL team, you must be knowing about one of its players, Chris Long. Well, Long had a long relationship with his college sweetheart Megan O’Malley before they got engaged and had a colorful wedding afterward. Long and his wife O’Malley are the kind of couple many people should emulate, they always post pictures of themselves together and post on their Instagram accounts. You probably don’t know that O’Malley was a lacrosse player. Well, you can trust a sportsman to marry a lady with a sports background. 32-year-old Megan O’Malley was born in Fairfax, Virginia. Her father’s name is Joe O’Malley while her mother is known as Robin. O’Malley also has a sister called Katie O’Malley who plays basketball. O’Malley studied at Moorestown High School located in New Jersey and she had a fantastic career playing lacrosse. She was even lucky enough to be in the U.S. Lacrosse All-American team from 2003 to 2004. After she was done with high school, O’Malley joined the University of Virginia.

Intriguing facts about Chris Long’s wife

Their son’s arrival made her immensely happy

Their unforgettable wedding was held on June 22, 2013, in Long’s hometown, Charlottesville in Virginia. In about three years since they made their union official, Long and his wife, O’Malley brought their first baby to the world. Waylon James Long birth was in March 2016. Long and his wife spend most of their free time with their son. O’Malley said that her husband, Long is a proud father and husband who loves to show them off and he also very affectionate. If you could go through their Instagram handles, you wouldn’t be able to know who actually owns any of the accounts unless you looked at their names because each account has all their photos. Who knows who the little Waylon will turn to be when she grows up? Probably a footballer!

O’Malley grew up a fan of Eagles

Probably, when Long was signing a contract with the Eagles, his wife was supporting and encouraging him to. O’Malley is a die-hard fan of the Eagles and has been supporting the team since she was a child. It’s not speculation since Long said it after he decided to join the team. Long stated that for him, the only reason he went into free agency was to find a better team. He believed that whatever he had done in his career was enough for him to be part of the Eagles. Long also stated that just like his wife, O’Malley, he loved the city of Philadelphia and stated that his folks schooled there. He also added that football-wise and family wise, Eagles was better for him.

Long’s wife joined University of Virginia due to lacrosse

When O’Malley was asked why she opted to go to the University of Virginia, she responded that she always hoped to be the best in lacrosse and to achieve that, she felt it was best for her to be in the university and be with the best players. O’Malley stated that during her freshman’s year, she used to walk around the lacrosse practice field after she was done with softball practices. She always wanted to give it a try. By the end of her sophomore year, she was already part of the state championship lacrosse program. Megan O’Malley achieved much in her lacrosse career. She said that to succeed in sport, one had to love it.

Her family is all about sports

You already know that O’Malley played lacrosse. Just like his wife, Long is also a sports guy playing football. But did you know that O’Malley’s relatives have all been in sports? Let’s start with Long’s family. Long’s father was a defensive end he is even a Hall of Famer. His first brother, Kyle Long is an offensive lineman playing for the Chicago Bears. His youngest brother is a personnel assistant for the Oakland Raiders. Now, let’s go to O’Malley’s family. Her father, Mr. O’Malley played for the Atlanta Braves baseball team in 1977. Her sister, Katie, played basketball when she was at Johns Hopkins University. O’Malley also has a brother who plays baseball. O’Malley’s uncles also were active sportsmen.

O’Malley is a stay at home mother

The little Waylon Long is still little and he is not three yet. His mother, Megan stays at home taking care of him while his father, Long goes to practice, plays and brings the bread home. Megan O’Malley is a supportive woman and she accepted her husband’s request to take care of their son while he works. O’Malley’s husband has enough money to take care of the family and O’Malley might not need a job at all. You don’t expect a man who is giving out all his salary for charity to be unable to take care of his family.

O’Malley’s net worth

Megan O’Malley’s net worth is unknown. It’s not even clear if she has ever had a job since she graduated from the university. Her husband has a net worth of $28 million. Long has made all his net worth from football.

Life is beautiful when you have a happy family. As a wife and a mother, O’Malley perhaps the happiest woman in the world. Many women desire to have supportive partners and O’Malley is lucky enough to have that kind of man.