Rachel Shenton Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘Hollyoaks’ Actress

Find out all that you need to know about the Oscar nominated actress of ‘Hollyoaks’, Rachel Shenton including her net worth.

Who is Rachel Shenton?

Rachel Joy Shenton is an English actress who began her career with British television serials and films. She shot to fame with her role as Mitzeee Minniver on the channel 4 teen drama Hollyoaks. Shenton made her American debut on ABC television with the family drama, ‘Switched at Birth’. Her role as Lily Summers was much appreciated. She appeared in season 3 of the show and continued playing her part until the show finale in season 5. Rachel Shenton also appears on BBC2 comedy, ‘White Gold’. Rachel Shenton was born in Stoke-on-Trent and was raised in the suburb of Caverswall. She attended high school in Cheadle. When she was not acting, she used to volunteer at her local charity Deaflinks. She initially started with small recurring parts in numerous television series including ‘Waterloo Road’ and ‘Holby City’. Shenton appeared in many television commercials for the Ministry of Defence, Sega Superstars Tennis, DFS and also appeared in two British films. Shenton also appeared recurringly in Nickelodeon’s series Genie in the House and Five’s Sophia’s Diary. Her role in Hollyoaks as Mitzeee Minniver was about a wannabe glamour model and her work shot her to fame and recognition. Shenton described her character as the complete opposite of her. Shenton received a lot of media attention even before the serial was aired because of her likeness to Cheryl. Her casting came when the serial was revamped. Shenton announced her decision to leave Hollyoaks in 2012. She described her experience as an ‘amazing two years’ of her life. In April 2014, it was announced that Rachel Shenton was soon to make her US television debut in season 3 of the ABC family drama, ‘Switched at Birth’. She played the part of a young student teacher, Lilly Summers. Shenton appeared in season 4 and season 5 also. The final season 5 was aired in February 2017. Rachel Shenton joined the cast of BBC2 comedy series, ‘White Gold’ playing the part of Alpha Female Joanne Scott. In 2017, Rachel Shenton wrote and also starred in ‘The Silent Child’. ‘The Silent Child’ was nominated in the live action short category at Oscar 2018 Awards. Oscar 2018 will be held on March 4, 2018. Shenton’s father became deaf when Shenton was just 12 years old. He became deaf after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. After her father died, Shenton learned sign language and qualified as an interpreter. She said in an interview, “My dad was profoundly deaf. He lived the last two years of his life profoundly deaf. He lost his hearing very suddenly. I saw then the first-hand effects that hearing loss can have. That gave me the impetus to then learn sign language, I quickly fell in love with the language and I have been heavily involved in the deaf community ever since.” Rachel Shenton was made the ambassador of the National Deaf Children’s Society and till today she continues to raise awareness of deafness in the UK. she also participated in a skydive in aid of National Deaf Children’s Society in 2011. In 2012, she announced that she would be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of the charity. Rachel Shenton helped to launch a social networking website for deaf people called ‘Viewtalk’. It was revealed in an interview that Rachel was engaged to her former Hollyoaks star. Her fiancee Chris said, “Rachel is my fiancée and I am a very lucky man.” He added: “We have such a great working relationship.” Rachel then revealed that Chris encouraged her to write the script, saying: “I had the idea for a while, I felt grossly under qualified. I still do.

Net worth of Rachel Shenton

The net worth of Rachel Shenton is $800 Thousand. Considering her continued success her net worth is sure to continue to grow. Her net worth has come as a result of hard work and talent.

5 Facts about the actress

Apart from her biography, here are some more facts about the actress: 1. The Silent Child is nominated for the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film at the Oscar 2018 ceremony next month. Starring Rachel Shenton, it is directed by her boyfriend and former Hollyoaks co-star Chris Overton, who played Liam McAllister. The film revolves around the life of a small girl named Libby who is completely deaf. The four-year-old Libby lives a very silent life until she meets a social worker, Joanne (played by Rachel Shenton) who teaches her sign language. The sign language enables Libby gain access to the world of communication. Rachel Shenton herself has written this film. She was inspired by her own family experiences while penning down the script as her father became deaf when she was just 12 years old. 2. Shenton’s film, ‘The Silent Child’ also won an award for Best Short Film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2017 after which it gained entry into the Oscars category. 3. Rachel Shenton also starred in the TV program, ‘Blood and Bone China’ aired in 2011. ‘Blood and Bone China’ was a vampire web drama series. 4. Rachel Shenton can be found on Instagram on many accounts although none of the Instagram accounts seem to be her personal. Rachel Shenton is also available on Twitter @RachelShenton. She posts her latest photos and opinions on her Twitter handle. 5. Rachel is fluent in American sign language and British sign language.